Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Astrology Predicts: Are we Facing the Greatest Depression of all time in 2007? By Farley Malorrus

Economic Disaster in 2007? Astrology Explained....

I hope not, By Farley Malorrus

Happy Thanksgiving all! Not to be the bearer of bad tidings, but just to let you know about some planetary movement.

Credit Card debt is at an all time high, and people are living on their credit cards if they can. The housing boom is over, people are betting on the stock market instead. Fannie Mae may have a trillion dollars in debt from homes they lent to, and who knows if the U.S. can print any more money to stave off our war bills.

Still, Jupiter enters Sagittarius now, and on January 6, 2007 to January 25, 2007, with after effects that could be months or years, we have the planet of prosperity, expansion, luck, money, and power (Jupiter) at a right angle square to Uranus, the planet of speculation, sudden change, sudden reversals, awakening, break ups, bankruptcies, in the sign of dreams, delusions, gambling, Pisces.

This aspect has me concerned, only because Neptune, which is ruling planet of Pisces is in the sign of people, and humanity (Aquarius) in opposite aspect on the other side of the Earth to Saturn, The Lord of Karma and Capricorn in the sign of LEO which rules family, father, creativity, speculation and leadership. SO, we have the 4 LARGEST PLANETS AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER. Jupiter SQUARE Uranus, and Neptune OPPOSITION Saturn in January, 2007 with after effects until maybe 2009 or 2010. (God Help us) This leads me to think, "Oh God, should I short Google at $500 a share, and buy it back when it dives to $85 where it began?
Imagine all the money lost if Google crashes ,or that huge stock that costs like $100,000 a share (not sure of price)(Berkshire Hathaway, I believe) we are talking mass fortunes lost by the rich, and the poor and middle class are already being choked! God, I'm glad I'm prepared for this junk if it happens, because frankly, I've been tracking this aspect for 15 years, and finally, January 2007, 4 planets in a very bad way.

So, at this point you are asking me, "Farley, what do I do? How do I protect myself? How can I survive this?" Well, if you are in the entertainment business, war industry, or oil industry you are okay, but if you are just about anywhere else, hope you have some money putaside, as REAL CASH should have value if a major depression hits, and Real Estate along with the stock market will be worth peanuts. At that point, (ego withstanding), I would feel like a genius (or you should) If you sold your stock, and/or your real estate before this happens.

On top of all this, We got the Moon Wobble starting tomorrow for 28 days, along with rabid holiday spending, most of which many cannot afford, and then BOOM (as John Madden would say), the 4 Largest Planets at odds for about 3 weeks. Now, I can just visualize it all away and say, no problem, no karma, everyone's been good, and this couldn't possibly happen, but there have always been economical setbacks though out U.S. History, so it is a pattern, as in 1929 stock market crash, and it is from idiotic spending by people, and governments, and the national debt going through the roof.

If you were smart you would have some insured cash deposits, like savings, CD's, and Tax Free Insured Municipal Bonds, staple goods, like survival food, canned goods, vitamins, and even water, stocked away, and you might even be debt free, liquid, all your bills and mortgages paid, and expect this little mishap. How many people think like me? I am hoping NOTHING HAPPENS. I have been wrong (Twice?), and I'm glad I am, as I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but IF SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS and I was to warn MY READERS IN ADVANCE, if that didn't prove the power of AStrology, I'm not sure what would. Also, YES, we/I predicted the stock market crash, immediately after Bush elected, when the dot com frenzy died, and die it did!

So, try to hang on to some rent money, food money, money for the kids, pets, and vitals. Try to hang onto the health insurance, as the health insurance system in this country along with the AMA might also crash if the public runs out of money.

Sad fact here folks, is that many LARGE BANKS have investments in Real Estate, the STOCK MARKET, including Google, and Berkshire Hathaway, and they are also the ones responsible for the huge credit card debt and it is THEY WHO WILL LOSE if no one has money to pay that debt. Is keeping money in a small bank a good idea? Who knows. For pity sake, I don't wish to cause a panic, or freak anyone out, as nothing is for sure. I am just an Astrologer looking at the planets, and incoming aspects and reporting the possible forecast financially.

I haven't looked at the Stock Market Crash of 1929, as I'm frightened to, and I fear I might find similarities.
All, I can say as advice to you folks, is maybe be more conservative now, put away the credit cards, tithe to worthy groups and people, and put away money if you can to take you through the next 6 months or so. Also, banding together in groups as partners could bail folks out if things get nuts, and to think I've been in a trailer park for 1.5 years now, just waiting for the cities to implode. Gosh, I hope they do not. Karma is karma, and if the world and the U.S. along with our brainchild government agencies need a wakeup call, the 4 largest planets out there are just the ones to serve just desserts, however, I don't like to see innocents caught up in it, and if possible and you don't have too much karma with money and economics, you can sail through this period. We will monitor current events, and world changes during this period and pray everything remains the same, or gets better. (I want to be wrong in this case!)

IF I were advising the President, I'd tell him to stop spending, pull out of the War, reduce the debt, and stop printing money, to avoid a national catastrophe, because once it happens and if we are still over there fighting, the U.S. may run out of money, as it did in WW II, before we invaded Iwo Gima (recent movie on it, Flags of our Fathers). No, the U.S could never go bankrupt, right? God, I hope not.

Okay , on the lighter side, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and GOD LOVE YOU ALL. NOw, don't panic, be safe, TITHE TO our web site, and keep smiling. Also, I discussed this aspect with a very wise spiritualist tonight, a friend I've known since the 60's and she has been waiting for this to happen. She asked me, "Farley, when do you see the U.S. Economy going to Hell, if it happens?" My answer was, "If it happens, and I pray it doesn't, the peak is on January 6, 2006, to January 25, 2006." Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Tell someone hello today, and/or you love them if you do, and give them a hug for me!!

Farley Malorrus www.radioastrology.com 

Did you survive the Scorpio Transits? Sagittarius should equal Freedom By Farley Malorrus

In a World that's filled with Football, fakers, fast foods, fillies, friends, fascists, frankinsense, fantasy, fairies, filling stations, fillibusters, franks, facets, faucets, finks, fabrics, falicies, fault lines, fancy finishes, fixings, fashion, functions, felines, front lines, fast cars, fallen stars, finicky bars, I guess it's always good to know theres also Farley. I'm sure glad I know how to meditate, pray, visualize, center and calm myself, as getting through November could be a problem. Still, even though you may feel like you are on the Titanic, with the sea frozen, and the ship sinking, the good news is, that once you die, at least you can embrace the light, and spend the rest of eternity with God.

With that said, how's your Thanksgiving week going? I'm hoping you haven't lost a son or daughter in the War, or a relative or friend, and that your family is happy and healthy, also that maybe your bills are caught up and you are happy with your job. I'm also hoping you are not someone who finally decided to list their real estate, now that the rush is over, it may be a little too late. WE live in a World where they may want to reinstate the Draft for our 18 year olds, when in truth what we need is a DRAFT FOR GOVERNMENT employees ONLY. I know there is about as much chance as Congress approving that bill as a SnowBall in Heck, but if it was like that, we would have few if any Wars. Funny, how some Congressmen in New York (Is it Rangel, the famous Korean War veteran), would love to put ALL OUR CHILDREN In harm's way, just so Congress won't let some President go to war. Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to America! I think George Washington would reconsider that little trist.

So, here we are on the verge of the Sagittarius transits, with Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter all headed into the sign of Peace, the sign of Love, the Sign of Freedom, and the biggest Moon Wobble of the year. Still, it feels like something is amiss. Even Astrology may not be able to pull us out of some of the Karmic mess we are in, or about to enter, unless we can all pull together, and visualize something positive. The funny thing about humor, is that you usually need to show someone wanting something, and then conflict to get the laughs. Sounds like the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, as everyone wants something the other doesn't, and there is plenty of conflict.

I say One Day at a time. I'm not sure what all of you are going through, but I'll say this, I for one, feel like I'm being tested in a very big way at this time, and if it wasn't for my faith, persistence, support troops, and prayers, I'm not quite sure how I would have handled it. One thing is for sure, November has never been my favorite month, and I'd just for once like to see a happy, loving, sharing, caring, compassionate Christmas, without everyone running around thinking 'buying things for people,' is the way to be, when all we really need, is love, understanding, compassion, and maybe some eye contact after a nice long warm hug.

If you are in the colder part of the world, do me a favor, and take all your old clothes that you don't wear, and those worn out blankets and keep them in the car, so when you pass by a homeless person, take a moment to get out of the car, and give them what you can as far as warm clothing, blankets, and even $20 or $50 as a token of good faith for whatever love and compassion may be left in the human race. Also, remember that this time of year is the BEST time to tithe, especially if you have NOTHING, remember the formula for getting things is to GIVE, and this is the best time for humans to share their abundance with those who have none. I think that just about wraps up the Scorpio and Sagittarius epic in a nutshell. Now, it's time for me to go to my Dad's house and take him and Mom to his Doctor, as he is not feeling to well. (Does anyone feel good at 91?) I'm hoping my Dad survives this part of his life, but I do hate to see him suffer, as I love him very much. So, this is the time of the year, that I feel good about giving, helping, sharing, and being compassionate where I can, because so many don't even care what's going on.

I have hope that as we approach the Capricorn transits after the MOON WOBBLE, (Xmas and New Years), that everything will improve in this World. I have hope, but there is never any guarantee unless we actually do something to help someone.

Be at Peace.

Farley Malorrus. www.radioastrology.com