Saturday, March 31, 2007

What is a True Friend, Saturn in the 11th In Leo, 25 degrees By Farley Malorrus

What is a True Friend?
By Farley Malorrus,

1. A true friend will drive you to the airport and pick you up when the airport is 128 miles away in Atlanta.
2.A true friend will give you $500 without you asking for money, as he knows you need it.
3. A true friend will never abandon your friendship.
4. A true friends will watch you back in business negotiations.
5. A true friend would never lie to you or steal from you.
6. A true friend would never try to take your girlfriend (Or boyfriend if it's a woman)
7. A true friend will tell you when you are drinking to much for the night and in your life.
8. A true friend will tell you if you really have a drug problem.
9. A true friend will help take care of you when you are sick, do favors, visit you at the hospital, ask if you need anything taken care of.
10. A true friend never throws up to you what you have done for them.
11. A true friend will call you, write you, see you, hug you, love you, tell you he loves you and be consistent in their friendship.
12. A true friend would never use or take advantage of you.
13. A true friend (If the opposite sex) would never make love to you, unless he or she knew it was absolutely what you wanted, knowing the friendship may change.
14. A true friend would bail you out of jail.
15. A true friend would tell you if they thought you were making a huge mistake.
16. A true friend will buy you things, take you places, and give you presents or buy you a meal as a surprise without you ever asking.
17. A true friend will call you or pop in when you least expect it, and need it the most.
18. A true friend will list you on myspace.
19. A true friend would never waiver in their loyalty to you.
20. A true friend would never reject you for a job or a relationship or because of the will of a family member.
21. A true friend will be your kindred, your compadre, watch you back in battle, die for you if necessary, and love you like a brother or sister.

22. A true friend will donate to your web site when they know it's free by donation, and appreciate the work you do. Thank you for that.
Now, think about it. Are you a true friend? Are your friends true to you?

I have Saturn in the House of Friends and Goals, the 11th House, and I've seen it all with friends. The above list are some samples of how my friends treat me in my life. I am truly blessed with great friends and associates. I thank God for these blessings. In these times, it's nice to have good friends around to support your dreams, and assist in your tribulations.