Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Current Moon Wobble Peaks June 2, Ends June 9, 2007 BY Farley Malorrus

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X-Hawk Flying Car
IF life and Death were only based on SENSELESS ACTS OF KINDNESS, meaning, your life was judged after death by whatever senseless acts you did in your life, helping others for whatever reason or no reason, how would you score?
How many senseless acts of kindness have you done this week? Today? This month? THis year?
I have a friend that is so amazing. I needed a ride to the airport and a pick up.
The airport is 2 hours south of here in Atlanta.
He says, "No problem Bishop," you got it.
IF that guy isn't blessed, I don't know what. A drop off and a pick up to Atlanta.
I truly believe that we judge ourselves at death.
It's not how much money you made, or how famous you are; it's not how many toys you own, or how many people you have sex with; it has nothing to do with what you have accomplished in your life, or your success.
It's only and ALL about Love.
This realm is Sacred. All life is Sacred. The God Force, however defined has marked it's creativity in our realm. You leave it as was when you entered, unencumbered, unabused, and maybe you left behind some love, kindness, assisstance, and compassion. That is what soul growth is all about.
If you want to be closer to God, my thinking is, if you treat his creation and him with love and respect, and in fact try to enhance his creativity, then love, luck, and happiness will shine on you, and when you die you will ascend to be at his side.
If you abuse this world and all in it, and leave behind victims in your wake of experience, you can expect nothing more or less than what you experienced.
DO something nice for someone today, and everyday, and tell them "Farley Sent you."
Love ya
Farls McMalorrus

Current Moon Wobble started May 12, will Peak on June 2, and End June 9, 2007

By Farley Malorrus


Somewhere along the 'path,' I neglected to notice that a Moon Wobble started a few days ago, and lasts for 28 days. There are 4 Moon Wobbles a year. This is the 2nd one as I recall. So much has happened to family and friends in the last 72 hours, I thought I would check it, and there it was. I can't tell you the particulars, but suffice it to say the current Wobble is a Nightmare.
Once again, a Moon Wobble occurs when the North Node of the Moon is eclipsing, opposite or at at 90 degree, Right Angle to the Sun, which happens 4 times a year, 21 days on approach, then peak, then 7 days passing.
Moon Wobbles are filled with misfires, like being accused of crimes that were not your fault, accidents that were not your fault, changes of mind, direction, emotions, feelings, attitude, and basically a 180 degree change from what you think to be the truth.

Why is it that so many strange things happen during the Moon Wobble. One thing is for sure, if the U.S. Congress or President try to get anything done about IRAQ before June 9, they might be very surprised that whatever they do decide now will change.
My most shocking experience of these Wobbles, that I've tracked for 30 years, is 'falling in love,' during one, which usually ends in a bust, or purchasing stock, investing, real estate, or any kind of business deals, contracts, or papers signed. Not surprised they released SPIDER MAN 3, a day or 2 before the current wobble started to boost the response of that movie.

The good news is, that there is not a 100% chance of failure at this time, not nearly, but there can be almost a 90% chance of change of plans, setbacks, people changing their minds, or making an about face. I remember one time, my Dad was going to sell the family business to my sister and I, years ago, for $1. That decision was made during a Moon Wobble Peak, (out of my hands as it was HIS choice), and eventually he changed his mind and on the last minute abort.

I have seen so much havoc from this Moon Wobble phenomena; point of information, being the first Iraq War (Kuwait) and the U.S. not completing taking out Sadam Hussein, and the current Iraq AND Afghanistan Wars were also ALL started during a Moon Wobble. It's no wonder to me, that these Wars are a mess, and seemingly to no end.

My key is all about completion. I try the best I can to complete major projects, business deals, writing books, signing contracts, making large purchases, (like car, boat, house, computer, horse, dog, cat,) or basically avoiding any type of 'new beginning' during this Astrologically unstable period, and finishing up projects, completing them, and doing maintenance on everything that needs it, from cars to computers.

Obviously, because this period is so unstable, that even making a peace with someone, or with a nation, can back fire in your face, either during the Moon Wobble, or after.
I find the overall success rate of any idea, project, purchase (to avoid a lemon), contract, or adventure to be increased at least 90% or more, when the Moon Wobble phenomena is not in effect.

Hope this helps you figure out your life more.

I have audio topics available, by donation at our web site about the Moon Wobble phenomena, if you wish to learn more, go to http://www.radioastrology.com and click "Topics."

Take Care all.
Farley Malorrus