Tuesday, February 27, 2007

As Predicted By Farley Malorrus, STOCK MARKET CRASHES

STOCK MARKET CRASHES, As Predicted by Farley Malorrus 1/8/07

Dow Plunges 500 Then Gains Some Back

02/27/07 15:40 EST

NEW YORK (AP) - The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 500 points today before gaining some of it back. The Dow dropped 546.02, or 4.3 percent, to 12,086.06 before recovering some ground. It was down 360.42, or 2.85 percent, at 12,271.84 with about a half hour of trading left.

This was my Post from January 8, 2007:

Stock Market remains Stable as Planets run Amok
By Farley Malorrus

Thankfully, the stock market didn't crash this morning, and there was no panic sell off. Still, we have at least 3 months to get through one of the tightest planetary shifts in a long time. The stress of Jupiter with Uranus, and Neptune opposite Saturn remains. A strange smell surfaced on the streets of Manhattan, New York this AM, and they still haven't figured out what it is. I'm not surprised at anything we may read in the news this week, or at the results of what they find out that smell to be. Hopefully, it will not be anything harmful. Leo still leads the pack as the sign under the most stress and February will be the biggest test of the year for them. Aquarius would be a close second of those people having the most responsibility at this time, and needed maintenance to certain areas of their lives. I was also hoping we could avoid a major flu epidemic, or worse a pandemic, hoping if people do get sick that they have enough sense to stay at home and not spread it.

You heard it 1st HERE, and On

the "X ZONE" Radio Show, when I was

 On as a guest...

By Farley Malorrus

If you were lucky enough to read my journal and/or listen to my segment when I was on "X Zone" radio, you now know my prediction of the STOCK MARKET CRASH, that I said would happen between Mid January and April, and unfortunately, TODAY IT HAPPENED.

At that time, I thought Google and other stocks would plummet from the Moon Wobble and other stressful Astrological Aspects. I don't often like to hear or see the market crash as it did today, but I'm not sure it's over. If you were a fan of this Blog or heard me on the radio, you were pre warned of this incident.

For those that do not believe in Astrology, this is yet again further proof that Astrology does work in predicting economic trends.
Sad to see it happen, but you read about it, or heard it first here.

Let's hope you stay away from the market during this unstable period.

Farley Malorrus



Love Abounds and Knights Do win, A Poem By Farley Malorrus

By Farley Malorrus, Copyright 2007, Farley Malorrus

The early morning myst crept slowly pon the lake.
The sun will rise against the night I know it won't be fake.
And there I'll sit upon my horse, a guardian of the night.
To see the sky blue everywhere and bathe within the light.
For challenge is my envy, and quest my very soul,
TO see another day like this upon the grassy knoll.
My mind begins to wander and drift against the sky.
I feel dreary and confused and then I wonder why?
It's cause I'm only half of what I know that I could be.
There is but one amongst the mass who has the very key.
The starlet of my dreamscape, the dancer of the night.
The character I know so well even just out of sight.
I wallow through my stupor, and ponder more again.
That I would seek this very heart be her one best friend.
The Dragon lies ahead just now, the black heart I must best.
TO beat this beast and go beyond is the current test.
For I know that in the kingdom, just beyond the lake.
The lady that I dream of is waiting for the take.
Of what may ride into her heart should my mission win.
Of what may happen to her life and sue the Dragon's sin.
So, this be my very day, that I empower light.
The light of hope and God this day, to give me all my might.
TO slay the great Black Dragon, and win the heart of You.
TO be your knight forever more and that you have the clue.
That I have wandered near and far to seek this kingdom out.
That my sword and shield with me to bear the utmost clout.
For love is what I use today to slay the Dragon Bold.
The Love of dreams is what I take and something to behold.
To win the ladies heart I think is what I do today.
Free the land from pestilence and let the people pray.
That freedom rings out in the air and love abounds us all.
That Champion ride into town and really have a ball.
So, take this hymn unto your heart and see if it doth fit.
For now I slayed the Dragon and want to know if this is it.
For only once a lifetime, does a knight come riding in.
It's up to you to embrace him as your new best friend.
Choose wisely Love and dance around like the fairy friends.
For Love abounds and Knights do win, and that's how the story ends.

Monday, February 26, 2007


(I Firmly believe that if you have CANCER and watch this video over and over, that you might be, CURED! It is so funny that I laugh my ass off watching it at least once a day!) Please enjoy....Farley Malorrus)

This is so funny, I laughed til I cried and watched it over again. JIM CARREY WITH WILL FERRELL, "What is LOVE?" Take a Break with Farley Malorrus


HELP WANTED, (Hilarious) Offerred by www.radioastrology.com

HELP WANTED!!!!! Hilarious...Offerred by www.radioastrology.com (How True!)

Some Signs Just don't get along! By Farley Malorrus

Astrology Today...

Some Signs just Don't get along!

By Farley Malorrus

In drifting from the quest of one relationship to another, we often ponder the situation, will I get along with this Scorpio? Or is it that they are just too intense for all of us?
Truth be known, each sign has a Nemesis, or other sign that can be quite stressful. For example, let us look at the 12 signs and their nemesis:
Aries, Nemesis CANCER, sometimes CAPRICORN

Taurus, Nemesis AQUARIUS, sometimes LEO

Gemini, Nemesis VIRGO, sometimes Pisces

Cancer, Nemesis LIBRA, sometimes Aries.

Leo, Nemesis SCORPIO, sometimes Taurus

Virgo, Nemesis, SAGITARRIUS, Sometimes Gemini

Libra, Nemesis, CAPRICORN, Sometimes Cancer

Scorpio, Nemesis, AQUARIUS, Sometimes Leo

Sagittarius, Nemesis, PISCES, Sometimes Virgo

Capricorn, Nemesis, ARIES, Sometimes Libra

Aquarius, Nemesis, TAURUS, Sometimes Scorpio

and Pisces, Nemesis GEMINI, Sometimes Sagittarius


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius bond well. (The Fire Signs)

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn bond well. (The Earth Signs)

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius bond well. (The Air Signs)

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces bond well. (The Water Signs)

In these turbulent times of relationship chaos, I hope this helps.
It gets complicated when you consider the entire horoscope, as in CHART, meaning comparing someone's Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

As you might guess, it becomes a mess, and hence why relationships are so challenging, because some parts of our charts flow well with another's chart, then there are those 'bad days,' when we feel the stress between us, because other elements in our horoscopes are in conflict with someone we love or are married to!

I hope this helps!

For more information, try my audio topic on:

COMPATIBLITY, MOON, VENUS, and MARS, which is FREE/By Donation at this Link: Click on the Red.


Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Out of Karma? By Farley Malorrus

What Happens when you Run out of Karma?

By Farley Malorrus

What happens when you are human and you run out of Karma?
I believe there are several options when you have paid ALL or most of your karmic Debt. First, the definition of Karma in my honest opinion is anything on the Earth Plane that you obsess over beyond the Spirit of God and your connection to God.
So, whatever it is you want on the Earthly plane that is an obsession, desire, want, need, or goal, beyond God is Karma, or something you must pay for by being alive and suffering through it, as whatever you do want beyond God has a price.

Here are the options I have found when you reach a state of "Bodhisattva," or Karma Free:

1. You die. Mission accomplished, no need to be on Earth any longer, game over, your gone.

2. You teach, share, sacrifice, serve as role model, write, sing, dance, create something beautiful, watch, ponder, attempt to improve whatever it is you wish.

3. In relationships, sometimes being Karma free, or without obsession to have, or need love, sex, or relationships, it may mean you end up being alone, or adrift until that which time comes you are approached by a soul of similar nature void of obsession, filled with authentic Love, but not above the priority of Christ Consciousness or relationship to God. There are many extremely evolved, spiritual individuals who walk the Earth totally Karma Free, who have no need for lust, passion, love, sex, or relationship as they are so secure with their relationship to the God Self, or God that this relationship supersedes all others, and the bliss that comes from this relationship with the God Self dwarfs any you might have with another human.

4. THe fact is, if you have Karma, and if you are human, the chances are you have plenty, that Relationships for example are hard work, usually filled with love, but also filled with pain. Many people who have karma with themselves in relationships find themselves bouncing from one relationship to another trying to find their soul mates, or stuck in a terrible relationship filled with abuse, fighting, arguing, coldness, no sex, no love, no lust, and literally hanging in there because they feel they are supposed to, frightened to leave and be alone, or 'for the kids.' A truly evolved being, who is beyond obsession or fear of any of the preceding, would be able to absolve such relationship, or move on from it, to a higher place. I have found many extremely spiritual individuals totally alone, and secure with their aloneness.

5. When I was younger, I obsessed over many things: money, women, power, lust, sex, possession, passion, toys, food, games, and all kinds of things. At this point in my life, I find my level of pain concerning obsession of things I used to desire is gone. The reason for this is because I meditate and pray incessantly in order to refine my relationship with the Higher Self, the God Self, and God. My deeper meditations take me to a heavenly place, where I find everything on Earth nearly ludicrous, because what exists in this heavenly place, that I refer to as "God's Realm," or that place where the God Self resides is so blissful, it dwarfs anything blissful or imaginable on the Earth Plain. This is the place that is void of Karma. There is no want, wish, need, desire, obsession, or goal in this place. There is only Love, Authentic Love, God's Love, Peace, Calm, contentment, happiness, and freedom. I have found that in the last 15 years since I have been visiting this place, that the pain I used to have in dysfunctional relationships is gone, because I no longer have dysfunctional relationships. If a relationship is not spiritual, or if the person who wants to be with me is not in an evolved state, then it does not happen, because my soul is not at that state where I need to experience that kind of pain any longer. Obsession and Karma equal pain. Bodhisattva and Being Free of Karma equal bliss.

Never be sad that you are not married, not involved with a love partner, that you have no kids, no money, or no obsessions, because that is just an example of what it is like to be evolved. There are a few examples of evolved beings that are involved in love relationships or marriage, but the two individuals never lose their perspective of the priority of the God Self and their connection to the Christ Consciousness that lies within them.

In reflecting on my own lack of consistent relationship, I come to a point in my life realizing that when I was married or involved with most women in my life, there was a tremendous price I would have to pay to be with those women, but my relationships in the past 10 years have been much less painful because the obsession to be involved with those people is gone, and does not supersede my need to bond with the God Self and God.
I hope that helps some of you understand your Karma and why you suffer.

I did an audio topic that is about 25 minutes long that talks about "Karma, The Price," which you might find interesting. IT is FREE or by Donation, if you are generous, even $2 is nice to help pay for our server costs, if not, no biggie. The link is in Red below: Just click on it!


Thank you so much for reading my journal and I hope this information helps you live a happier, more pain free life.
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


I had a Funny Dream Last night, Vivid, By Farley Malorrus

The War is Over!

The War is Over!

By Farley Malorrus

I had a funny dream last night, so real, so vivid. I was stationed in Iraq as a soldier, a Sergeant I think. I started walking around Baghdad telling everyone the "War Was Over," and that we were pulling out. I couldn't believe the affect I had on all the soldiers as when I said this to everyone, they all started leaving Iraq!!!!

If only I had that kind of impact on the War?

Slowly but surely, peacefully, and consistently, ALL the Troops started to leave Iraq and board ships, planes, and trucks to leave. It was amazing, watching literally 1,000's of American and British soldiers leave. The dream was detailed, and intense, as slowly but surely all the American troops were finally GONE. I was sure they were gone, as I went all over the Whole country of Iraq looking for troops and could not find any. Instead, I found a stable Iraq, governing itself, with no insurgency whatsoever, peace, and no more War, including no more U.S. Troops, British Troops, Canadian Troops, and no more killing. It was so real to me, and for those familiar with the Tesla Purple Plate which I use as a dream generator when I sleep, the dream was quite real and vivid to the point that when I woke up, I did feel and totally believe that the war was in fact over, that we did vacate the country and that the country of Iraq was Okay when we left.

I like to share such things with people as it gives me hope that one day, "The War will be Over," and that as in Viet Nam, everything will be Okay in Iraq. I think is it American paranoia, and American propaganda that leads us to think differently, as in if we lost Viet Nam, that ALL OF SOUTHEAST Asia would fall, the Domino Theory, as it was called, NEVER HAPPENED.

Today, they lead us to believe we shall lose the Middle East and the war on terror if we leave Iraq, more paranoia, and American propaganda. If you check history you will see, that if we leave a country after we have done our business, that country usually ends up 'Okay,' as in Japan, Germany, Korea, and Viet Nam.

Just a thought, but I wanted to share this dream with you, as it bothers me we are still at war, and I am hopeful that one day soon, maybe it will end.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


Friday, February 23, 2007


POWER OF GOD, "Restored to the Individual,"

By Farley Malorrus, as heard on 93.5 FM KFOX

This is a Free Audio Topic I did on KFOX 93.5 FM in Los Angeles, Please CLICK ON THE LINK to download and listen to this 25 minute topic...click "Continue to Listen," when the link comes up.

Please Enjoy, this is a sample of AStrological Metaphysical Radio on www.radioastrology.com

By Farley Malorrus



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moon Wobble Means Change BY Farley Malorrus

Moon Wobble equals Change..How is it going for you?

(Not everyone in the World freak out during a Moon Wobble, but a WHOLE BUNCH experience disappointment and letdown during this 28 day period)
By Farley Malorrus

Britney Spears shaves her head, Tony Blair is going to pull out of Iraq, Donald Trump threatens to shave his head if he loses a wrestling match, and life goes on.

Lots of disappointment, letdown, setbacks, misfires, miscues, and appointments broken or changed during the Moon Wobble. How is it going for you? Standard for me. I know this too well how so many people are unstable, unpredictable, undependable, and just not there for you during this time. I wasn't surprised that some people going crazy now, (Ray Liotta getting arrested for DUI), and Britney shaving her head. This is a very trying time, and people are freaking out. For me, I roll with the punches. Whatever way folks are before the Wobble is one thing, then when they get wacked out and disappear on you during the Wobble that's life.

Sometimes, I think mixing karma with another person is so complicated. I'll give you an example; this guy meets this gal on the Internet, and falls for her. He finds out when she calls that she lives with her Ex, her daughter, her daughters boyfriend and 9 cats and dogs.

Can you imagine being shy and having enough difficulty getting along with ONE person, then dealing with meeting the whole family and zoo and getting along with the bunch. That's typical for Moon Wobble, things just aren't the way they seem, and when you see the truth, or reality, sometimes it's too much and freaks you out.

I learned never EVER to have any expectations, because this Moon Wobble happens 4 times a year for 28 days each time, and trust me, it can literally nuke all your hopes and dreams each time, not to mention relationships.

Ever hear of those people who get married during a Moon Wobble and want a divorce months later? It doesn't always turn out the way you want it too.

The Moon Wobble happens when the SUN is in stress aspect, either at a right angle to, opposite, or eclipsing what we call the Moon Nodes, or an  invisible area of space where the Moon's poles are pointing, North being NOrth Pole of the Moon, and South being the South Pole. It was analyzed and discovered by an Astrologer over 35 years ago, and has proven to be one of the most precise of Astrological phenomena, so if you want to prove how Astrology works to someone, try to use the Wobble. All kinds of weird stuff happens during this period, which take 21 days to build, peaks at exact aspect, and 7 days to leave. I've seen some pretty weird stuff. Falling in love, then poof, buying or investing in something, and then thinking, "what have I done?" Meeting new people you adore, then they are gone. Meeting someone new in a relationship that goes poof. Signing contracts, writing books, stories, movies, screen plays that never get finished, or that end up having too many complications to produce. I love to track the Wobble and explain it to my associates, as I don't like to be fooled anymore, and I'm not surprised. OH, I got married, the one time I did, during a Moon Wobble Peak, and let me tell you, every single day of the 2.5 year marriage was a challenge and when it ended, it was like a soap opera gone bad. That is when I got into Astrology, to understand such things. Buying cars, boats, and RV's that turn into lemons, or maintenance issues ongoing. Houses that creak, and have glitches that never seem to go away.

It's darned odd how that Wobble affects the World. I laugh when World Leaders like Tony Blair make huge decisions right during the Wobble. We shall see if Britain lives up to it's plan to pull out or not. We shall see.

Well, here I am by Lake Keeowee in South Carolina, as I chose to spend this Wobble in a calm, safe, uncomplicated environment with few humans to let me down.

I hope you are having a good time this week, but be aware that things will be a bit unstable for at least 3 more weeks.
Live in Peace.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

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New Trailer for HARRY POTTER and the Order of the Phoenix, Offerred by www.radioastrology.com

I'm very much into the Harry Potter series, enjoy! Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Monday, February 19, 2007

2 Hershey Bars has a LOT OF CAFFIENE by Farley Malorrus

Hershey Bars have a LOT OF CAFFIENE.
By Farley Malorrus

On two hershey bars, I drove 18 hours, and 1200 miles from Oklahoma City, to South Carolina. Holy Cow! I'm not even tired yet.
If you ever wondered how much caffiene is in Chocolate, let me tell you, TONS.

How many Highway Patrolman (Tennessee) does it take to screw in a light bulb? ONE. They don't make mistakes. One mile over the speed limit in a ZERO TOLERANCE state.

Also, I am so Happy to be here in South Carolina by Lovely Lake Keeowee, and it gives me a chance to relax, rewind, think, and chill out, (literally, it's 19 degrees!)

My little finches, Tigger, Josey, and 10 Bears enjoyed the ride also, and they are fine and well.

More later on my blog. I'm exhausted and going to bed!

The Vision Quest was a success, now I'm ready to face this Moon Wobble!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Further Tips on Traveling through America By Farley Malorrus

Travel BY Car, Truck, or RV through America, By Farley Malorrus

(Hey I'm in Oklahoma, and they were right, Oklahoma is OKAY!) LOL

1. While traveling through Arizona the speed limit is 75, don't go 1 mile over or ticket.

2. In South Texas, the speed limit is 90mph in some parts, if you go 1 mile per hour over you may end up in jail for a week!

3. There are Highway Patrol all over the place in Northern Arizona looking for idiots who think they can go over 75, trust me, they get them all.

4. The Highway Patrol in New Mexico is on "Siesta," and I didn't see a one in 360 miles.

5. When traveling through Texas, take the "Panhandle" at the top of the state, that way it's only about 176 miles and a slam dunk!

6. When traveling through Oklahoma, take the Panhandle in the upper left corner as it's only 40 or 50 miles, another slam dunk.

7. You don't want to mess with Oklahoma or Texas Highway Patrol as they are like the gestapo.

8. Suggestions if you get sleepy while driving:
a. Stick your head out the window at 75.

b. Stick your butt out the window at 75.

c. Eat Sunflower seeds, for some reason they keep you awake, and I don't know why?

d. Try no doze, but it doesn't work.

e. Coffee, star bucks, coke, and diet coke get old and soon the caffeine not only has no effect, but you crash from it..be warned.

f. 2000mg 6 year old Ginseng Extract times 2 bottles every 3 hours may pump you up.

g. Eat a sandwich while driving, chips, or popcorn, for some reason, eating keeps you awake.

h. If you get sleepy, and you start to doze off and lose control, for pity sake, PULL OVER AND GO TO SLEEP even on the shoulder.

i. Slap yourself in the face a few times, but try not to make a mark.

j. Play loud music.

k. Listen to ridiculous talk show hosts on radio 'nowhere.'

l. Listen to My Audio files!!! Great idea to keep you pumped the whole trip, and you can put them on your IPOD I believe or Mpeg player, Donation please? I think I need to crawl on my hands and knees and beg some of these folks for a donation. Can you imagine? Tons of folks listening the shows, but not to many paying customers. It's ok, I understand. Karma goes around.

m. Vent your negative emotions, Laugh, cry, scream.

n. Do aerobics while you drive, work it out.

o. Do pull ups with the steering wheel. Careful not to wear yourself out or pull a muscle.

p. Sing like you are Liberace.

q. Count bottles of beer on the wall.

r. Pretend everyone driving next to you is an Alien and check them out. Try not to get busted doing this, as folks may think you are weird.

s. Take your Vitamins! Take your B Vitamins. Keep a B12 dot handy, and for under the tongue.

t. Use Emergen C in some water (2 packets) if you have any.

w. Count your Blessings.

x. Pray to God/Jesus, or whomever you believe in.

y. Don't do anything stupid as in hitting a retarded Elk.

z. There is no rush, so pull over, get a hotel room and go to bed!

That's the Latest!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

310-415-9222, for Astrology Readings.

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How to beat the Highway Patrol driving Across the USA By Farley Malorrus

How to beat The Highway Patrol when Speeding across America...

(I was just KIDDING, I was only KEEDING!)

By Farley Malorrus (Who me? I don't drive! Much...)

1. Find some speeding guy and follow him about a mile behind him, hoping the police will be in front and not sneak up behind you, which they usually do, Whoops!

2. Get a Radar detector from Radio Shack and hope you can figure out all the beeps, tweeks, tweeps, jeeks, and bells.

3. Attach the Radar detector to your forehead, as it won't stick to the window for long, bang boom, drop..

4. Have a sticker of the Highway Patrol, Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, or all of the above on your back window and say "Semper Fidelis," when the officer walks up to you window.

5. Tell the officer you have irritable Bowel syndrome and you are trying to find a toilet, and that you may explode at any moment, that you usually makes them run.

6. Try to stay 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit as they don't usually ticket you unless you are in Texas.

7. When in the Southern States, speak with a Southern Accent, and talk about them grits you had for breakfast, how they were the best dang grits you ever et.

8. When in the Western States, be as kind, courteous, and agreeable as possible, except in California, in which case you are dead, ticketed.

9. Find out if he voted for Bush, and praise the President and the War.

10. Tell him you respect his job and what he does and that your foot got caught on the gas pedal, that you are deeply sorry about it, and that you promise to never ever use super glue on the pedal again.

11. Only try to outrun him if you love Nascar, have a V8, or turbo, use Jet fuel and you are slightly retarded, and have brain damage.

12. Throw yourself on the mercy of the court, and try crying if you are a good actor, (That may get you 2 tickets if he thinks you are some kind of nerd wimp ball.

13. Use 2 radar detectors in case the first one sucks, and pray you lower your speed before he detects you.

14. Throw the car over the nearest cliff and jump out just before it goes, just like James Dean.

15. Pay the stupid ticket and thank the COp very much.

More adventures with Farley Malorrus in his vision quest across America..currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Love & Light


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fresh Air In Flagstaff, Elks on Highway 40!!! By Farley Malorrus

Glad to be in Flagstaff, Arizona, Indian land finally. Fresh air, 27 degrees, snowing, animals all over the place, watch out for the elk when you drive!!!

By Farley Malorrus, In Arizona!

What kind of Elk will wander in front of a speeding SUV or Semi, to be Squashed and due plenty of damage to the vehicle?

1. A retarded Elk

2. An Elk who is trying to 'beat' you.

3. An Elk who is blind.

4. An Elk who is Lost.

5. An Elk who made a wrong turn.

6. An Elk who is suicidal.

7. An Elk who is old and wants to die.

8. A man in an elks outfit, (or 2 men)

9. An Elk who digested a psychedelic plant or mushroom.

10. A sick Elk, who is nauseated and dizzy.

11. An elk who's sick friends coaxed him to 'go towards the light!'

12. An Elk from another planet who never saw a Semi.

13. An Elk who didn't listen to his Mom and Dad when they told him, "stay away from the Road!"(The Rebel Elk)

14. An Elk who thinks he's tough enough and cool enough to outrun the light.

15. An Elk with Insomnia

16. An Elk who just woke up to Pee and couldn't see much, so went toward the light.

17. An Elk looking at the Sun during daylight, doesn't see the car.

18. A very young Elk who never saw the road or a car, or truck.

19. All of the above, some of the above.

20. An Elk who has had it with his wife.

21. An Elk who is frustrated and just quit his job.

22. An Elk who went on a quest like me, in the Southwest, and I believe he found it!

YES, There is Elk all over the country and on the roads, and it can be very dangerous, so drive safe when you see ALL the Elk Signs. We are not talking little deer here, we are talking HUGE 300 lb. Elk...It's almost like killiing a baby Moose. A MOOSE, now there's another story, in Vermont perhaps. LOL.

Oh, If you should happen to hit a Moose at high speed, you may not walk away from that accident, as they are HUGE and some weigh more than a horse! Much More. BOOM!

Just to let you know what I think when I drive/travel.
Funny eh?

Regards from the Road.

Flying Farley Malorrus (In my V8)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just in Case By Farley Malorrus

Just in Case..I hit the Road

By Farley Malorrus

Just In case I hit the road for my bi annual trek of these United States, it doesn't mean Los Angeles is going to be hit by a Tsunami, but nothing surprises me anymore. I mean look at that storm that just hit New Orleans. No, I'm not going to New Orleans. The truth is, the Apache in my soul needs to make a quest. It's always been that way, and sometimes I roam to the far corners of the World, like one year to South Africa, Mauritius, India, Shri Lanka, Panama, Rio de Janiero, and the Bermuda Triangle. It's just that I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Venus eclipsing Uranus in the 9th house of long distance travel, so I got this bug in me that says, GO, and when I feel it I go, so as of lately, as spirit drives me, which is typical, being a totally spirit driven man, that I'm kind of preparing for yet another quest, which may begin as soon as tomorrow. If there are no journal posts for a few days, then you know I flew the coup.

I need to travel the West and Southwest to suck up some Native American energies, so the Wind Spirit, the Earth Spirit and the Air spirit can aid the Water energy already abundant in me. Looks like Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas are obvious locations to pass, but we shall see.

In any event, when I'm on the road, I find a magnificent view once in awhile that is so breathtaking that I just need to stop for a while, set for a bit, and take it all in. I'd go to Sedona, as I'll be North of there in Flagstaff, but Sedona has gotten so commercial, I can't seem to breathe there anymore. I like virgin land untouched by man, and blessed by the Great Spirit. That's the kind of country that recharges me, gives me renewed vision, energy, and the will to move forward. This is actually the best way I can think of to begin the Moon Wobble, by jumping in the V8, SUV, and heading East, to the Apalachian Mountains where my spirit dwells.

The world may be headed for a crazy turn this next 30 days, so I figure I'll sit it out in the Apalachian Mountains for a while until whatever is happening blows over, and if nothing happens, then whatever?

California is a wonderful place with it's tons of people everywhere, but I like to live on the outskirts of things. I used to like to be in the middle of things, but I find that to be too static, too disruptive, and too confining. My spirit needs to fly, and be free of any distractions that may exist, so this is my chance to bust loose.

In any event, my bio rhythmns should be soaring in about a week, so I'm looking for some great new energy to enter my life, and I've been so full of energy lately, that it may be time to roam.
Thanks to everyone to takes the time to read my journal and if you found it by mistake or through a search, then that is very cool.

Keep the faith!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Astrology Moon Wobble starts 2/15, lasts 28 days to 3/15, approx... By Farley Malorrus

Astrology Moon Wobble

Starts Thursday,2/15/07, Lasts 28 days to 3/15/07..approx.

By Farley Malorrus

(Moon Wobble affects EVERYONE. It does not matter your sign, or your planets. If you live on Earth, you will be affected by it usually...if not, you are an Angel, thank God!)

It happens 4 times a year, 28 days each time, when the Sun gets into odds with the Moon's Nodes and creates havoc for investors, real estate, relationships, and all kinds of projects and new beginnings started this time.

It doesn't mean you will fail during this period at what you attempt, but it DOES mean the challenges you will face will be that much more intense, and sometimes you will have to do things twice, three times, or more to finish.

I have a code, that I follow, not to marry, fall in love, buy a house, a car, start a business, or depend on too many friends and family during the Moon Wobble because it is SO VERY Unstable.

Some Astrologers have proven that there is a failure rate of almost 90% concerning all projects that are birthed during this period, but the most telling part of a Moon Wobble is let down, disappointment, and the opportunity for us to move on from unstable situations.

I don't see anything in Astrology as bad, only as a situation to create structure. For example, during the Moon Wobble (when the Sun in the sky is eclipsing, at a 90 degree angle, or exactly opposite the North Node of the Moon, for 28 days) that this would be a great time for completion of projects already set forth. That would mean if you made a deal with someone before the wobble, then carry it out, or if someone made a deal with you, finish it.

The hardest part of the Moon Wobble is delays, setbacks, change of plans, about face, change of mind, delusions, illusions, and prospects that seem to be clear or real, but in truth they are not!

So, I like to let my readers know about this phenomena as it is like unto a very long "full Moon," and can be painful, if you let it. This is a time to take care of your health, fix your teeth, get a checkup, resolve issues, problems, projects, and plans you have, and take care of business. It's a great time to fix mechanical problems, your car, your computer, your house, or apartment, as repairs can get worse if you don't attend tothem!  I think you can meet people, date them, like them, but if you fall in love, make sure it is mutual, as everything will get more clear after 3/24/07 when this wobble is over.

The Moon Wobble is so Piscean and Cancerian in nature as it affects everyone's emotions and everyone seems more sensitive. Often times the stock market makes it's adjustment during the period, as consumer confidence often drops. Remember, it's not all bad during the wobble, just challenging. As my sister would say, "We can't LOSE!"

Take care all!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com



Sunday, February 11, 2007


(For my Sister and others, this post does not refer to ALL VIRGO, PISCES, GEMINI, and Sag, but Ana Nicole Smith is a Sag and she had a bad week, she died, but fyi, I never ever refer to ALL OF ANY Sign when commenting about transits, thank you)(You know I want all of you to have GOOD TIMES, but I just report the aspects as I see them, now THINK POSITIVE!!! It helps)

Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius, stress Transits

By Farley Malorrus

Right now we have 3 planets in PISCES; Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. They are in a stress aspect, or right angle which is 90 degrees (Plus or minus 8), to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and soon, tomorrow at 12 Noon, (2/12/07) the Moon will be in Sagittarius eclipsing Jupiter!

This could be the most stressful day of the year for ANYONE with VIRGO, PISCES, SAGITTARIUS, and GEMINI Planets, including the Sun Signs. The Moon Wobble starts in 5 days which will be quite unsettling for the World and perhaps World Economy for 28 days, but for the moment, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini need to be aware, alert, cautious, and prepared to make construction in their lives, change, adaptation, and enought mettle to complete whatever it is they are going through. Needless to say, this can be quite a depressing time, in case you know or in case you are Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, and I would suggest TAKE THE DAY OFF TOMORROW, or better yet, TAKE THE WHOLE WEEK OFF, if you can.

I have had reports of all kinds of problems with people who have these planets, including health issues, home issues, issues with children, family, parents, career, finances, relationships, and overall stress levels.

This is not a time to over indulge in drugs, alcohol, or presciption medication for pain or sedation.

I noticed this aspect when giving a consultation to one of my Pisces clients today who had planned on going in for a medical test tomorrow, but changed her mind after I looked at this unusual aspect.

I for one am not the bearer of gloom and doom, but the author of needed construction, detox, completion, confrontation, and negotiation in one's life when they are going through issues, Karma, or need for reconciliation.

I am nervous aboutthe economy due to the tons of foreclosures coming, and someone said there would be 1,000's of these forclosures nationwide, besides the fact that unemployment may soar. This is definitely a time to stick together, and to prepare for needed adaptation and construction in one's life.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


K-Pax Trailer, Presented by Farley Malorrus and www.radioastrology.com

K-Pax, (2001) starring Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges

(I feel this movie is critical and significant for understanding human life)


Memorable Quotes from
K-PAX (2001)

Prot: Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark.

Prot: Let me tell you something, Mark. You humans, most of you, subscribe to this policy of an eye for an eye, a life for a life, which is known throughout the universe for its... stupidity.

Prot: Even your Buddha and your Christ had quite a different vision. But nobody's paid much attention to them, not even your Buddhists and your Christians.

Prot: I shall miss Earth, it has great potential.

Prot: Why is a soap bubble round? Because it is the most energy efficient configuration. Similarly, on your planet I look like you; on K-Pax I look like a K-PAXian.

Prot: You know, for an educated person Mark, you repeat things quite a bit. Are you aware of that?

Prot: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.

Prot: I will admit the possibility that I am Robert Porter, if you will admit the possibility that I am from K-PAX. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.

Prot: I had never been to a class BA-3 planet before.
Dr. Mark Powell: Class BA-3?
Prot: Early stage of evolution-future uncertain.

Prot: You seem overly upset, Mark. To borrow a phrase from Navarro, you need to chill.

Prot: [after "talking" to the dog] She says she doesn't like it when you hide her favorite tennis shoe, and she doesn't hear so well on her left side, so don't sneak up on her anymore.

Prot: [after Mark gives him his pen] A much more efficient writing tool.

Claudia Villars: [after prot has disappeared] Patients do not escape from this institution. They don't escape. I'm going to have a great time explaining this to the state board. I've got psychotics on the fourth floor packing up their sneakers because they all think they're going off to K-PAX. Find him.

Dr. Mark Powell: Tell me about your boyhood on K-Pax. Where were you born? You were... born right, K-Paxians have babies?

Dr. Mark Powell: on the reproductive process of K-paxians: If it's such a pain procedure, then how do you reproduce?
Prot: As carefully as possible.

Dr. Mark Powell: What would you say if I told you I think you're as human as I am?
Prot: I would say you're in need of a thorazine drip, Doctor.

Dr. Mark Powell: Do you know why you're here?
Prot: You think I'm crazy.
Dr. Mark Powell: I prefer the term "ill". Do you think you're ill?
Prot: A little homesick, perhaps.
Dr. Mark Powell: And where is home?
Prot: K-PAX.
Dr. Mark Powell: K-PAX?
Prot: It's a planet about 2,000 of your 'light-years' away.
Dr. Mark Powell: I see.

[On why he always wears sunglasses]
Prot: Your planet is really bright.

Prot: Your produce alone has been worth the trip.

Prot: Don't worry, I'm not going to burst through your chest.

Prot: Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. How many doctors are there on this planet?

Prot: Don't get me wrong, Mark. You've been very hospitable.
[pause, Prot looks around]
Prot: Hospital. Hospitable.
[Prot smiles]

Prot: Do I smell apple pie?

Prot: I travel light.

Dr. Mark Powell: What if I were to tell you that according to a man who lived on our planet, named Einstein, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light?
Prot: I would say that you misread Einstein, Dr. Powell. May I call you Mark? You see Mark, what Einstein actually said was that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light because its mass would become infinite. Einstein said nothing about entities already traveling at the speed of light or faster.

Dr. Mark Powell: I'm only familiar with nine planets.
Prot: Actually there are ten. But that doesn't matter, I'm not from your solar system.

Howie: You never gave me my third task. What's my third task?
Prot: To stay here, and be prepared for anything.

Prot: Doctor... patient... curious distinction.

Dr. Mark Powell: Have a seat.
Prot: "Have a seat." What a curious expression.

How the Universe Works By Farley Malorrus

How the Universe Works,
By Farley Malorrus

The Universe is in a constant state of expansion. This is natural, and like unto God Breathing. One day, the Universe will collapse into literally nothingness. Then again, it will start expanding, exactly the same way, every time, every single time. It is so important how you live your life, how you enjoy your life, the choices you make, the mistakes you make, and the life you create. Be very careful to be as happy, loving, caring, compassionate, honest, generous, and creative as you can to make your life the best, as that is all you have. Life may seem short to some, but to me Life is forever. I try to live everyday as precious as I can as if it were my forever, as it is.

Here is a quote from the movie, K-PAX, with Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges. I feel it is accurate and logical. Kevin plays Prot, an Alien being living in the body of Robert Porter from the planet K-Pax:

Prot: I wanna tell you something Mark, something you do not yet know, that we K-PAXians have been around long enough to have discovered. The universe will expand, then it will collapse back on itself, then will expand again. It will repeat this process forever. What you don't  know is that when the universe expands again, everything will be as it is now. Whatever mistakes you make this time around, you will live through on your next pass. Every mistake you make, you will live through again, & again, forever. So my advice to you is to get it right this time around. Because this time is all you have.

In my opinion, this is one of the most succinct passages of dialogue I have ever read, as in my mind, and to my thinking, it is logical, accurate, and probably the closest truth to God and eternity that you would find. It is logical to me, that eternity is a Circle of Life and death that continues forever. Make the best of it.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Friday, February 9, 2007

Another Trailer for AWESOME, Pan's Labrynth, Offerred by www.radioastrology.com

This movie is AWESOME, Farley Malorrus Also visit, www.radioastrology.com for awesome AUDIO FILES!! YEAH listen to the RADIO online!

Trailer for Pan's Labrynth offerred by www.radioastrology.com

presented by Farley Malorrus, and www.radioastrology.com

Daily Horoscope, Free! Anna Nicole Video...By F.M.

Daily Horoscope for the Week!

 By Farley Malorrus


Anna Nicole Smith, Sagittarius, 11/28/67

1 is not too good.

10 is great! Here's my take:

Aries: 8.2

Taurus: 7

Gemini: 8.5

Cancer: 5.6

Leo: 5.9

Virgo: 7.9

Libra: 8.1

Scorpio: 6.1

Sag: 4.1

Capricorn: 9.2

Aquarius: 8.9

Pisces: 9.0

Hope you feel the HEAT.
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Did Anna Nicole die of a drug overdose? Here is a video of her introducing Kanye West, and she appears to be 'overdosed,' at this event. Rumor has it, she partied a bit...what do YOU think?
God Bless Anna Nicole Smith, and may she rest in Peace....F.M.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What if this was Hell? And we were doomed forever? By Farley Malorrus

What if this was Hell and we were doomed forever to be here? By Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

I had a frightening thought today that gave me tons of goose bumps for about 5 minutes. I know the scripture in Genesis says, "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth," right?

Well, that is an assumption we would all like to believe, and for Heavens sake I do hope that there is a HEAVEN and that it is something we can ascend to from this realm.

The good news, is that because MAN is basically bad or good, depending on the environment, karma, childhood, influences, DNA , Astrology Chart, role models, miracles, lack of miracles and overall soul's potential, I do believe with all my heart that this is NOT HELL, and that one day we can and will ascend to a Heavenly state, as long as we appreciate God, Heaven, and what could lie beyond what we have here on Earth.

Still, I got the chills, thinking for a moment, 'What if I was wrong?' What if it was all a hoax, religion, God, and heaven does not exist, that we are in fact eternal beings, but for some un forsaken reason, we did something Terribly wrong, and as punishment have been sent to this realm, Earth, filled with pleasure and pain, to live out all of eternity from lifetime to lifetime, ad infinitum.

If that were the case, you would think we might make the best of it, try to all get along, make a peace, stop killing each other, get over our obsession with horror, murder, rape, abuse, controlling others, and enslaving them. We might all have a much better time if we did just that and shared the wealth, instead of allowing the 'few,' to control the wealth and make the rest of us work our butts off, for all our lives with many having little or nothing to show for it.

I don't know about you, but I have traveled the Earth extensively, and I have been to Mauritius, Bombay, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrein, Central America, South America, China, Mexico, and parts of Europe, and I want you to know that the level of suffering that I witnessed with AID'S, Leprosy, starvation, plague, disease, shortages of food, water, love, housing, and freedom, that you can easily define many places on Earth (Including Iraq) as a living hell. I would wish that we would not be a part of creating such HELL on Earth, but unfortunately as long as the war rages, and we stick our business where it should not be, horror will be the result.

It reminded me of when I saw Apocalypse Now Redux, and how horrifying that entire expose on the Viet Nam War was, and how horrifying what is REALLY Going on in Iraq and the World, if we really knew the truth. You don't think the media gives us the gory truth, do you? IF they did, we would be gone out of there in a New York minute.

The power of the mind is all we really have to go on. The ability to believe, have faith, visualize, peace, freedom, abundance, health, prosperity, happiness, and family of man as a group is all we have. Many metaphysically endowed people believe with all their hearts that the power of the mind is in fact, the power of God and God's work.

For so many who believe God is dead, they have lost the faith, no longer believe, have given up, quit, lost their religion, or allowed it to turn them into a fanatic alternative, have no food, money, or shelter, and really have no choice than to pick up a weapon to fight and kill for what they want or need. The truth here is the now almost 250,000 children under the age of about 11 in Africa (Go see Blood Diamond), who are enlisted in rebel forces, are armed, dangerous, and murderous, without any remorse, guilt, or regret, and they follow orders no matter what those orders might be.

Now, tell me, is this HELL, and are we doomed to be here forever? Where is the truth in the premise that "Man is basically good?"

If someone from the suburb across from you "blows up your house," do you enlist the militia of your suburb and go over and destroy the whole other suburb? It seems that our plan in Iraq is a little bit overblown, because I'm starting to wonder who the terrorists really are, us or them?

From what I hear many people in the Middle East, including Iran are terrified of the USA, and the American Army as much as Europe feared Hitler in World War II. If that is not enough of a reason, to load up the boats and bring our boys home, I don't know what is? For me, peace is the only way. If they don't want peace, well, leave them alone, ignore them, cut them off from aid, and have EVERYONE cut them off. Let them live in isolation til whenever, then at least HELL will be restricted to where they are and not where we are. The PlanetEarth is in a terribly sad state. I personally feel the 250,000 armed children in Africa are much more of a problem as well as the AIDS epidemic then this 'terrorist issue,' which we are brain washed into thinking will destroy and kill us. Sorry, I don't buy it. The only person who is a terrorist is the one with the Weapon, or the Weapons of Mass Destruction, and last time I checked, that was us.

I certainly hope that this Planet Earth is not HELL, but my fellow humans make me have chills when I look at what we are doing and how we treat each other. Their solution is to fight fire with fire, and eye for an eye.
My solution is "LET GOD TAKE CARE OF IT." Have you ever heard of Karma? Karma has a funny way of correcting terrible mistakes made by people (Like the genocide of the American Indians when this nation, America was conquered), or the genocide of the 20 million dead in World War II. That is some strange kind of karma, but one day it shall be paid off.

I try hard to make my life like Heaven. I meditate, visualize, have faith, hope, embrace love, try to be nice to everyone, and do all I can to stay out of the way of "God's Will," and the Laws of Karma. One thing I do know, that is, if this is not Hell, one day all these folks who are killing, and warring, and murdering, will have to pay their dues, one way or another. Even mighty Rome fell, along with Alexander the Greats empire, the Ottoman Empire, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, and even the 3rd Reich. Who's not to say America won't blow themselves away by the 22nd Century?

Whomever our leaders are, or may be, if they do have faith, a soul, and believe in the power of God, heaven, and salvation, maybe they will let God do his work, and allow karma to take it's course, instead of trying so hard to force the issue.

I love this journal, as it allows me to share my thoughts with whomever, no matter how dark or black they may be, it's what I might say, when no one else will.
Please have a nice day, and keep the faith.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

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