Monday, October 9, 2006

October 17, 2006, Something is GOING DOWN!

Hey all! I got this email telling me about 10/17 that something very cosmic is happening! I thought I would inform whomever reads my blog, so they know!
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Here's the dope about 10/17:

Thanks to my Co Producer Susan...again...XO

The 10/17 otherwise 818 gateway will be resonating a beam approximately one
and half times the size of earth.

i..e As Earth spinning on its axis passes through this beam, it will be
immersed in it for approx 36 hours in total. This makes each point on the
globe to be directly influenced by this beam for an avg 17hrs. Some areas
will actually have more than 17hrs.

The peak of 5:10 pm applies for all countries and timezones due to the above
average. This timing was given as an approximation to assist those who wish
to focus for a short time span. Ideally the longer one can focus their
attention during this time the greater the results.

For every human immersed in thoughts/focused on  and in unconsitional love
and peace, there are 6000 others approx focused in fear, trepidation, anger,
hate, war, lust, power, greed, poverty, lack etc. This was the ratio the
Blue gave me when questioned why one million are required. Essentially it is
to balance the equation. yep 1 in every 6000.

The way i understood it this 1 in 6000 ratio is thoughts focused on
unconditional love and peace resonate/attract 6000 times more powerfully
than any other thoughts. i.e. require 6000 times less energy or other words
are 6000 times more efficient. Perhaps why only very few attain mastership
and why it is far easier and effortless to be in these thoughts as opposed
to other thoughts or frames of mind...

Many have emailed asking how long for results to come into affect from the
10/17 gateway? This will depend on the number of people participating above
and the thoughts of global consciousness on that day. However by Jan/Feb
2007 we should begin to see the results either way, for better or worse if i
can use those words.

Expect by 17th Oct for some big DISTRACTION generating fear and frenzy. If
not, then this will be a positive sign.

Many are really hassling for technical data on what exactly this 10/17 - 818
gateway/beam is. The best i could understand it from blue voice is this.

Our sector of the milky way is currently immersed in what many term the
photon belt or  menasic radiation. With in this radiation there are tiny
spectral lines of emmissions very much like that to what we term
Lyman/Balmer Hydrogen emmission/absorptio n lines.

Farley Malorrus Reporting!

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