Saturday, February 24, 2007

Out of Karma? By Farley Malorrus

What Happens when you Run out of Karma?

By Farley Malorrus

What happens when you are human and you run out of Karma?
I believe there are several options when you have paid ALL or most of your karmic Debt. First, the definition of Karma in my honest opinion is anything on the Earth Plane that you obsess over beyond the Spirit of God and your connection to God.
So, whatever it is you want on the Earthly plane that is an obsession, desire, want, need, or goal, beyond God is Karma, or something you must pay for by being alive and suffering through it, as whatever you do want beyond God has a price.

Here are the options I have found when you reach a state of "Bodhisattva," or Karma Free:

1. You die. Mission accomplished, no need to be on Earth any longer, game over, your gone.

2. You teach, share, sacrifice, serve as role model, write, sing, dance, create something beautiful, watch, ponder, attempt to improve whatever it is you wish.

3. In relationships, sometimes being Karma free, or without obsession to have, or need love, sex, or relationships, it may mean you end up being alone, or adrift until that which time comes you are approached by a soul of similar nature void of obsession, filled with authentic Love, but not above the priority of Christ Consciousness or relationship to God. There are many extremely evolved, spiritual individuals who walk the Earth totally Karma Free, who have no need for lust, passion, love, sex, or relationship as they are so secure with their relationship to the God Self, or God that this relationship supersedes all others, and the bliss that comes from this relationship with the God Self dwarfs any you might have with another human.

4. THe fact is, if you have Karma, and if you are human, the chances are you have plenty, that Relationships for example are hard work, usually filled with love, but also filled with pain. Many people who have karma with themselves in relationships find themselves bouncing from one relationship to another trying to find their soul mates, or stuck in a terrible relationship filled with abuse, fighting, arguing, coldness, no sex, no love, no lust, and literally hanging in there because they feel they are supposed to, frightened to leave and be alone, or 'for the kids.' A truly evolved being, who is beyond obsession or fear of any of the preceding, would be able to absolve such relationship, or move on from it, to a higher place. I have found many extremely spiritual individuals totally alone, and secure with their aloneness.

5. When I was younger, I obsessed over many things: money, women, power, lust, sex, possession, passion, toys, food, games, and all kinds of things. At this point in my life, I find my level of pain concerning obsession of things I used to desire is gone. The reason for this is because I meditate and pray incessantly in order to refine my relationship with the Higher Self, the God Self, and God. My deeper meditations take me to a heavenly place, where I find everything on Earth nearly ludicrous, because what exists in this heavenly place, that I refer to as "God's Realm," or that place where the God Self resides is so blissful, it dwarfs anything blissful or imaginable on the Earth Plain. This is the place that is void of Karma. There is no want, wish, need, desire, obsession, or goal in this place. There is only Love, Authentic Love, God's Love, Peace, Calm, contentment, happiness, and freedom. I have found that in the last 15 years since I have been visiting this place, that the pain I used to have in dysfunctional relationships is gone, because I no longer have dysfunctional relationships. If a relationship is not spiritual, or if the person who wants to be with me is not in an evolved state, then it does not happen, because my soul is not at that state where I need to experience that kind of pain any longer. Obsession and Karma equal pain. Bodhisattva and Being Free of Karma equal bliss.

Never be sad that you are not married, not involved with a love partner, that you have no kids, no money, or no obsessions, because that is just an example of what it is like to be evolved. There are a few examples of evolved beings that are involved in love relationships or marriage, but the two individuals never lose their perspective of the priority of the God Self and their connection to the Christ Consciousness that lies within them.

In reflecting on my own lack of consistent relationship, I come to a point in my life realizing that when I was married or involved with most women in my life, there was a tremendous price I would have to pay to be with those women, but my relationships in the past 10 years have been much less painful because the obsession to be involved with those people is gone, and does not supersede my need to bond with the God Self and God.
I hope that helps some of you understand your Karma and why you suffer.

I did an audio topic that is about 25 minutes long that talks about "Karma, The Price," which you might find interesting. IT is FREE or by Donation, if you are generous, even $2 is nice to help pay for our server costs, if not, no biggie. The link is in Red below: Just click on it!

Thank you so much for reading my journal and I hope this information helps you live a happier, more pain free life.
Farley Malorrus,


I had a Funny Dream Last night, Vivid, By Farley Malorrus

The War is Over!

The War is Over!

By Farley Malorrus

I had a funny dream last night, so real, so vivid. I was stationed in Iraq as a soldier, a Sergeant I think. I started walking around Baghdad telling everyone the "War Was Over," and that we were pulling out. I couldn't believe the affect I had on all the soldiers as when I said this to everyone, they all started leaving Iraq!!!!

If only I had that kind of impact on the War?

Slowly but surely, peacefully, and consistently, ALL the Troops started to leave Iraq and board ships, planes, and trucks to leave. It was amazing, watching literally 1,000's of American and British soldiers leave. The dream was detailed, and intense, as slowly but surely all the American troops were finally GONE. I was sure they were gone, as I went all over the Whole country of Iraq looking for troops and could not find any. Instead, I found a stable Iraq, governing itself, with no insurgency whatsoever, peace, and no more War, including no more U.S. Troops, British Troops, Canadian Troops, and no more killing. It was so real to me, and for those familiar with the Tesla Purple Plate which I use as a dream generator when I sleep, the dream was quite real and vivid to the point that when I woke up, I did feel and totally believe that the war was in fact over, that we did vacate the country and that the country of Iraq was Okay when we left.

I like to share such things with people as it gives me hope that one day, "The War will be Over," and that as in Viet Nam, everything will be Okay in Iraq. I think is it American paranoia, and American propaganda that leads us to think differently, as in if we lost Viet Nam, that ALL OF SOUTHEAST Asia would fall, the Domino Theory, as it was called, NEVER HAPPENED.

Today, they lead us to believe we shall lose the Middle East and the war on terror if we leave Iraq, more paranoia, and American propaganda. If you check history you will see, that if we leave a country after we have done our business, that country usually ends up 'Okay,' as in Japan, Germany, Korea, and Viet Nam.

Just a thought, but I wanted to share this dream with you, as it bothers me we are still at war, and I am hopeful that one day soon, maybe it will end.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Farley Malorrus,