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1,000's of Factors Astrologically Designing Love and Relationships By Farley Malorrus




Love Can be Complicated...Astrologically Speaking

By Farley Malorrus

The divorce rate sky rockets, super stars don't last together, 90 million single people alone in America, and many are even lonely in marriage and relationships. So you think Love is easy, Astrologically, it is very complicated.

The Astrology part of relationships is about as complicated as the Los Angeles freeway system during rush hour. A seasoned Astrologer would be lying to you, if he told you compatibility comes easy with the stars. Ironically, true Love has more to do with it than the stars, but if a relationship lacks love, karma takes over, and the combination of 2 Astrology Charts can speak volumes about the outcome of any relationship.

First there is Rising sign compatibility. I'm a Libra Rising at 20 degrees, just like John F. Kennedy, and frankly, the best relationships I had were with 3 ladies; 2 were Leos, like myself with 20 degrees Libra Rising, quite heavenly; and the other was a Capricorn with 15 degrees Libra Rising, also heavenly. In school they should put all the same Rising signs together in classes. Everyone would get along better, and love would bloom quite early.

At this point you are saying, "Farley, what is a Rising Sign?" It is probably the most important facet to a Birth Chart. The chart that gives you an imprint of energy that lasts a whole lifetime. The Rising sign is the Zodiac Sign that is on the Eastern Horizon at the moment of birth. If you are a Leo born at sunrise you would also be a Leo Rising. If you are a Leo born at 10:21 am, you would be Libra Rising like me, and if you are born at sundown or 6pm, you would be a Leo with Aquarius Rising.

The Rising sign in Astrology defines personality, how you look at life, wants, desires, interests, energy level, basic instincts, and the energy that we show the world more than any other aspect in our chart. That is why we need time of birth, AM or PM with City of Birth to cast a Birth (Natal) chart.

It is very critical  to understand that if you fall in love with someone, or marry someone who has a Rising sign in conflict with yours, that the odds are against the relationship working. An example of this would be my Libra Rising hooking up with a Cancer rising, Capricorn, or Aries Rising, which is very stressful. That is where the analysis of love begins. It goes on and on from there.

Next we can look at emotional compatibility, which is a critical factor by analyzing placement of the Moon. Once again, how a person feels is what is interpreted by Moon placement in the birth chart. I have a Scorpio Moon, (which is a water Moon) at 17 degrees (There are 30 degrees in each sign). I love best with OTHER WATER MOONS, Cancer, or Pisces Moon. I stress terribly with conflicting Moons in Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. I know it sounds complicated, but when an Astrologer looks at comparison charts to see the love factor, he must look at Rising and Moon comparisons initially because they are so personal and intense.

Venus rules women, values, and money in a Man's chart. Mars rules men, sex, and energy in a woman's chart. Saturn is the Karma Planet showing us where our biggest debt is, and Uranus is the break up or divorce factor that we all have.

After reading this journal entry you might say to yourself, "Why should I marry?" Why play the Astrological lotto only to lose which in most cases in modern day happens both to marriage and relationships, because the statistics tell us it's against all odds for marriage and relationships to work, hence all the break ups, the divorces, and why there are so many single and lonely people? Maybe Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have something! 

What if someone has Saturn in Libra and their major karma or obsession is relationships? They may have Saturn in Scorpio and have a major karma or lesson with sex. They may be in the free sex generation and have Neptune in Libra which is a very promiscuous generation, as is Uranus in Libra which can't make up it's mind.

Frankly, falling in love with someone mutually is the key. Forget the charts, as my parents are married 68 years on 1/22; and their charts are totally incompatible, they fight all the time, and frankly, the only reason why they stayed together is because they really do LOVE each other.

After witnessing this battle all my life between my folks, I'm impressed with the love they share, but it's not for me. I'm not into fighting in relationships and prefer harmony, but unfortunately, that is very hard to find, as the battle of the sexes rages on.

So, when an Astrologer looks at compatibility between 2 Birth Charts, he can give you a score of 1 to 100 as far as how the chemistry works, and frankly the average score would probably be 50 or less. It is easy to have conflicting Risings, Moon, or other key planets, and that is why when Love wears down, people break up, plain and simple.

There are two kinds of compatibility in Astrology. The karma we have with ourself compared to the karma someone has with themself (Comparing charts) , and the karma of love we have with our self (Our Karma of Love in our Birth chart.)  If our chart is non committal, or subject to getting bored, or tired of people we meet or love, nothing will work, unless the LOVE IS SO STRONG, it knows no bounds! There are those that are blessed with "marriage charts," who have the nice aspects at birth to Venus and Mars, hence they get along with others and put up with so much more than most! Then there are those whose chart conflict with our planets so bad, that love hurts to be with them. The sex may be great, but it may be lacking in mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual areas.

Primates and other animals may have it a lot easier because they don't have to deal with role models, expectations, mores, morals, experts, or parents when it comes to mating, as they may just need to 'sniff out their mate,' or take a glance and know whether or not, 'he is the one.'

I have spent my whole life trying to understand Astrology and relationships, because I am Libra Rising and naturally inclined to love and romance. I also have one failed marriage that was a catastrophe, as it was to my high school sweetheart in the 70's and during the marriage she decided to go the way of Ellen Degeneres and take on an alternate lifestyle. That was the heart break from hell I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy, as I could never see it coming, and in the 70's being a gay female was not something that was advertised as it is today.

Astrology was the only thing I found that helped explain to me what had happened, why it didn't work, why she went the route she did, and so I would not eat myself up over it. Since  then, I have had many successful relationships and some horror stories, but still I'm content with my experiences. Although I am currently single, and not involved, I still have hope that I can find love and marriage in my life, along with millions of others.

Frankly, it helps tremendously being able to read karma of love in someone's chart, and also to be able to combine one's planets with mine to see if the chemistry in the stars is there for me. I think that those that do not use Astrology may be playing Russian Roulette in Love, but that is their choice.

If you can find someone with your same Rising sign, compatible Moon, Venus, and Mars, and that their chart doesn't conflict with you chart to the point of nuking you one day, then you are truly blessed. To get back to the point about Mom and Dad, I remind you "True Love knows no bounds," meaning, no matter what the chart is, no matter what the pain, or the battle, some relationships just work forever, and some just don't.

I hope that helps some of you figure out what's going on in your life with your partners.

Of course I am available for relationship and marriage counseling if necessary since 1976, and I am told that I know my stuff, so call me at 310-415-9222, if you want an appointment, or need to try and save a marriage or relationship.

Good luck to all those who seek Love. It's a jungle out there.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

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