Friday, December 15, 2006

Astrology Explained: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL, and Beat the Saints or the Bears



Chargers over Saints in Super Bowl? Tomlinson or Rivers as MVP? Planets in a strange way, Colts and Sea hawks buckle...the world goes crazy...
By Farley Malorrus

Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto are running "Havoc" on Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo..Watch out for the flu! Also, with Venus in Capricorn now, and Sun, Mercury, and Mars headed there lots of people born in the 40's and 50's with Uranus in Cancer, and/or Neptune in Libra are being 'whacked' Karmically and in many ways. I would think that if you are Cancer, Libra, or Aries and having problems, it would be from Venus in Capricorn opposite the Cancer energy. Still, lots of health problems, accidents, money problems, financial issues, taxes, and relationship garbage hitting all at once. This is a time to chill out and try to stay healthy and at peace with the world. I was looking at all the planets lined up in Sagittarius and soon Capricorn and it gave me the chills when I saw Venus was opposite my Cancer planet Venus, and soon, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury will be there before the holidays are over. This has been one of the worse MOON WOBBLES I have ever seen on top of it all. I was SHOCKED to see the stock market hit a record today with all the planetary stress, and fear it may be temporary, as I worry about all real estate markets, money markets, stock markets, and non insured mutual funds, and investments through to March of 2007. The NFL Football playoffs are sure to be wild and unpredictable, but in the end I'm thinking either Baltimore Ravens or San Diego Chargers for the AFC, and the Chicago Bears, and the New Orleans Saints for the NFC. In a classic battle, I'm looking at the Chargers vs the Saints in the best Super Bowl ever (Or a defensive battle if it's the Bears vs the Ravens), but I LOVE the Chargers winning by a field Goal in the End (Or the Ravens over the Bears Big), and Ladainian Tomlinson as MVP. I'm sticking my neck 'way out' here, as Marty Shottenheimer has a history of choking in the playoffs, but I think "LT" will be enough for him. The Colts and the Sea hawks appear to be done with their peak, so too bad about them.

For the rest of us, we need to stop taking everything so serious. The tension is mounting for another terrorist attack, but I keep wondering who the terrorists are? Us or them? With what we are doing and all these innocent victims, I think War is never the answer. Let's hope we don't have a domestic incident during these wild and crazy planetary movements. What blows my mind, is the single 911 incident, then 'nothing.' It's almost unreal to me, that the terrorists wouldn't keep up the domestic pressure on us, if they were really a threat. It would create total havoc in the U.S. but nothing since 911....What's up with that? I don't get it, as I know homeland security is doing plenty to harrass our own citizens, and maybe scaring any potential terrorists. Still, let's hope nothing bad happens. I'm going to try and sail through these next 3 to 4 weeks and hope nothing bad happens aside from some emotional duress, and here I am having my 2nd Saturn cycle, (Oh boy!)

Well, that's the latest in the Planets. If you are a baby boomer and stressed out, try to relax and chill during this holiday as I don't wish you to freak out.
So many people are having problems, that I can't believe it.
I have a mantra I use to calm down.
When you find it all hitting the fan, try meditating on that.

I'll be on the 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob next Tuesday 12/19/06 for a year end look at all the planetary havoc, 9pm PST, so tune in if you can. The link is on the left, and as SPOCK use to say, "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!"

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