Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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(The following is a joke, not intended to be taken as truth or reality. It is merely sarcasm used to make fun of Neil Warren and the dating site, eharmony.com. I am in no way endorsing this site or impeaching Mr. Warren. I am just having fun with the entire idea of win or lose dating)

(I thought selective breeding was reserved for the Nazi's and Adolph Hitler...I guess Neil Warren believes in selective breeding, that's why he rejects millions to his online dating site)
E HARMONY DISCRIMINATES BIG TIME, so where's the Harmoney? Neil Warren's Bank Account.
By Farley Malorrus

How would you like to get rejected? Do you know the feeling? Have you ever been in love, then dumped by someone you trusted? Just log on to eharmony.com and take the test, then after 30 to 45 minutes hard work and revealing a part of yourself you'd only tell to the F.B.I. you get a friendly little tag at the end that basically says, "Sorry, but eharmony find 1 out of 5 unsuitable for love and committment," or something like that.
Imagine, a dating site that REJECTS YOU, before you even meet anyone? Talk about a broken heart. I have a question about why they reject gay people, maybe those who are too old, bald, who drink, smoke, tell white lies, lie about their age, or just act human! Who does Neil Warren think he is? Someone who thinks he is a Psychologist and that gives him a license to steal and reject those who he deems unfit for love?
This is a guy who is an evangelical Christian who pretends to Love Jesus on the one hand, but reject so many of God's children (us) on a daily basis.
So, I take the test about 10 to 15 times, and try answering the questions randomly, not even trying, then I try to answer it the best way I can to be a 'good boy,' so I can be accepted, but NO, I GOT REJECTED WITH 10 EMAIL ADDRESSES 10 times in a row. There is NO WAY I CAN GET INTO EHARMONY, and I Cannot even buy my way into it, or bribe my way into it. IF eharmony doesn't want you, no way you are getting in.
It's almost like applying for a job, you know you can't get.
What exactly do they want? Barbie and Ken dolls? DO they actually match your name to some world wide data base that shows you are a loser, a felon, a divorced person, that you are gay, or that you have mental or emotional illness? Who the heck do these Warren people think they are the 4th Reich? I'm not presuming they would reject us then kill us, but face it, if the World were like the Warrens, then those of us who failed would not be allowed to mate, and the rest of the World would be left to selective breeding.
I say NO TO EHARMONY, that is be illegal, and that Neil Warren and his wife be convicted of fraud, discrimination, gay bashing, and literally fascist behavior when it comes to finding love on the internet. Sorry, If I 'gag' when I see some of his 40 to 80 million dollars worth of commercials the last couple of years, used to bait the Christian Barbie and Ken dolls out of society onto their site, and dump on the rest of us.
Want to fall in lover, RUN AWAY from eharmony.com.
It's a Joke, get it, a Joke!