Sunday, May 27, 2007

12 More days left for Moon Wobble, quite unusual By Farley Malorrus

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By Farley Malorrus,

This has been an unusual Moon Wobble for me. Thank good ness it is over in 12 days, on June 8, 2007.

SO far, some very nice things have happened to me, with delays but positive results. AS usual, new relations with friends and connections during the Wobble fall through, cancel, or get changed. We had 2 deaths in our family, a step Grandpa named Harry, and My Cousin Jackie. My plans to make a movie were changed as I realized the people making the movie just weren't down on paper the way they should be. My drive to the West Coast is delayed, and overall my attitude could be better. I look at the World when the Sun, Moon, and Moon's nodes are in conflict 4 times a year, for 28 days each time. Each time I look at the Moon Wobble, it reminds me of an "exhale." The World Breathes normal during the rest of the time and "Exhales," during the Moon Wobble. I have learned to live my life without tremendous expectations as during this phase, I too have learned to exhale. Meanwhile, my ailing dad turns 92 in July, and he tires of the daily routine, which any 92 year old could. Living here by the lake in South Carolina allows me a freedom few people have. The freedom to reflect on all my thoughts, choices, repercussions of choices, plans, projects, activities, goals, and focus. I am content in my meditation about these things, and as I watch the World turn with the weather, and the war raging on with no end in sight, I wonder what Congress must be thinking, sending a 'no retreat war finance bill,' to the President, all during the exhale.

To me life is really a memory. When everything is done all you have left is the memory of what you did, and the memories of all that came before you if their stories be told. It is important that you remember the best of life, the love you gave, the love you received, the happiness you shared, the hugsyou got or gave, and the peace you made with yourself and the World. Some grow older and they are frightened to retire as they are afraid they will become 'bored.' What better thing to do when you grow old then retire and take the time to reflect on all you have done. If you live your life 60 years, it might take you 25 or 35 years to reflect on what you did in your life.

This last few years has given me a great opportunity to reflect on my choices. Overall, I feel I did okay, but in the end result, we all make mistakes and it is key to not have regret for the foolish choices we make or did not make in our ego driven quest for perfection. IN the end, it's only and all about love given and received, as that is all we bring into this World, and if lucky, it is all we take with us when we die.

You will have to excuse me for not posting as often into my journal, as I know I have my few loyal readers who are interested in my thoughts, words, teachings, and philosophy, and for that I thank you. This is been a time of great challenge for me to be strong in order to face what is ahead. There is an old saying that is passed on from generation to generation in our family, and that saying is 'you cannot be a sissy' to grow old.

As age approaches, I refuse to give up the illusion that I am an 18 year old college student on summer vacation, a vacation that never ends. That is what sustains me, the dreams and fantasies of my youth, and the reflection of my deeds. 12 more days left of this exhale and everything returns to normal. What really is normal? That the market goes up, that we appear to make progress in the war, that less people be homeless, starving, or thirsty, or that more of our choices and relationships work for the better without a smoke screen. I may sound sad, but even though I lost 2 wonderful friends and relatives in my family, I rejoice of the life that I live, that I must now live for them to; as it is all of our jobs to carry on as survivors to those who pass on from us.

June approaches with the threat of ungodly hurricanes, hot summers, weird weather, water shortages, and high gas prices. As long as we remember that we are all children of God, one big family, and try to bond with those around uswho get that, then everything will be okay. It is only when we feel apart from each other, separated, and disconnected that the machine seems to malfunction.

Have a great summer, and thanks for reading my journal...