Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ode To God, Life on Earth

Ode to God, Life on Earth 2007

"I was assigned life on Earth to pay the price for my time away from God. I was assigned a mission to accomplish among many and a certain life span to be here to endure the pain. Although I found life worth living, and thrilling in parts, the pain, agony, and misery I had to endure at times was unbearable. The whole time I was alive I served this debt to God and praised his essence and glory. My life was blessed and I was content mostly except for some of the unruly, abusive, negative, and demeaning people I encountered. I did my best to be the best person I could be always acknowledging God and his existence and guidance. No one said Life on Earth was going to be easy, but it was something I had to do, I had to endure, I had to complete in order to serve my sentence for what I had done wrong away from God. I loved every breath I took, and with every beat of my heart I faced life with a love and compassion that few ever had. When my life was great, I bask in the glow of God's love, and when it was hard I did my best to overcome my fear and agony to evolve back to a state of grace. Although I was tempted by many things and people during my Earthly existence, I did all I could to hold God and his glory above all and as my top priority. It was this choice that carried me, and allowed me the freedom and calm that I created. Unlike many who were in a hurry to do things, make things, create things, and go places, I allowed my life to unfold as it did, and followed the course of least resistance, exuding caution, skill, and contemplation on my every move so as not to unbalance the Universe. I understood that life was sacred, and that everything in this dimension is sacred, so I was very careful to respect, and acknowledge all there was as God's creation, with my temporary use of it all. I thank God for the life I lived, with the great experiences I had, and the courage to face the hard times, the down times, the sad times, and the changes I needed to make in order to survive. With this testimony, I leap forward into another year, hoping and praying it be better than the last,and with the grace of God that I, my friends, and family be protected, safe and happy in whatever is to come. I have deep faith that he will watch over me and guide me as long as I give him this priority....Happy New Year. 2007"

Farley Malorrus,

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Astrology Defined: Capricorn the Martyr

Capricorn the Martyr

(Capricorns or Cap People may view what we see as them suffering or being Martyred as 'normal,' and would never admit to it, while we 'wince in pain,' when we see what they normally deal is because they have the mettle to handle it, when most others, don't.)


by Farley Malorrus

On this New Years 2007, one mustn't forget that all the Capricorns are also having birthdays. Like Jesus, Elvis, Nixon, and all Capricorns, this sign takes on much more than the rest. Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn and the Law of Karma. They are the role models for us all when it comes to overcoming impossible odds and surviving or succeeding. Why must Capricorns take on such a load you may ask? Why must they work so much harder, be much more honest, need to get that much more loaded (Elvis), or put themselves through hell knowing that heaven might not await them. One thing is for sure, they die for us all. They suffer for us all, and they hurt for us all. I have had many Capricorn friends and I will never understand why they choose to take on such a heavy burden, and with their dry sense of humor, they always rationalize away the impossible dream they have taken on. Oh some of us have Capricorn Moons, or Capricorn Rising, maybe Venus or Mars, then Jupiter or Saturn in the sign. All people with Capricorn energy will assure themselves of going through some kind of ordeal or other sometimes all the time. When most of us go through a Saturn cycle every 27 to 30 years, folks with Cap planets seem to go through the mill every month. I have tried to throw a life saver to Capricorns and even offer them an option to pain and hard work some times unappreciated labor. It is their nature to build, work, sweat, take on challenges, and suffer through them. If you are dating a Capricorn or married to one, it won't be boring for you, as you may be amazed, and hopefully amused at the constant mess they may be standing in. Even the wealthiest of people who are Capricorn or have planets in that sign, may be abundant in toil and challenge. It doesn't matter how much success they attain, should they finally attain it, as because it is the very nature of their sign, the sign of the Soldier who always seems to have mission or project to conquer or achieve. Many people with Capricorn energy find it natural to be a police person, or fire person, or a soldier because the pain and growth goes along with the job. The motto for Capricorn should be "no pain, no gain," as they take on many more challenges than almost all the signs put together. During this time of the holidays when we recall the birthday of one special Capricorn, the ultimate martyr (Jesus), we must also pay solace and gratitude to the masses of people having birthdays at this time, and taking on so much more than they can really handle or more than they need, but believe it or not, because it is their nature, they need it.

They need the mountain to climb, the lake to swim, the path to walk, and the mission to accomplish. It is their nature. So, Happy Birthday to all the Martyrs in the World, and know that this Astrologer acknowledges your sacrifice and in due course that you should eventually benefit and evolve from the price you pay.

Happy 2007 everyone, and Happy Birthday Cap!

Farley Malorrus,

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Years Resolutions By Farley Malorrus for 2007

New Years Resolutions for 2007

By Farley Malorrus

I figure there is no better way to do this then in public to give it 'weight,' and credence, so here goes!

I, Farley Malorrus do hereby resolve:

1.  That there be PEACE ON EARTH, World Peace in 2007!

2. That I stay healthy and get fit!

3. That my friends, family, and parents be healthy and happy.

4. That I have a consistent stable relationship with a magnificent woman, and avoid those who do not have time for me, or who go 180 on me.

5. That I figure out whether to live in Southern California or South Carolina or both!

6. That my web site take off!

7. That the World does more to help the homeless, starving, sick, and forgotten!

8. That people learn to love each other and stop killing each other!

9. That I get more wonderful friends, mentors, and associates!

10. That I am able to travel more, safely and have fun!

11. That I go to a tropical resort or two this year!

12. That I eat less sugar, chocolate, dairy, meat, and bakery products. That I eat more whole foods without additives.

13. That I learn to recognize wonderful people and keep them in my life.

14. That good, lucky, happy, fun things happen to me in my life.

15. That maybe I finish my 2nd or 3rd book!

16. That I look younger and feel better as the year goes on!

17. That I learn how to accept and embrace all love that comes my way!

18. That I spread as much love and happiness as I  can.

19. That God love me and protect me, and keep me safe!

20. That the World be safe from disaster, holocaust, genocide, or any kind of apocalyptic or doomsday event!

21. That terrorism subside!

22. That the Democrats choose someone for President who can beat Giuliani and/or McCain!

23. That further truth come out about what really happened on 911!

24. That people not be so gullible or naive to believe everything they see on TV or read in the papers.

25. That the richest people in the world try to solve the homeless problem, and do something to help cure AIDS instead of setting up these associations, (Gates), by  just doing SOMETHING!

26. That providence guide me to make the most proper, logical choices for a great year, good health, happiness, fun, and luck in 2007.

27. That everyone who reads my Journal and web site be blessed One Million times by God in whatever is it they want!

Farley Malorrus,  

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Astrology, Fun With Horoscopes, Forecast for 2007 By Farley Malorrus

(Please Pass this forecast on to anyone and everyone, so they know how their year will be!! Thank you! FM)

Astrological Forecast for December 2006
and for the Calendar year 2007
By Farley Malorrus,
310-415-9222 for readings.

Aries: Aries has had a fine run the last two years with Saturn in friendly Leo. Hopefully career has soared and some goals realized including improvements in family and children. December is a pivotal month for the Ram concerning completion's and making final on many projects. Hopefully, they will be confident and optimistic able to overcome any problem or road block. I love Aries with Jupiter in friendly fire Sagittarius for much of 2007, which brings travel, luck, prosperity, and happiness to most Rams. This is a warm friendly, loving sign that loves physical contact.

Taurus: Taurus has been through a challenging two year period, and frankly would like to forget about a lot that happened this year which has been a major test. They are shown relief in December with focus on love, romance, and getting finances recovered in case their has been a loss or challenge. Taurus needs to be very careful in any real estate deals, or stock deals, as the markets may be stabilizing and could drop further in 2007. Taurus loves to hug and needs a lot of affection. They are also a very physical sign.

Gemini: The Twins would have to be one of the strongest of the 12 signs of the Zodiac having survived quite the roller coaster the past 3 to 6 years. Although they have been shown major gains, many may have taken advantage of their love, trust, or naivety in certain situations. Thankfully Gemini is open minded and forgiving in order to resolve any issues, and is shown continued growth and fulfillment of many life long dreams. If you are Gemini you should not smoke, or abuse your lungs at all, as that is sensitive part of your body. December is a month of major change for you and you should adjust and be able to adapt as the days go without resisting the tide. The year 2007 is a major year of letting go of the past and reinventing much of your life. Gemini thrives on communication and information.

Cancer: The Crab should have had an overall decent year in most areas, and is shown the greatest financial gains, so hopefully you have made some money in real estate, the stock market, or the bond market. Romantically, you have been on fire this year, and being close with those you love has been an important part of your life. December means a time for you to think about taking a break from a potential hectic schedule and tons of responsibility. Hawaii in the winter, or the Caribbean, Europe, or just some camping might be a great prescription. The year 2007 offers tremendous goal accomplishment and exciting new friendships. Cancer is an Emotional sign and needs lots of love.

Leo: The Lion has certainly been through the most challenge and ordeal with Saturn in Leo for the last 2 years, and if you are a Leo and you are in good shape, you should be proud, but if you are hurting as a Leo, I understand. The challenge here has been along the lines of organization, leadership, family, father, friends, and adaptation to transition. I know lots of Leo who have reinvented themselves at this time. With Jupiter in friendly fire the Leo should soar in 2007, overcome any challenge, accomplish any feat, and retain their confidence, power, and grounding. Leo is a proud sign and loves respect and honor.

Virgo: Virgo is a durable soldier, and dedicated to details and often times perfection. This last 5 to 6 years has offered much challenge to most all Virgo with planets in signs like Uranus in Pisces, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. The stress level for Virgo is high when planets are in Sagittarius or Pisces, as these signs stress Virgo. The areas of focus are personal freedom, independence, emotional issues, and overall confidence. I'm hoping Virgo can find some happiness this holiday season, as long as they are not too serious. IF you are Virgo try not to overindulge this holiday, and don't be surprised if you get some very nice gifts from loved ones. The coming year is a year of taking control of your life, designing your goals, and deciding what makes you happy and embracing it. This is an analytical sign and likes go figure things out.

Libra: The Balance Scales have had a nice run for many years, and should be the more content of all 12 signs this last 10 years or so. Many are jealous of the success many Libra has had, and wishes to have some also. Once again 2006 should have been a fine year for you with gains in almost all areas. If you are Libra and having problems, you must question your motive and check your obsessions to resolve your karma. The "good Libra's," have been blessed by the 7 years of Uranus in Aquarius, now the passage of Neptune in friendly Aquarius which can keep the good times rolling another 5 years. You need to drink lots of water in December and keep your urinary tract healthy, and if a man your prostate healthy.
Libra rules the kidneys, hence the need to keep them flushed and healthy. This may be the best sign for love and marriage in December and all of 2007. Libra is endearing, and appreciates loyalty and love.

Scorpio: This last year should have been the best year in 12 for the Scorpio, and although they have been forced into one change after another for many, many years almost 12 years, they should be strong and powerful enough to handle things from just the experience they have gained. December is a month for them to finish up a load of projects on hold or in the closet that needs to be attended to. Relationships could improve overall in December if you open your mind, open your heart, be more flexible, and adaptable and not be too intense. This sign is very emotional and needs lots of love.

Sagittarius: Most Sagittarius may be happy retired and traveling, or at least taking long vacations and relaxing. Sports is another way for Sagittarius to relax and lose stress. December may be a big month for this sign to break away from the rat race, or plan a huge getaway for 2007. This may be the biggest year for travel and prosperity for this sign in 12 years as Jupiter the Lord of Sagittarius is in your sign for quite some time this year. It's like having a genie now, make a wish, focus, visualize, and work to attain your dreams and you might just have it. The downfall maybe emotional issues in December and throughout the year, so don't run from your feelings. This is a fire sign and loves having a great time and being happy.

Capricorn: Why is Capricorn so hard on themselves? Why are they hard on people around them? The best part of this sign is their sense of humor, so as long as they keep it and share it, they are fine. When they get too political, they get in all kinds of trouble. IF they survived 2006 with money in the bank, not too much in debt, and still have a job, that is great. Otherwise, may need to erase the chalkboard and make some new plans for career, goals, and finances.  Some Capricorn's spend every penny they get, and they should learn to save some, as they might need it. December is an excellent time for love and romance for this sign, if we can get them out of the house, or away from the job. The year 2007 may be one of the best years for Capricorn as long as they are not negative, defeatist, and that they take care of their health. It is important they pay attention to symptoms, and get checked if necessary. This sign is very funny, and as long as they are happy, it is good.

Aquarius: This has been a challenging year for Aquarius. IN fact, the last 5 years has been rather challenging. If you are an Aquarius, I feel for what you have gone through and remember to keep people around you that love you, as support. December is a release for many Aquarius going through tons of Karma, more than any other sign. Making peace, resolving issues, expressing love, support, commitment, and team work have been critical to Aquarius, especially in December. The year 2007 will be like a 'new life,' for many Aquarius entering a whole new realm of experience. It may seem a little scary at first entering the unknown for some, but the end result should be success and happiness. Being able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off is important at this time. This sign needs a lot of information and craves it.

Pisces: The Fish should have had a good year in 2006 and if they did not, then something is wrong. They need a break and may want to plan an extended vacation if they can afford it. What they cannot afford to do is get deeper in debt, in case they are already in debt. Music, dancing, theater, movies, and concerts are a great release for Pisces as long as they avoid over indulgence in December. December is not a good month for a Pisces should he be an addict or alcoholic, as 2007 may be a tough year for them. IF they are sober and in control, they should soar in 2007, with great ideas, innovations, ideas for positive change, and new love affairs or stronger love relationships. This is a very emotional sign and enjoy expressions of love and affection.

That's the Astrological Forecast for December, 2006, and for the year 2007 for all 12 Signs.
Farley Malorrus, Astrologer and Channel for The 'X' Zone Radio Show
310-415-9222, for readings.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

God Bless President Ford By Farley Malorrus

I had just heard Gerald Ford had died, and he was a Cancer. I had written a previous article how Cancer people were going through a tough time. I'm sorry to hear President Ford has died in his home. May God Bless his soul..Now, James Brown, and President Ford have died. It usually comes in threes.
Farley Malorrus

Sunday, December 24, 2006



Or click on it!!! ENjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cancer's Might not be doing so well

Astrology Explained, What's wrong with Cancer?

By Farley Malorrus

With Venus in Opposite Capricorn, Cancers could be very sensitive this holiday season. It also stresses out Aries and Libra. Mercury, the Sun, and Mars are headed for Capricorn which could spell some confusion, worry, accident prone energy, and overall emotional let down. Hopefully it would not be emotional breakdown. If I'm a Cancer, Libra, or Aries, including maybe Capricorn, late December and all of January would be the best month for a vacation, maybe 2 weeks in Hawaii. Cancer already rules emotions, feelings, and home, and frankly the Moon Child has been through enough lately, so let's hoping they sail through January with all this activity in opposite sign Capricorn. Obviously, Capricorn is sensitive also at this time, and in a potential hermit mode, or need to blow away everyone they care about and love. Knowing where the planets are and what signs they are in, can help us organize our lives and with expectations as to what is going on, give us a needed edge. During the holidays if you know a Cancer, Libra, Aries, or Capricorn, be warned they may be touchy, sensitive, argumentative, and just need to vent some stress. Christmas dinner, and Christmas day is not a good time to 'nuke' the one's you love. With the Planets running 'hot' on New Year's Eve and New Years Day you want to avoid fighting with the one you love, or the one you are with, lest you may break up!

Merry Christmas everyone, and remember my key word for the holidays is "whatever!"


Farley Malorrus,



Thursday, December 21, 2006

AMAZING VIDEO OF GEORGE BUSH 10 YEARS AGO. THE SAME MAN? A Copy? What is wrong with this pictu

THIS IS AN AMAZING VIDEO OF PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH 10 years ago and NOW. Is this the same man? Or maybe a copy or a Clone? Tell me, What is going on?

Presented by Farley Malorrus and

 This Video is presented 'for your information only.' Is this the kind of man we can count on to direct our nation and make logical choices for our future?
You decide.
Happy Holidays....Freedom of the Press Lives! God Bless the 1st Amendment!

Holiday Video, Jay Leno and GWB on Late Night presented by Farley Malorrus


YOU WILL ONLY APPRECIATE THE ABOVE VIDEO IF YOU ARE A "LOST FAN," AS I AM. I think it's very funny. Enjoy, from Saturday Night Live... Presented by Farley Malorrus, and Call 310-415-9222 for Astrology Consultations by Farley.


This is 6 minutes of pure entertainment from the David Letterman show, the end of the VENTRILOQUIST week. I laughed so hard, I cried. Also, Tod Oliver and Irving are showcased at the Showboat in Branson, Missouri

Presented for your Holiday enjoyment by Farley Malorrus and

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HOLIDAY VIDEO, "I LOVE YOU," Talking Dog presented by Farley Malorrus &

Holiday Video, Like Bacon? Here is a Smart Pig! Presented by


Astrology By Farley Malorrus Happy 2007

Astrology, Good Bye 2006, Hello 2007...

By Farley Malorrus

Well, 2006 is nearly over, and what a year that was.  Now, we are faced with a "9" year, 2007, (7 + 2 = 9). What does having a 9 year mean? 9 in Numerology is 'endings,' 'closure,' completion, and finality. Whatever the course, whatever the reason, whatever the mission, be it personal, national, International or political, 2007 will be "it" for several situations waiting for closure. I would love to see 2007 be a year of closure for diseases like AIDS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung disease, and staph infections. If only the AMA would let some of the cures come out, perhaps they wouldn't make so much money billing us and our insurance companies so much for what little they do other than over medicate us, and suggest unnecessary surgery. I'm hoping there is closure with the War, as what is going on in the World is so terrible, that it seems ludicrous that we believe we can solve the World's problems by bringing democracy to ONE nation, when 50 countries scream for democracy. I'm hoping that there will be closure for the American people in having peace with a President that was first appointed by the Supreme Court, then reelected in a storm of controversy over voting machines that just don't work. The good news is the Moon Wobble is over, and Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign it lives in and rules, along with tons of other planets in Sagittarius, including the Sun, so there is still some joy in mudville.
For me, I'm happy the St. Louis Cardinals, the team I predicted to win, underdog as they were, finally won another World Series the last one coming in 1982, so I have a smile on my face for that. Now, if only the San Diego Chargers can win the Super Bowl, as I predicted on the 'X' Zone Radio show last Tuesday, then I can be content for a whole year.

What about all these lonely people in the World? What about all these divorced, single, never been married nomads that wander aimlessly looking for their personal Tom Cruise (never happen), or Brittney Spears (Definitely never happen), and can't get along with each other because we are basically all too normal for each other? I think the media and movies lead us to believe that we can have Mr. Right/Perfect, or Ms. Right/Perfect, or else just be alone. How tragic it is for human relations when we live on a planet with so many who refuse to mate with each other. Just 100 years ago in 1907, it was unheard of to be single, as you usually got matched up with whomever was available and with the divorce rate literally non existent due to the lack of divorce attorneys, or the need for women's rights, people actually got married and stayed married. When women's liberation hit, and women decided they needed to be self sufficient, there was no longer a need to be married or have a man. With homo sexuality in epidemic proportion, one wonders if the whole World might be totally gay one day, spelling the end of breeding and the human race. For whatever reason, being single and alone in 2007, is what literally millions of people have to face, and it saddens me that there is no logical way to bring them together, (not even with E harmony!)

In time, brain capacity will increase along with our ability to know and trust each other better, live together longer in matrimony, embrace loyalty and commitment, and actually be together til 'death do us part.' Until then, I fear that millions of people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's will rationalize it's okay to be with their cat, dog, bird, or friends and that they don't need love, affection, sex, or intimacy in their lives, which is a joke. The free sex generation, had their fill, then women's liberation came along and did away with traditional marriage opting for equal partners instead of 'Papa' run families.

I know that one day I pray to meet someone nice, get married, and even try to have children, but the clock is ticking as they say, and I guess I was too spoiled by one or two who I was with in the past, when they showed me what true love and caring was all about. Still, so many people who are married are just as lonely as the single one's if not more so, due to the fact that there is just no more love left in their marriage but they have little choice, as why would anyone want to fend their way in the single jungle we have today?

So, this is heaven, right? Or not? There are happily married people in this world who are even loyal to each other. I believe that to be true with all my heart, as I do believe in true love. The problem is that people have been doing so much experimentation with love, sex, and relationships this last 60 years, and even with Jupiter in Scorpio last year, I did not sense any kind of sexual explosion, only mass frustration, and loneliness from tons of clients and friends who make up nomadic tribes of wandering singles.

Saturn's final journey through the tail end of Leo before it enters Virgo will be gone from Leo for another 27 years, but it did show us that we lack leadership on this planet. Leo, is the sign of leadership, and I'm not sure I would want to be President while Saturn is in Leo, this last 2 years. It's never easy to be in charge when the Planet of Karma (Saturn) is in the sign of leadership (Leo).

It could have been so easy if President Bush just pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, announced, "Game Over," and would have been remembered as a hero to the American people. Instead, we fight a war that cannot be won, only escalated, with no end in sight, and no one really remembers any more why we are fighting it. Syria, Iran, and all terrorist nations will keep flooding Iraq with plenty of insurgents to keep us busy, and try to take over a country in chaos, which we obviously cannot do. Will 2007 offer any change? Like I said from the beginning, 2007 is a '9' year, and closure is what it is about. I expect this new Congress to jump all over Bush with all the illegal actions he has taken, if he does not respond to 'leverage,' and pull the troops out. No one can talk to me about weapons of mass destruction or Sadam Hussein, as there never were any weapons, and Sadam is in custody, so why are we there? We are there to establish democracy in a country with an infinite flow of suicidal insurgents from every terrorist corner of the Globe. Sounds like a lose lose situation to me. IF they want democracy in Iraq, I say, let them fight for it, as we did during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

In any event, I'm optimistic about 2007, as I choose to be, as here I am safe in my motor home, and house by the lake secure in my environment and protected from the elements, and rowdy decisions made by cowboy Presidents with their own private agenda. I feel for those families who have son's and daughters in Iraq, as I have friends who sons are Marines and about to go over there. How is it we make a critical mistake in Viet Nam, and 35 years later we make the same exact mistake in Iraq. You think we would have learned from the Russian-  debacle in Afghanistan, but instead we go there too and end up spinning our wheels. Maybe one day people will realize that war is not the answer. They may also realize that when we go over there to find weapons of mass destruction, and there are none, then maybe we just pack up and go home.

Here are some of the things I visualize and pray happen in 2007:

1. World Peace, Pull out of Iraq.

2. More people fall in love, get married, and stay married.

3. Fewer people get divorced.

4. Hydrogenated Oils, and Mono Dygycerides become illegal.

5. More children have positive role models.

6. Higher Education comes down in price.

7. They come out with Electric Cars, (not hybrids).

8. They invent something that makes fat people thin with little or no effort and it's reasonable in price.

9. People gain more awareness and increased brain capacity.

10. People love their children more and make a point to spend time with them every single day.

11. People express their love to each other more every day.

12. People hug more.

13. We eat less meat, kill fewer animals.

14. We develop cosmetic lines that do not use animal products, same with household cleansers, perfumes, and detergents.

15. We are kinder to Horses and Greyhounds.

16. The U. S. Government and our leaders pay more attention to domestic problems and stop spending billions on foreign policies that don't work.

17. Income tax is abolished.

18. Property tax is abolished.

19. Families get along better and get closer.

20. People learn how to stay in touch with each other, and look up old friends from the past, just to tell them they love them.

21. We take care of ourselves and our loved one's better.

22. We recycle more, and try to preserve the environment.

23. We are alert and cognitive to obvious terrorist situations domestically, and do something about it, without removing the rights of Americans, and harassing them in the process.

24. We live everyday like it's Christmas.

25. We remember God as a daily part of our lives and love, and embrace the force of Light and Love to embellish our existence.

May God Bless you and Protect you and your family and the World in 2007

With Love

Farley Malorrus,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza to all my Readers. May God Bless you in 2007

Merry Christmas 2006

Happy Hanukkah 2006

Happy Kwanza 2006

Happy New Year 2007

"May God Bless you in all you do in 2007. May God protect you and your family to love, luck, laughter, prosperity, and great health in 2007. May you have the Merriest of Christmas' and the Happiest of New Years! May you be surrounded with loving, caring friends and family, and may you receive tons of hugs, smiles, laughter and joy during this the holiday season. Thank you so much for reading my journal this year and visiting my web site. Blessings to those of you who felt inclined to donate to our server! Every little bit helps! At this point I ignite a plume of Love Energy from beyond the infinite to sustain you, guide you, en gulf you, and empower you to self sufficiency, good health, incredible success, excellent support troops, and the confidence you need to succeed in whatever dream you may have or create. God Bless you a Billion times and God love you as I DO!

Thank you so much for dropping by to get your Christmas and New Year wish from me!
Always your bud.
Farley M. Malorrus 

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah, also, Happy NEW YEAR 2007!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Astral Projections, OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, OOBS, A Chapter from My book, Twilight's First Gleaming

Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, OOBS, a chapter out of my book, Twilight's First Gleaming By Farley Malorrus

Link to Book:

Link To Chapter:

Astral Projections

This topic, broadcast on August 3, 1987 describes how to leave your body, if you are spiritually qualified to do so.

This is a subject that is a how-to for you space invaders, or those who are curious to understand the relationship between the astral-body, the Soul and the physical body. It is a very mysterious and interesting subject, because not everybody has had conscious astral-projections. However, everyone does have astral-projections, nonetheless, every night when you go to sleep. The astral-body leaves the physical to charge up in the higher consciousness planes of existence in the pranic area, the God-force, during sleep. Every morning when you wake up, the Astral-body re-enters the physical. I've done some experimentation with this, and I'd like to say that you shouldn't do any experimenting with this without supervision.

This topic is the opinion of Farley Malorrus and no one else. I'm always interested in experiences and if you have experienced some astral-projection, then I'm interested in other techniques and the way you might have done it. Some people reading this might not believe in Astral-projection experiences. I do because I've been flying for many years now (without a plane) and it's fun to do Astral-projections. A couple of main things to be aware of in case you ever do attempt out of body experiences. You need protection, you need to protect yourself, actually your Soul, the higher part of yourself will really not allow you to Astral-project, unless your Soul or God-self (the higher part of yourself) feels that you are qualified. So if there is any fear at all in leaving your body or anything to be scared about, which might be out there, then you are not qualified to have an Astral-projection. That's why it's so hard if not difficult or impossible for the majority of the people you might meet to have conscious Astral-projection.

There are a few things you have to know, first; You are God, definitely an expression of the God-self or force. You are totally protected. All you are in essence is Love and Light and nothing can hurt or harm you especially beyond this dimension. So having Astral-projections or being qualified for out of body experiences is very interesting and fascinating considering that people just don't do it unless they are ready to, or qualify to, or unless they are highly evolved enough to have it.

Those of you who are into transcendental meditation and chanting would be more aware and familiar with Astral-projection, because it actually seems to be an automatic process that eventually comes as long as you look for it, and open yourself up to it. I'll give you an example; those of you into Zen Buddhism that would chant the Na-miyoho-renge-kyo or the Hari Krishna chant "Hari-Krishna, Hari-Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hari-Hari, Hari-Romma-Hari-Romma, Romma Romma, Hari, Hari." The transcendental meditation mantra, or perhaps other types of meditation mantra's, are able to center, ground, and relax the physical body to enable your chakra's to open. This allows for what we call the theater-state of consciousness, almost like a conscious dream state or sleep state, where you give yourself permission to have an Astral-projection in a limited fashion. People out there that can have regular, controlled Astral-projections are blessed powerful beings, and they should be respected, because frankly only the higher forms of human beings are qualified to have Astral-projections.

Of course we talk about Astrology as a powerful first step and opening of a spiritual awakening. It seems that once we are able to zero in on the astrological knowledge that lies in the intuitive mind, it gives us a door way or gateway to the Higher mind, which allows us to become more comfortable with our God-self, or Messianic-self, and the spiritual part of our nature. This allows us to become aware of certain powers that we have, such as the power of healing yourself and others, the power of grace, the ability to forgive ourselves and others. It is also the power of harmony with the ability to overcome Karma and obtain balance in your Soul. Powers like astral-projection, which isbasically flying, without planes, both in this dimension and beyond it. This is not a topic for beginner or for the squeamish, it is a good one to remember.

In Astral-projection, it is important to know about the different levels of the souls, the different activities and powers that we have as being part of God. There is no limitation of the God force as far as what we are capable of doing. In fact, the only limitations we have are what we have created in our minds. Anything in any dimension is a hallucination, except the God-force and Light which are synonymous. We tend to create this hallucination and the illusions that hold us back and tie us down. We walk around with an attitude of, ah! that's impossible, it could never happen! This is the type of dogmatic thinking that keeps you from reaching your highest potential, in God-consciousness and awareness. On the other hand, there are those of you who have an open mind. The Astrology Hour is dedicated to the open minded thinking and is really the basic reason why this show is here. We are not trying to shove anything down any ones' throat, we just throw out food for thought every day. As an open minded thinker I say that whatever you believe will come true and will in fact manifest. So if you visualize yourself flying through the ether and leaving your body, why, that has a lot to do with being able to do it. You have to make up your mind talk to yourself and convince yourself that it is possible to have astral flight, conscious projection away from the body. Also, you must give yourself permission.

In your meditation, or in your chanting, no matter what you chant, or meditate on, you must always include sayings like "I am one with God, I am one with the Universe and it is OK to leave my body"—just things like that. Of course you must absorb the aforementioned in order for your higher self and Spirit guides to assist you from the body spiritually to experience that Astral-projection. It may take longer than the 20 minutes that you meditate or chant, to have an Astral-projection. I often find that late at night during that heavy eyelid state, when it's hard to keep your eyes open, is when I love to meditate the most.

If you can meditate when you are your really tired or exhausted, then your body is already prepared for a casual state, a calm state, a stressless state, because it's trying to sleep and shut down, so your Astral-body and part of your Soul can leave and re-charge anyway. So when you feel yourself really tired, go into your TM state and before you say the mantras, use these phrases; I am protected by the light of God's love, I am one with God. I am one with the Universe, it is OK to leave my body. Then say your mantra, and every few minutes repeat that other phrase, to let your higher self and your Guides know that you are ready to leave, then you will be ready for what happens next. Of course people hear different kinds of stories such as the tunnel and the light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible for you to visualize that if this is what you believe you will see or manifest. For me, I just find myself, Boom! out of the body, before I know it I'm flying around the apartment, bursting through the roof. It's a funny feeling really, realizing that you are not breathing anymore when you leave your body, unless you are under the illusion that you are breathing, you are not really breathing in a physical sense. Then going through the roof, suddenly finding yourself out side without opening any doors is a lot of fun too.

You can go as far as the limitations of your mind can take you. When I saw the movie "Out on a Limb" where Shirley MacLane was actually projected (the experience of Astral-projection). She had to physically go up to Machu Picchu, take a hot bath up in one of the natural Jacuzzi baths, with candles lit in a meditative state. They then showed her having an astral-projection, but of course I don't have to go that far away. It is possible to manifest what you want depending on what you believe. If you believe it takes a trip to Picchu and a hot bath to have an Astro-projection, then that's what it might take. You might believe you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in the bedroom or a chair or what ever. It is usually important to lock the door and windows so you feel that your body is safe, when you do leave it. As you meditate you must give the self permission to project and remember that whatever is out there is good, positive wonderful and helpful to you. If you are a person who spends a significant amount of time seeing these trashy movies, like Friday the 13th, Poltergeist and movies likes Jason Lives or whatever, and you expect to find that on the other side then that might be one of the reasons that your Guides and you Higher self might not qualify or allow you to astro-project. They don't want you to scare yourself. There really is nothing out there that is evil unless you manifest it in my opinion, and that is why every time I have be blessed to have an Astral Projection.

What I have been confronted with has only been wonderful, positive and filled with Higher beings, extraterrestrials and people that I have known and loved who have gone into the light. Actually the Spirit of my ex-wife, my ex-mother-in-law and other wonderful things out there. I've flown all over Southern California, all over America, over the world actually. Astral-flight is the power of thought, power of the mind, so instead of going the speed of light, or speed of sound, you go at the speed of thought. That means you could find yourself on the Moon in seconds if you want, or on Mars. There is no limitation to the cord that connects you from your physical body to your astral-body.

There are only the limitations of your mind, that holds you down. Because once you are out there and you are projecting and you are flying and you start thinking of limitations, or you feel scared because you wonder if the cord is long enough then boom! you can find your self snapped back in the body. Because your Guides and your higher self will literally throw you back into the body, where they are protecting you. Sometimes they have to protect you from your own negative thoughts and manifestations. I got into all this stuff within one week of discovering Astrology and meditation. I was given the ability to Astro-project and experience visitation and greetings from some higher beings. That is why I've always looked back at astrology as a major focus, as a magical tool for spiritual re-birth. Within the same week that I got into knowing my natal chart, and understanding my planets, it was as if my Guides said well, this guy is qualified. He's at the level where he understands Astrology beyond Sun signs, let's go ahead and give him a trip for his money. That is why we talk about everything here, but we stress Astrology, spiritual awareness, metaphysics, absolution of the Soul, the Law of Karma, and such but because we are public supported, we depend on the people of Southern California to order our charts and services. Then we take those funds and pay for this show.

I think Astro-projection is fun and very healthy, it is wonderful because it helps you to overcome the illusion of separation and the feeling of loneliness, the feeling that you are kind of finite or sometimes people have the feeling of mortality. Many people who have died on the surgery table and then came back definitely experienced astro-projections and have shown that there is much more to life then the limitations that we sense.

In the book "The Science of Reincarnation" there is a chapter that discusses the birth process and it goes over how traumatic life in the womb is for the baby, being in that cramped space for 9 months. It's back all bent over in a bow and the gastric fire from the mothers' stomach, if she has an upset stomach, some women have a bacterial infection that could effect or hurt the baby. There is such a trauma in the womb that no wonder when we are born we are crying many times and sort of dumb founded. All that power and knowledge from past lives could be lost from the trauma of the birth process. I think Astro-Projection is a way to restore much of your eternal power.

As far as getting in touch with your reincarnational self, I've actually plugged into the Akashic stream when I've had some Astral-projections, regressed myself, and got in touch with some of my guides personally. I've discovered some tremendous knowledge in Astrology from meditation and astro-projection. Astro-projection is not the type of thing that I practice all the time or constantly. In fact, in my 38 years I've had about 25 total projections, although many mornings I wake up feeling I've just dove back into my body, and I recall the weight of the anchor that this body has. Because when you are Astro-projected you are weightless so you can fly and do a whole lot of things. You can visit people, but you can't do any unethical things because your higher-self prevents you from doing that.

Astro-Projection can be fun. I do advise you to pick up a couple of books on it, such as Projection of the Astro-Body at the Spectrum book shop. Just don't lay down and try it on your own because it does take a spiritually evolved and qualified being in order to have an Astro-projection. It can resolve many questions, certain problems, and make life seem sometimes trivial. When you get back from an Astro-projection you wonder why you let all this Earthly garbage gets you down. None of this stuff is that meaningful. All you need is love, all there is; is love, and we kind of complicate lives by creating all this illusion, the hallucination.

I have TONS of AUDIO TOPICS LIKE THIS, 180 in total, all CHANNELED, by Donation, so ENJOY, at !!!!!

Go there and treat your self to some fun!


Best Match and Worst Match in Astrology By Farley Malorrus

(Print out for reference)














Pisces: GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS, VIRGO is opposite.

Aries: CANCER, CAPRICORN, LIBRA is opposite.

Taurus: LEO, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO is opposite

Gemini: VIRGO, PISCES, SAG is opposite

Cancer: LIBRA, ARIES, CAPRICORN is opposite



Libra: CAPRICORN, CANCER, ARIES is opposite

Scorpio: LEO, AQUARIUS, TAURUS is opposite

Sagittarius: PISCES, VIRGO, GEMINI is opposite

Capricorn: ARIES, LIBRA, CANCER is opposite

Aquarius: TAURUS, SCORPIO, LEO is opposite

Rule #1 Opposites sometimes attract but not always

Rule #2 If you don't see a match then it is a neutral combination, and could go either way.

Rule #3 If there is LOVE, even signs that are not compatible could be happily married.

Rule #4 Nothing is written in stone when it comes to matters of the heart. This is just the basic chemistry of Astrology

Rule #5 Never do NOT marry or date someone just because I, or someone else says it is the worst sign for you, because some people NEED A CHALLENGE.

Rule #6 All kinds of combinations work together, and some do not. This is not only for Sun sign comparisons, but comparisons for ALL Planets in your chart.
Have fun with it! Happy Holidays from

Farley Malorrus,

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What Doesn't Kill us Only makes us Stronger By Farley Malorrus

Hope you are all having a nice weekend in this "Terrorist Elevated" time. Homeland security has decided to "up" the elevation to something I feel should be higher. Astrologically speaking the planets are not in a good space, and frankly, people are freaking out, getting the flu, breaking up, dealing with bad jobs, dying, losing pets, friends, moving, and not knowing what to do with the real estate they have, or when to sell or buy some new stuff.

A wise man once said, "This too shall pass," and I firmly agree with that. There is also a quote in the bible that says, "Be Still and know that I am God." I use that quite a bit when I'm freaking out and trying to make sense of the calamity and havoc around us. I don't think the terrorists need to do anything to freak us out, as from my point of view, people are pretty much losing it right now. There are so many single, lonely, frustrated, depressed people now, and how about all those in relationships and marriages who are also feeling lonely frustrated, and depressed. My goodness, it's Christmas and we should all be gathering together, hugging, and kissing each other laughing all the way, instead of playing 'bah hum bug,' and pretending we are clones of Ebonizer Scrooge!

I knew this was going to be a tough November, December and after the Cardinals won the World Series I battened down the hatches, paid my bills, took care of maintenance around the house, rig, car, with my pets, and tried like heck to do a fall cleaning. STILL, things started to hit the fan, one at a time, and the phone ringing off the hook. People who I thought were my friends disappeared and those who I didn't know were my friends showed up to bail me out. At this point, I'm happy to be healthy, happy, stable, content, and alone in  peace, and also, that my Dad is back to normal in his same old commander in chief mode!

All I want for Christmas is a few good friends, some laughs, some cheer, a few hugs, Peace on Earth, a visit from Santa, and that my friends, pets, and family be healthy for a while. I also pray that our troops be safe and returned home as soon as possible as there is no reason in my mind why we are over there, and I don't think our being there is going to change much at this time.

So, here's hoping you are surviving this wretched period of planetary tomfoolery, and that the ghost of Christmas past doesn't come knocking on your door for some advice. Here's also praying that people don't hugyou and love you to death, then kick you in your ass like some club from a Bi Polar Planet that forgot how to be loving and consistent. I'm not trying to be funny, but if you are chuckling it either means you've hit the Eggnog a bit too hard today, or that you relate to what it is like to live in a mental institution, even though you are not, right?

I've been feeling the need to be a hermit, but my neighbors and local friends feel the need to call and come over, which I do appreciate. I find when you try to hard to do things, some times they just don't work, and when you stop trying to do them, they just fall in to place, so I'm at the point where I've stopped trying to do things, and hoping they fall into place.
Let it be known that too many planets in one sign, Sagittarius, can be havoc for EVERYONE, and that we only have 5 days left for the current Moon Wobble, so if you experience setbacks, delays, disappointments, misfires, and balloons going 'pop,' you only have 5 more days to go, then Christmas and 2007 to deal with.

Have a great weekend for thought.
Farley Malorrus,

Friday, December 15, 2006

Astrology Explained: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL, and Beat the Saints or the Bears



Chargers over Saints in Super Bowl? Tomlinson or Rivers as MVP? Planets in a strange way, Colts and Sea hawks buckle...the world goes crazy...
By Farley Malorrus

Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto are running "Havoc" on Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo..Watch out for the flu! Also, with Venus in Capricorn now, and Sun, Mercury, and Mars headed there lots of people born in the 40's and 50's with Uranus in Cancer, and/or Neptune in Libra are being 'whacked' Karmically and in many ways. I would think that if you are Cancer, Libra, or Aries and having problems, it would be from Venus in Capricorn opposite the Cancer energy. Still, lots of health problems, accidents, money problems, financial issues, taxes, and relationship garbage hitting all at once. This is a time to chill out and try to stay healthy and at peace with the world. I was looking at all the planets lined up in Sagittarius and soon Capricorn and it gave me the chills when I saw Venus was opposite my Cancer planet Venus, and soon, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury will be there before the holidays are over. This has been one of the worse MOON WOBBLES I have ever seen on top of it all. I was SHOCKED to see the stock market hit a record today with all the planetary stress, and fear it may be temporary, as I worry about all real estate markets, money markets, stock markets, and non insured mutual funds, and investments through to March of 2007. The NFL Football playoffs are sure to be wild and unpredictable, but in the end I'm thinking either Baltimore Ravens or San Diego Chargers for the AFC, and the Chicago Bears, and the New Orleans Saints for the NFC. In a classic battle, I'm looking at the Chargers vs the Saints in the best Super Bowl ever (Or a defensive battle if it's the Bears vs the Ravens), but I LOVE the Chargers winning by a field Goal in the End (Or the Ravens over the Bears Big), and Ladainian Tomlinson as MVP. I'm sticking my neck 'way out' here, as Marty Shottenheimer has a history of choking in the playoffs, but I think "LT" will be enough for him. The Colts and the Sea hawks appear to be done with their peak, so too bad about them.

For the rest of us, we need to stop taking everything so serious. The tension is mounting for another terrorist attack, but I keep wondering who the terrorists are? Us or them? With what we are doing and all these innocent victims, I think War is never the answer. Let's hope we don't have a domestic incident during these wild and crazy planetary movements. What blows my mind, is the single 911 incident, then 'nothing.' It's almost unreal to me, that the terrorists wouldn't keep up the domestic pressure on us, if they were really a threat. It would create total havoc in the U.S. but nothing since 911....What's up with that? I don't get it, as I know homeland security is doing plenty to harrass our own citizens, and maybe scaring any potential terrorists. Still, let's hope nothing bad happens. I'm going to try and sail through these next 3 to 4 weeks and hope nothing bad happens aside from some emotional duress, and here I am having my 2nd Saturn cycle, (Oh boy!)

Well, that's the latest in the Planets. If you are a baby boomer and stressed out, try to relax and chill during this holiday as I don't wish you to freak out.
So many people are having problems, that I can't believe it.
I have a mantra I use to calm down.
When you find it all hitting the fan, try meditating on that.

I'll be on the 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob next Tuesday 12/19/06 for a year end look at all the planetary havoc, 9pm PST, so tune in if you can. The link is on the left, and as SPOCK use to say, "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!"

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Late Update on Dad, MIRACLE RECOVERY.. Prayers Worked, Out of Hospital, Thank YOU

Dad felt so good today, 91 years old, he WENT TO WORK!

Miracle Recovery, Dad Home, went to WORK today! Thanks all!

He even amazed his doctor who didn't think he could recover. The prayers from 100's of people do HELP! The power of the mind and the power of GOD do help!


Farley Malorrus



Explaining a Spiritual Experience Flash Presentation

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Symbiotic Relationship between the Body and the Soul by Farley Malorrus

Astrology Explained:


Symbiotic Relationship Between the Body and the Soul

By Farley Malorrus

The body of any living being, even an insect is a vehicle for energy and consciousness. Any body can be used by any type of soul for incarnation. An example would be a cow, or a dog, maybe a cat evolving to a vibration whereas they can live a human life and occupy a human body. Typically, I believe a soul must learn the basics of love, hence why I firmly believe lots of humans have souls of dogs, cats, and horses, as humans have relationships with these animals and therefore that is why people act like these animals. Their souls are merely dogs, cats, horses, and cows. The Hindu's believe in this process and call it 'trans migration.' Because I frankly believe all things are possible and do not limit my thinking or my consciousness to any boundary or border, I also believe this. The cows in India are very sacred and treated with tremendous amounts of love, hence the reason why many cows would incarnate as humans. Ironic, that humans in America particularly eat so much beef without literally blessing, or having respect for this animal when digesting it. On the same token, I also believe it is possible for a human to come back as a cow, if he loses the concept of love of self, love of family, love of man, and love of God. If he had abused eating beef or hunting animals recklessly, his 'karma' would be to come back as the animals hunted or slaughtered. That is why many Indian nations in the West, and the many tribal societies bless their food when they eat it, to show respect to the animals and the animals souls. Many people are carnivorous and show no respect to anything they eat.

Human babies have a specific vibration depending on date of birth, time of birth, city of birth, and genetics or family lineage. For a soul to occupy the body of a specific human baby they must have a vibration that is in synchronization to the baby being born, so that there life's karma is optimized. They also may have soul contracts to fulfill with other souls prior to birth and hence why they would choose a particular neighborhood, nation, economy, race, or religion.

It is quite easy for an extraterrestrial soul say from the Pleiades, the dog star, Sirius, or anywhere in the Universe or parallel Universe to occupy specific human babies, as they may be karma free, or 'bodhisattva,' giving them a dramatic edge in dharma (gifts and deeds), intelligence, star quality, charisma, plus body and facial style. That is the reason why we are so different, because our souls come from all over the animal kingdom, and extraterrestrial Universe and hence our uniqueness, even if born at the same time as another person  born in the same room.

It all has to do with vibration of the baby, and the Astrological vibrations affecting Earth at the moment of birth. This means that the LOVE VIBRATION of the SOUL must be in perfect synchronization with the LOVE VIBRATION of the baby or animal being born. This qualifies the soul to be born with a 'specific vibration, chart, or karma,' for it's life mission. If the vibration is low then the body that is taken by the soul may not have as great a potential or ease in life, (meaning a lot more karma, trials, tests, and maintenance to embrace authentic love, our Universal Mission) as the soul of a baby with a high vibration, who may seem to 'have it easy.'  The philosophy of "As Above, So Below," which is the basis to Astrological thought in that the baby is the 'EXACT' reflection of the Universe at the moment it takes it's first breath. The babies DNA is literally affected and encoded by the Astrological 'gravity' of the local Universe or the Solar System in which we live. That is it's cell circuit, natal chart, Karmic chart, or life destiny as far as how an Astrologer reads an individual considering other factors like race, religion, genetics, economic standing, and nationality. We define our "oneness," in the fact that we absorb the entire energy of the Universe at the moment of birth, so we are a reflection of the known and unseen Universe at birth and that is what empowers us. What makes us unique is the local Solar System, which defines identity considering the 8 Planets besides the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Eastern Horizon (called Rising) as the basic elements in our birth chart which are all very different from moment to moment. It takes the Sun 12 months to move through the 12 signs from our point of view, Mercury about 9 to 12 months, Venus about 10 to 12 months, Mars about 2 years, Jupiter 12 years, Saturn 29 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 120 years, and Pluto over 200 years. The rising sign or Eastern Horizon changes every 2 hours, and changes a degree every 4 minutes. The Moon changes sign once every 72 hours. So we find that the bodies are "charged" at birth and have a 'symbiotic' relationship with the soul, meaning that they work together in order to live out their lives. If a body is born without a soul it would be either still born, brain dead, or have nothing to animate it, meaning no souls were available for that particular vibration.

Extraterrestrial Souls, Angelic Beings, Reptilian Aliens, or beings from other planets find it fairly easy to travel to Earth without spaceships or worm holes, just by incarnation into a human or animal body. Have you ever felt your cat was from another planet or another dimension? They may be, in actuality an Alien Life Form. It is the natural state of the human ego (being top of the food chain),that makes us believe that there is nothing higher on the food chain than ourselves, and if it were, it would be quite obvious. The further Truth may be that evolved beings may not be in any 'food chain,' at all, as they may not need to ingest food as we do, nor eat other beings. Still, they would be more evolved than us and perhaps vibrate at a faster rate, so we might not even know they were there.

Many souls have a very low vibration and an extremely high ratio of karma, limiting the bodies they can occupy at birth. This makes for a difficult life, with lots of ordeal, trials, tests, challenges, and maintenance, in order for that soul to learn about LOVE, embrace their karma and obsessions and let go of them, in order to evolve to a higher vibration. If a soul evolves to a point of 'bodhisattva,' or Karma Free, void of obsession, needs, desires, wants, and goals, aside from their love and relationship to the center of all consciousness which is what we refer to as God, then they are given the option to transcend this realm and ascend into the light to a heavenly place, much like the Earth Realm but void of conflict, hate, obsession, desire, karma, and with a focus on the relationship to the love that is bestowed by the Great Spirit that we refer to as God. The human soul literally becomes 'weight less,' at death, if it is void of Karma, and the light is offered, otherwise they must remain in a limbo state awaiting another life with compatible vibration and karma, embrace a new Astrological vibration at birth, and become reborn in order to once again try to embrace Universal Love, God's Love and absolve their karma and desires.

Some of the babies with a very low vibration, due to economic status, genetics, poor family unity, or other disability like homelessness, being born in a war zone, or a 3rd World country are opened up to being reincarnated by some rather dark souls that barely have any love at all. It is assumed that some of the dark Extraterrestrial use these souls for incarnation, and that these same aliens and lost souls literally 'haunt' people in their lives who are vulnerable. Being vulnerable means usually that they are addicted perhaps to smoking, drinking, drugs, have no hope, no faith, no religion, no love, no belief in God, are very depressed, and because Love of self and Love of God is a common shield for humans, it leaves them vulnerable to being attached to by dark leech like souls who cannot incarnate because they are like lost, abandoned, and literally seemingly cursed to a point they cannot incarnate on this planet. These beings can Posses us and our children (Called Demonic Possession bythe Catholic Church), and create havoc in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Possessed humans, having up to 20 or 30 dark entities or dark leeches on their chakras (the Soul has 7 basic energy centers called chakras on the rear end, the spleen, the stomach, the heart, the throat, the forehead, and the brain.) These humans are seemingly out of control and would do anything from serial raping, serial killing, enhanced addiction, stealing, lying, cheating, manipulation, and just terrible things in order to attain their agenda. Prisons and mental hospitals are filled with these misunderstood creatures which is a simple matter of Exorcism and returning the love and spirit to the individual and a faith in God in order to clear their soul and chakras. Instead, we judge these people, try them, convict them, judge them, execute them, and lock them away without fully understanding the state of Dark Spirit that they are trapped in. One day the human race will have compassion to spiritually protect their children from these types of incarnations and/or possession, and the human race may one day be free of crime, and dysfunctional behavior. Until then, in our limited brain capacity, we choose to lock these people away, and blame THEM for their behavior which is not necessarily true.

The variety of souls that can come to Earth is unlimited by the vastness of the Universe and the trillions of souls that live in this realm and others in order to visit Earth whether it be for Karmic Absolution or simple investigation. Obviously, many of these souls come to Earth to love us, to teach us, to be role models, and sadly, it is these souls who are often misunderstood and eliminated as we see throughout history how so many have been killed or assassinated, or whose lives were somehow cut short.

It is my mission to serve as a role model of love of self, love of mankind, love of God, and embrace God in all it's glory with it's infinite possibilities and definitions, without being distracted by the many manipulative humans who have lived in World history trying to make humans feel small, limited, and helpless unless they believe in God a certain way or accept certain precepts, less they be condemned to eternal hell. I feel it is a simple attitude to love self, love God, and be open minded to the possibilities of a heavenly realm being millions of times more blissful than the Earth Realm.I believe I have seen the Heavenly Realms in my dreams and my meditations, and I agree that it is at least one million times more blissful than Earth, but we need to earn our place with a particular vibration of bodhisattva, or Karma free.

It is very confusing and complicated for humans to figure things out, because there is so much information to weed through when pondering the mysteries of the Universe. Not only are we overwhelmed with religion, philosophy, patriotism, and politics; but we are also manipulated by those whom are not what they seem to be, meaning Priests, Presidents, Friends, Spouses, neighbors, or whomever we may meet who may not really be a pure soul, but who may have had intervention by a dark soul, or extraterrestrial leeches.

That is why I choose to keep an open mind, not form any bottom lines, try to read people as to whether their soul and heart are pure, avoid those who are not, if I cannot reach them, and embrace the belief of a God Force with the infinite optimism, and open mindedness that I feel an eternal deity of love deserves.

I hope my post today answered some of your questions, and I suggest you read it over, copy and paste it, print it out, and digest it to understand life on Earth that much better. I enjoy channeling this information as I feel it can be beneficial to many in the long run.

Farley Malorrus,

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As with all CANCERS, President Bush being Slammed with SAGITTARIUS ENERGY By Farley Malorrus

President Bush being Tested Astrologically

By Farley Malorrus

Frankly, the 5 PLanets plus the Sun in Sagittarius this week is very uncomfortable for Cancer and Taurus, because they are at 150 degrees away from Sagittarius, we call that a quincunx in Astrology, so ALL PEOPLE with Taurus and Cancer energy could feel like they are in the Twilight Zone at this time due to  all the quincunx action going on. I for one feel like I'm being bombarded as my Venus is in Cancer, My Dad is a Cancer, and My aunt Bessie Malorrus (Who passed away this morning, God rest her soul), is someone who was littered with Cancer and Taurus energy in her horoscope. My Dad has 4 planets plus the Sun in Cancer and I'm happy to report he is doing better (Thanks for all your prayers) and supposedly leaving the hospital tomorrow. Still, this month is trying for someone like George Bush who is on the hot plate with the War, and one wonders why he just doesn't 'pull the plug,' and order the troops out. All this red tape, all this negotiation, all this speculation, all this talk of Civil War, all this worrying, won't do a thing until it's too late, and we can't be pulled out because our troops either get overrun or nuked.

(Overrun, as in "See Viet Nam")(Nuked as in, YES, I believe the Terrorists could very possibly have ALL Our troops targeted, with only one Nuclear Weapon needed, and make a huge statement by wiping out our entire force over there. I don't like to predict such things but since 911, I am a realist)

(Also, I feel the President could be a HERO if he pulled us out now, and public opinion on him SOAR, or he could be a terrible GOAT if something terrible happened to the troops, like ALL Of them) It is only the American Militaries ego that prevents them from accepting the possibility of the enemy using a Nuclear Weapon or two against our troops. There are plenty of Nuclear Weapons unaccounted for floating around the black market, and tons of anger, resentment, bitterness, and vengeance towards our troops due to the over 750,000 Iraqi dead, so I expect ANYTHING at this point. Pull the plug, get the troops out now!

My opinion, and please because there are supposedly 6 or 7 layers of separation between us all, SOMEONE TELL THE PRESIDENT, "Farley said to PULL THE PLUG, and just PULL OUT!"

It's a simple thing. You call the commandinggeneral of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, or the Secretary of Defense, and say, "Get our Troops out of there NOW!" That seems easy to me.

Now, if anyone ever wondered about this current Moon Wobble that started 11/22/06 and will end 12/21/06 approximate and all the confusion, setback, and disappointment included in this planetary aspect along with the very odd assortment of 6 things in one sign, now you know.
I hope you are having a good week and a good holiday season amongst this Astrological Storm.

God Bless you all.


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Monday, December 11, 2006

THE TRUTH ABOUT ALIENS....What Does Alien Intervention Mean? By Farley Malorrus

Specifics of Extra Terrestrial Intervention

By Farley Malorrus

When an Alien race interferes with human beings or any species of animals, or insects, here are some of the ways they do it:

1. Literally artificially insemination our females with altered sperm, which can be alien sperm, alien hybrid sperm, or any kind of medical pattern that they design or require. The levels of DNA manipulation by Alien races can alter human intellect, physique, eye color, hair color, longevity, allergies, chronic ailments, child bearing factors, and in advanced cases literally design the life path for an individual. Charisma and star Quality can also be added.

2. An Alien (some species) can shape shift to appear to be someone who is dead or who had died, or been killed by them or others. The Alien therefore would replace his or her life, and be a copy, or duplicate. Many people may already be clones, or copies of the originals who had been abducted and replaced.

3. Alien Intervention might mean altering a man's sperm so that the DNA is enhanced depending on what the result desired.

4. The time frame we live in is sometimes 100 times faster than the vibration of many Alien races who come in from other dimensions, at a much higher wavelength. This gives them an opportunity to monitor, inspect, examine, and do pretty much whatever they wish to us, as we appear in slow motion to them, and don't even know they exist except for any aches and mystery pains we feel, or other such 'sensation,' triggered by contact with them.

5. Pet behavior is many times a sample of contact with Alien life forms, as dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and mice would react if an Alien life form were in the room with odd behavior. You can usually tell there is a life form in the room if you feel an unusual breeze, unusual heat, your own temperature changes, or blood pressure, your heart races, and you feel flushed or embarrassed. To them even though we are much less evolved then they, we are seen as a beautiful race and they love goggling at us, even though they think we don't know it. I frankly don't like to be naked or do many intimate things unless I'm covered, if I feel their presence.

6. Mental institutions are filled with 1,000's of people who have had vivid intense contact with Alienraces. The Doctors and psychiatrists misdiagnose and ignore much of what patients tell them concerning abductions, or contact with Aliens. Instead, they are diagnosed as having a disorder, and many institutionalized.

7. Many people who have sensed these beings, and even had contact with them, like the negative Aliens, may have been inclined to commit crimes, so Prisons are also filled with many who have been altered, controlled, or manipulated by Alien races.

8. In short, human beings are like pets in a zoo, or a laboratory, completely oblivious to the existence of many varied species of evolved beings from different planets, and dimensions, constantly being studied, abducted, cloned, copied, breed, and interfered with by these beings. At this point I firmly believe ALL OF WORLD HISTORY, and much of our religious training is a focal point of how we have been manipulated into believing, thinking, embracing, or dedicating ourselves to certain beliefs, so that we can be held blind to the truth, and focused on a lie. Lately, I realize that I have been channeling tremendous amounts of information for my readings about Alien and Extra Terrestrial intervention to our Planet, and I am assuming it is time for this information to come out and be documented. I never question why I channel what I channel,when I channel it, or why I channel it, as I just figure my readers or 'whomever,' is ready to hear what I have to say on this subject.
I was born in Missouri, the "Show Me State," and never really swallowed anything anyone ever taught me about anything, because I always felt human beings were limited in their awareness and thinking, and that there was so much more to life than we could ever imagine. Along the lines, of my vivid dreams, my vivid 'burning bush,' type meditations, and my vivid experiences, I feel that this Alien Intervention information that I have been channeling in my journal and on the 'X' Zone Radio Show, is valid, and critical for opening our minds, and understanding what we are dealing with on this planet.

We as a people, should join together to acknowledge this 'invasion,' and 'intervention,' and stop fighting amongst each other (War is how they make us fight,  as they wish us to involve ourselves in violence with our own race, to be distracted from them.) This way as a people, united, as one, we could lift our consciousness with love and a family of man type energy, and look for these windows of truth, thatreveal the fact we as a species are being terribly manipulated by these many Alien species of beings and I would think that as a race, we would prefer not to be interfered with. At least, we would be able to understand our Wars, our history, our technology, our evolution, the missing link, the explanations of God and religions, where science came from, where life came from, along with the billions of species of life that has existed on Earth for 500 million years.

Happy Holidays to you all and God Bless you!

Farley Malorrus,

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ALIENS EXPLAINED: Aliens, Extraterrestials and Earth History By Farley Malorrus

Aliens Among Us...Part II
Some Facts about E.T.'s, logic, and Common Sense.

by Farley Malorrus

Catholic Definition of Elohim:


Catholic Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

Elohim is the common name for God. It is a plural form, but "The usage of the language gives no support to the supposition that we have in the plural form Elohim, applied to the God of Israel, the remains of an early polytheism, or at least a combination with the higher spiritual beings" (Kautzsch). Grammarians call it a plural of majesty or rank, or of abstraction, or of magnitude (Gesenius, Grammatik, 27th ed., nn. 124 g, 132 h). The Ethiopic plural amlak has become a proper name of God. Hoffmann has pointed out an analogous plural elim in the Phoenician inscriptions (Ueber einige phon. Inschr., 1889, p. 17 sqq.), and Barton has shown that in the tablets from El-Amarna the plural form ilani replaces the singular more than forty times....................

Many people have enjoyed the many topics I have channeled on Extra Terrestrials beings. Here are some points in case you missed anything.

1. Aliens have been intervening with Earth for at least 500,000,000 (Half a Billion) years since life first appeared.

2. Earth has been a breeding ground of life by many Alien Races mainly to bring extinct species here, to make hybrids, clones, or derivations of different species.

3. For many millions of years the Dinosaurs were used as sport by many hostile races to come to Earth and hunt them, for the odds were so great it was exciting for them. This was during a time where extremely evolved upright Reptilian Aliens with wings (Much like small Dragons) dominated Earth History and the animals and plant life here. Many believe the Velociraptors and all Raptor species to be of high intelligence capable of understanding technology.

4. Human Ego prevents most humans from accepting the possibility that they have been here all along, mostly undetected, and that they can easily alter their vibration by a fraction and appear invisible to us, our technology, our telescopes, radar, or any kind of detection. This is normal for most Alien races to remain nearly invisible to us.

5. If you had ever thought you saw 'someone,' out of the corner of your eye, you have merely seen an Alien Being in your room, monitoring you. Many humans have been abducted, billions in fact, but because they can bend time; what seems like hours to us would be only seconds to them. Humans are in denial as to the existence of these beings even though most humans alive today are the result of DNA altercation and have Alien DNA in their blood. 

6. The Jewish people were chosen long ago by a very advanced race of Aliens, called the Elohim, or "Luminaries," Whom humans refer to as Angels, Apostles, Disciples of God and such. The Jewish People were enhanced mentally by the Elohim, and the Dark Skinned, or African humans were manipulated sexually (enhanced), physically (Size and strength), and intellectually. The Jewish people and the African people are like children of the Elohim, and are a brother race to each other.

7. The good races of Aliens are the Reptilian Dragons, the Human Aliens, the Luminaries (Elohim), the upright Bulls/Cows (Minotaurs), and the Upright Lions.  The dark races of Aliens are the Insectoids, the Greys, the Demons, and rebel Minotaurs.

8. We find the Dark races use our cattle for experimentation, and humans for experiments.

9. All the Alien races have cross bread their DNA or cloned humans since the beginning of human history. Many very famous people throughout history have been Luminary hybrids, human Alien Hybrids, or Reptilian Hybrids. There are some negative Reptilians called 'the Snakes,' who are not very nice.

10. It is believed that many 'missing persons,' are abducted and or killed by these Alien races during their experiments or taken off planet, or out of the dimension.

11. There is no limit to the power of some of these Alien races, as their technology may be 1 million years or more beyond ours, and Spiritually, the Elohim (Luminaries) for example are God like in their actions, because they all have Christ like consciousness, or they are all ONE WITH GOD, and know it.

12. The mission of the Luminaries (Angels) is to have Love, Peace, and higher consciousness reign on Earth. Many millions of humans have Luminescent DNA and that is why they are influenced by such things.

13. The Mission of the Insectoids, Demons, Greys, and other dark Aliens would be to enslave Earth and it's people, and/or exterminate them, or reinvent their DNA towards a more insect, demon, or Grey expression. The negative Aliens would rather destroy the Planet and all life on it, rather than give it to the Luminaries. The Luminaries are quite powerful and have telekinesis, and telepathy, so whenever a conspiracy for destruction, or doom is imagined, they intervene to prevent it.

14. Many of the Wars, bloodshed, holocaust, and other non mentionable horrible parts of Earth history have directly been caused by the Insectoids and Demon Aliens, as they thrive on War and Death, hence the reason why once a war is started, many World leaders are hesitant to stop the war or pull out of a country they invade, due to the negative influence, manipulation, and altered DNA of these World Leaders.

15. There were mass abductions during, and after World War II, when their plan to eliminate the "chosen" (The Jewish Race) instigated by their prime agent, Adolph, and prevented by the luminaries giving technology to the allies including helping them build the Atom Bomb. There will always be those who wish to destroy the Jewish people and the Christians because they realized these people have been enhanced genetically. There is so much going on during the history of this planet that it is very hard to unfold the whole thing in one journal entry, but suffice it to say that 'nothing is as it seems.' 'No one is who they seem.' 'You can't believe anything you see or hear,' and you 'shouldn't limit your belief systems to anything you have read, heard, or been taught. One thing is for sure, there is mass mind control going on, and besides all the billions of hybrids and Alien genetically altered humans walking around, I am firmly convinced that some of these races can literally "possess" people, anytime they want and get them to do whatever they want, including a President. I am also firmly convinced that if there were a test to prove whether someone was human or Alien, that we would find millions and millions of them (Shape shifting is part of some of their technology, so they could easily appear to look human), are living right next to us, among us, married to us, dating us, having sex with us, and sleeping with us. It is a HUGE MISTAKE to deny the existence of these beings at they are all far above us in the food chain, and it is our own Human Ego that prevents us from embracing that they exist. Instead, like a bunch of monkeys, we sit and wait for them to 'land in flying saucers,' when they have been more a part of this planet the last 1/2 billions years than we have or any other species.

16. Many believe that the Elohim abducted Mary and Joseph and implanted Mary with the Baby Jesus, who is in fact an Elohim (Angel) and Son of God as close as we can get in human form. The Resurrection also was a result of the Elohim intervention to preserve the Messiah, and send a message of hope, love, and peace. The mystical Jewish Sect called the Essenes, who wrote the "Dead Sea Scrolls," was intimately involved with the Elohim, and may have had something to do with the training of the Christ during his 'missing years.' The Jews were chosen when Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were initially abducted, and all during the enslavement to Egypt. The miracles of Moses during the Exodus, the writing of the Old Testament, "The 5 Books of Moses," "The Burning Bush" experience, and the 10 commandments,  were all products of the Angelic Elohim, who are most closely aligned to the Judao/Christian belief of God as a God of love and mercy. People have been jealous of this power endowed upon the Jewish people, the "chosen ones," ever since it was publicized in the bible that they were chosen. The separatism began, and ever since the evil ones have been trying to erase this blessed act the Elohim bestowed upon the Jewish people by trying to exterminate them, even though much culture, knowledge, music, medicine, science, invention, technology, philosophy, and concepts of love, family, and culture come from the Jewish People. Later on in my journal I will try to explain more of the many interventions that have happened to this planet and all of the people on it, as the American Indians, the Aztec, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Norse, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mesopotamia, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, the people of Mu, and so many other civilizations have all been tampered with by Extraterrestrial intervention.

Farley Malorrus,

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Further Notes on the "Elohim," and the Word "Yahweh," taken from the Internet....


The oldest remaining beings in our universe originated about halfway out from the center of our universe, also known as the Great Central Sun. This are is where most of the life is. One of the groups looked around and decided that if they wanted to propagate their species, it would be better to do it outside their established area. So they looked around, secretly, in the outer perimeter of the universe, and found Earth.

By the way, these people halfway out from the center of the universe are human. They are human beings, although they are quite different. They are very respected by other beings in the universe, and the beings around them. After trying to propagate their species in the area of the universe around them, they looked for an area with less interference.

The name given to these non-Earth humans by the ancient Hebrews is the name Elohim, which means "those who came from the sky."

This group of human beings is one of the most advanced group of beings in the universe. They are responsible for the generation of not only life on this planet, but of human beings on this planet. They have been involved ever since the first human was here, in a kind of genetic manipulation, so that the human beings here could result in the capacity of human beings to survive better in the physical universe.

This group of human beings is very advanced, and they have advanced to a point where they believe they have proven that there is no spiritualdirective as we know it, with a conscious God. They believe that they are the result of wiser beings who have created them, just as they have created others. They feel this way because life iseternal, and has always existed. However, the conceptofinfinity and no beginning is difficult for earth humans to understand.

At a certain point the Earth humans created a kind of evolution which was spurned by this group. By the way, they have started life here on Earth several times before, and all the previous attempts have failed.

Throughout history, the Elohim have come to Earth. They came to Earth at different times, to different cultures, and they heavily influenced these cultures throughout history. They were thought to be the Gods and spirits and so forth of the many existing religions which exist today. The Elohim heavily influenced these religions along a moral structure to help the people of this Earth survive successfully and viably. Therefore, when this didn't work, it became political influence to help establish order. Still, to this day, the Elohim are involved in Earthly matters.

They have manipulated Earth humans and have created Earth humans with a larger brain capacity, with the hopes that the Earth humans would have superior intelligence and that they would be able to continue the species. However, the full brain capacity is not yet fully used.

Back on the Elohim planetary system, they conducted a kind of contest. They invited scientists (artists, sort of) to participate. A certain scientist won the contest. Many worlds were populated with humans as a result. However, there are only three worlds populated with humans left today. The Elohim, the Earth, and the star system known as the Pleiades.

Some Earth humans have had their first incarnations as Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are a very spiritual group of people. This contrasts with the Elohim.


The name of the scientist who won the contest to introduce human life was named Yahweh. A human being, just like you, but a little different. This is not to say that there is no spiritual reality, because thereis. One of the different functions of your greater brain capacity was that which enables you to become cognizant of a non-physical spiritual reality. They had no idea that the greater brain capacity would create a sort of quantum leap, so to say, in the way consciousness functions. And this enables you to experience a spiritual reality, which was undefinable to the Elohim, so to speak.

This will later be a revolution to the Elohim. As you become a people who are better able to understand spiritual reality you will be able to relay it the Elohim.

The spiritual reality became confused. As Earth humans evolved and came to be aware of a spiritual reality, the Elohim stepped in and said, "We are they," so that they could guide humans.

This is nothing new. This has happened over and over throughout time, with more advanced beings stepping in to proclaim that they are Gods.

Link to this information:

More information on Aliens and U.F.O.'s