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Astrology for Dummies By Farley Malorrus

The Magnetic Traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs

By Farley Malorrus


Gets along best with other fire, LEO, and Sag. Does not get along with Cardinals signs Cancer and Capricorn. Is opposite Libra, so could go either way. Rules the Head, Childhood, eyes, teeth, brain, hair, nose and everything above the neck. Acts most like a kid, is typically honest, and like a freight train when excited. Planet Ruler is Mars. Can be quite sexual. This sign may make the best soldier, construction worker, dedicated friend, lover, partner, someone you can count on. They volunteer to help and donate more than the other 12.


Gets along best with other Earth, Virgo, and Capricorn. Does not get along with Fixed signs Leo, and Aquarius. Is opposite Scorpio so could go either way. Rules the neck, throat, larynx, and any part of the neck area. Is very materialistic, and thinks most of all signs about money and assets. Can be very stubborn, passionate, and likes physical contact. The hugging sign. Can be very sensual and romantic even aggressive sexually. Sometimes too stubborn. Taurus aggression is ruled by the charging Bull, so sometimes they may need to learn to be more gentle, more communicative, and less physical when upset with people.


Gets along best with other Air Signs, Aquarius and Libra. Does not get along with other Mutable Signs, Pisces and Virgo. Is opposite Sagittarius, so could go either way. Rules the hands, arms, chest, breasts, and upper torso. Talks a lot typically and is very communicative and brain oriented. May think and talk too much. Psychology and Mental Illness is ruled by Gemini. Very open minded sexually, and even open to alternate lifestyles more than most signs. Known to be more open minded, and flexible.


Gets along best with other Water Signs, Pisces and Scorpio. Does not get along with other Cardinal Signs, Aries and Libra. Is opposite Capricorn, so can go either way. Rules the stomach, digestive tract, breasts, and middle torso. Typically quite emotional, but acts tough, however very sensitive and adoring of cute things, pets, and babies. The most maternal sign, nurturing, nourishing, and likes to cook and eat more than most. Taste buds usually enhanced. Could be over sensitive, have a temper, and usually expresses feelings quickly, or eventually. Sexually, it depends on their mood, but could be very passionate and actually trance out when in love.


Gets along best with other Fire Signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Does not get along with the Fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius. Is opposite Aquarius so it could go either way. Leo rules the heart, back, spine, and structure of the body. Watching cholesterol and stress level is critical to this sign. Like a Lion very protective of family, children, and embraces concept of father, also quite paternal. Can be your best friend if happy, or your worst enemy if rifled. Leo's need love and respect, and if they don't get it, they may not stick around. They think they are royalty, hence the way they act. They are typically funny and love humor and to laugh, and hate being upset, uncomfortable or angry, so will do what's necessary to get out of it. Quite charming people, they love sex and physical contact, as love making is ritualistic and intoxicating to them. Very similar to the exotic jungle cats. IF humble, they make the best leaders. If not humble, they make the biggest jerks.


Gets along with other Earth Signs, Capricorn and Taurus. Does not get along with the Mutable Signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Is opposite Pisces so could go either way. Virgo rules the intestines, and lower digestion. For this they can be quite anal. Virgo is detail oriented and health conscious, and this sign rules medicine, doctors, surgery, and pets. They make good mechanics, doctors, surgeons, accountants, and anything that deals with details or figures. They are typically 'neat freaks.' They are also very open minded to alternate lifestyles and figuring out what love is. (Can you do that?) They need more fiber than the rest of us, and hold their stress in their lower guts. Romantically they tend to analyze too much, and may be too much in their head and not their heart or groin. For that reason, many Virgos are conservative, and patient when it comes to love, but will surrender and be like unto a love slave if dedicated. Virgo can turn love and passion on and off, much like a Scorpio. They can be the best lovers, or the most celibate.


Gets along with other Air Signs, Gemini and Aquarius. Does not get along with other Cardinal Signs, Capricorn and Cancer. Is opposite Aries, so it could go either way. Libra is the justice part of the zodiac, and rules law, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, counseling, balance, harmony, and peace. They are the most charming and sometimes beautiful of the 12 signs, but may be the most deceptive, manipulative and liars of the group also. An honest Libra is hard to find, but they are special. Libra rules the kidneys, and urinary tract, so plenty of water is important. Romantically they may be the best in all areas, if they are being honest with you and giving you a good shot. Making love to a Libra can be like a dream, if it lasts. Many attorneys, judges, politicians, and con artists have Libra in their horoscopes, along with salesmen, car salesmen, and infomercial actors.


Gets along with other Water Signs, Cancer and Pisces. Does not get along with other fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius. Is opposite Taurus, so it could go either way. Scorpio is the passion and compassion we feel. Whereas Cancer is emotion, Scorpio is deeper emotion and repressed emotions. The most loyal, direct, intense, and caring of the 12 signs, they are either euphoric and open, or frighteningly quiet and repressed. It is best to vent your emotions if you are Scorpio, so they don't eat you up. This sign is open minded typically to occult, sacred, secretive, or ancient knowledge and has a knowing as to what is true and what is not. On the other hand, if not open to Occult sciences, they may be deeply religious bordering the fanatic. This sign is either the most sexual or the most repressed and celibate of all 12 signs. They tend to overwhelm their partners when they try to show the full brunt of their feelings. Most signs can't handle that, so Scorpio needs to control their feelings.


Gets along with other Fire Signs, Leo and Aries. Does not get along with the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces. Is opposite Gemini, so it could go either way. Sagittarius is a warm, loving, caring, compassionate sign, that loves sports, activities, horses, travel, philosophy, open mindedness, and peace. This sign rules independence, freedom, and revolution to obtain same. The liver and hips are the part of the body ruled by Sagittarius, and many Sagittarius have pronounced or very attractive back sides. The main problem with Sag is if they get uncomfortable or upset, they may bolt or need 'space.' Romantically, they may be the most promiscuous and therefore more prone to sexual diseases (Next to Scorpio), so should be most selective and learn to settle down with one person. They are also quite passionate and physical and may need to watch out for sexual addiction. They also love to eat and sometimes over indulge. A happy Sag is quite entertaining, and often funny, and an upset Sag may be quite disruptive and often times loud.


Gets along with other Earth Signs, Virgo and Taurus. Does not get along with the Cardinal Signs, Aries and Libra. Is opposite Cancer so could go either way. Capricorns are the 'good guys' of the zodiac, but could become quite obnoxious and disruptive if their agenda is not in line (Nixon). They are success and career oriented, typically hard workers, underpaid, with a very dry sense of humor and ruled by the knees, skin, and bones. Typically the most honest of all the signs, but there is nothing worse than a Capricorn who is lying or cheating. Loyal, dedicated, authentic, and prone to drinking alcohol more than most signs, also somewhat over indulgent. Very passionate romantically and lustful in fact. Sex may be fantastic with a Capricorn if they have a heart.


Gets along with the other Air Signs or Gemini and Libra. Does not get along with the other Fixed Signs, Taurus and Scorpio. Is opposite Leo, so it could go either way. Aquarius is witty, smart, mental, communicative, pondering, and calculating in how they approach life. They are hot and cold and are either with you or against you, and this may change from day to day. This sign rules break up, divorce, accidents, lightning, sudden change, and diversity. It also rules humanity and humanitarians. They are the most passionate and most celibate of all signs, and depends on the day as to what their mood romantically will be. Many Aquarius women are well endowed in the breast area, along with their Gemini counterparts. This sign may be the smartest and the most stubborn, so be advised. Aquarius rules the ankles, shins, and circulation.


This sign may be the best sign as it may have the attributes of all the other 12. Pisces gets along with other Water Signs, of Scorpio and Cancer. It does not get along with other Mutable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. It is opposite Virgo, so it could go either way. This sign is emotional, dreamy, intuitive, psychic, trance like, loves music, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and tends to be most prone to drugs and marijuana, (Marijuana is most widely used by Leo's) Pisces must avoid escapism or risk oblivion, as Spirituality is their strength, or religion, and falling back on God may be their saving grace. Pisces rules the feet and basically the entire body.

I hoped you liked the basics of the 12 signs,and thanks for reading my journal.
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