Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Karma of War and the Fate of a President By Farley Malorrus

The Karma of War

and the Fate of a President

By Farley Malorrus

To date their have been over 22,000 United States Soldiers injured and crippled by the Iraq and Afgan Wars; 3,000 U. S. Soliders dead, and over 750,000 Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians, Iranians, and Pakistanis killed.

Today I was pondering the fate of Abraham Lincoln when he was shot at Ford Theatre and suddenly was President no more. Then, I considered what happened to John F. Kennedy, when he was shot in Dallas changing the World forever, but JFK did choose to begin the Viet Nam War, and Lincoln of course directed the Civil War designed to free the slaves, and renunite the nation.  I also conjectured the fate of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who decided he "would not seek nor accept the nomination of the Democrats in a final reelection bid," being disgraced for his errors of Viet Nam. Of course we all remember the resignation of Richard Nixon the inheritor of the Viet Nam War which turned into a huge disgrace for the Executive branch of our government when threatened with being Impeached, stepped down in favor of Gerald Ford. It's true that Nixon ended Viet Nam, but I feel it was too late for him. We also reflect on George H.W. Bushs fate after Desert Storm when he became a one term wonder due to the fact he didn't go into Baghdad and simply take out Saddam Hussein when he had it in his hands. F.D.R. of course died in office after multiple terms being unable to complete and finish World War II, which was succinctly dealt with by the "Man from Missouri," Harry Truman who swiftly nuked Japan, twice to finish it. I'm from Missouri, and obviously, we don't mess around in that state.

Now, we are facing the impeccable George W. Bush, the honorable leader of the United States and the free World and his current choice while facing the nations of NATO today, to 'stay the course,' and STAY in Iraq, and Afghanistan until the "Mission is complete."
At this point, I am wondering what exactly is the Mission? Are we trying to stabilize Iraq similar to the way we stabilized New Orleans and Mississippi after Katrina? Is our mission to sustain a similar crime rate in Iraq as our most violent city in America, St. Louis, Missouri? Are we being optimistic in thinking we can install a democracy and peace in Iraq just as we did Viet Nam?

I recall that nothing can really be done to stop George Bush and his visualization of a perfect Iraq, or Afghanistan, nothing but fate, destiny, and KARMA. I reflect on the destiny of the aforementioned Presidents whose belief in war or how a war is fought led to their demise. I am not criticizing this elite group, as I am just stating the facts. Lincoln, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, the elder Bush, and FDR all met their fate by a very obvious law of causeand effect, that we call KARMA. "What goes around, comes around." When a President of the United States declares War (really without the support of Congress who by the law of the Constitution is SUPPOSED to declare War, NOT the President) he is placing his own life at risk under the law of cause and effect which seems to judge each person for their actions no matter what they try to do to avoid it. History does not lie, and I pray for President Bush that his choice to "complete the mission," is just, honest, with proper agenda, logical intent, logical evolution, and not at the wasteful cost of needless loss of life, of the people of Iraq, and the U. S. Military.

Throughout my life, I have watched how this law of cause and effect work, Karma, and if I were advisor to this President, (I wish I were), my advice to him would be, "President Bush, I feel the war cannot be won. I feel that the mission can never be completed. I feel that the loss of life is quite enough, and that we graciously, intently, surreptitiously, and with precision, organize our military and pull out of Iraq, with possibly leaving several bases intact if required by the Iraqi government, with limited military involvement by our nation, as soon as possible."

I would advise the President to do this, because due to the law of cause and effect that we know as Karma, whatever action we decide upon in our life that does not have a priority of Love and God, is something that we will have to pay for down the road. The proper choice is to save lives and stop this War for the good of all. Unfortunately, the 'other Presidents' paid for their decisions, which were wrong, inevitably through their own untimely deaths, assassinations, disgrace, or losing and/or stepping down from political office due to political pressure. I certainly don't wish it to come to that for President Bush, butat this point I feel that the majority of American and World opinion agrees that the War cannot be won, and that it should end by the immediate withdrawal of our troops, praying that the Iraqi people somehow pull together with the support of their Arab neighbors and salvage what they can in this war torn nation.

I don't like to be political, but as a Karma Practitioner, I merely like to state the facts and alert the public as to the ramifications of choices made by World Leaders, such as President Bush, and that it would be to his best interest and the best interest of the United States and the World, if he would just end the war.

One wonders why he wouldn't 'just end the war,' when an act such as that would probably put him in an excellent light within U.S. and World History, and instead chose the path of Karma, the path of pay back by continuing the bloodshed in what is now recognized by most Iraqis as an invasion of their country, considering most all Iraqis have now lost family members in this War which has currently now lasted longer than World War II. What is the fate of George Bush for his choices concerning this war? His fate is only for God to know, but in time, I am sure we shall all witness the result of stubborn inappropriate choices which put the lives of innocents at risk every day.

Once again, I pray he reconsider for the sake of his reputation, as I fear the backlash of Karma created by inappropriate decisions has been revealed by the fate of former U.S. Presidents who also staked their reputations for the sake of War. May God have mercy on President Bush, and may God protect him and bless him in whatever decision he makes, as Karmically speaking, what does go around, eventually does come around.

Just my take on his choice today...God help him, and God help us all.
Karma has a funny way of restoring the balance in all situations without any human intervention.

To think we are in a Moon Wobble on top of it all. You are better off not making such decisions during such an unstable time, and one also wonders, who is actually advising Mr. Bush to make such decisions?

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com