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Typical Attributes of the 12 ZODIACAL AREAS OF SPACE By Farley Malorrus


If you have Planets in these signs you will embrace the following characteristics in your life, typically.

Aries energy is hot and intense. The typical Aries trait is acting like a kid, or dealing with the inner child. Warm, affectionate, typically honest, hard working and energetic, the Aries wants to get along with everyone and have fun. Their purpose in life is developing Self. Aries rules the face, eyes, teeth, ears, and brain; and they are usually somewhat attractive. I find Aries to be hard working, early risers, like coffee usually, and are go getters and volunteers.

The Taurus energy is touchy feely, materialistic, and money oriented. Typically, Taurus likes to have their financial house in order, and even if it is, the quest for great riches may always be in sight. You can always get a hug from most Taurus people, and passion is usually deep. They are value oriented and often think or ask, 'what's in it for me?' They can be stubborn and down right irate, and they may even slug you if you make them upset or throw you out of the house. Lot's of Taurus end up in prison because they are a control sign, and a bit too aggressive. Taurus normally has a nice body, very sexy, rules the neck and throat, and likes to dress up. This doesn't apply to every Taurus as they may be Libra or Gemini rising and need to dress down.

Gemini's are communicators, writers, readers, talkers, speakers, salesmen, thinkers, idea machines, and usually open minded. Psychology is ruled by Gemini along with mental health and mental illness. IF you get a talkative Gemini, or Gemini rising you may rarely get a word in edgewise, so pray they are interesting. They are typically open minded sexually and many Gemini's may experiment with homo sexuality or bi sexuality, as Gemini factors are typical for alternate lifestyles. Gemini rules brother's, sisters, short trips, quick meetings, sessions, discussions, lectures, teachers, letters and email. It's a lock that people with computers have a Gemini aspect in their charts and those that don't have computers may lack it. Gemini rules the hands, arms, and breasts, and I notice many Gemini women are often endowed in that area.

Cancer is the sign ofemotions, feelings, mother, mothering, nurturing, cuteness, sweetness, the home, security, paranoia, worrying, and trying to act tough when you really are not. Cancer softens, romanticizes, dresses up, protects, and addspassion and compassion to any mix. The danger here is the sensitivity that Cancer extends, as the emotions can run hot and explode. People with Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising, Venus, and Mars are tested always often with their feelings, compulsive eating, (Cancers love food and love to cook), and if out of control their weight. Cancer rules the stomach and Breasts, but mostly upper digestive tract.

Leo is the sign that rules family, father, children, the heart, the back, the spine, creativity, romance, flirting, pride, honor, truth (Although sometimes we don't get it), and Leadership. If you want to win a sports event, you better have a few LEO'S (Tom Brady, New England Patriots) on your team. Many Leo's are in Hollywood as actors, producers, directors; you also find Leo's as CEO's running corporations, business, programs. The Leo energy is a bit stubborn, but it is all 'take charge,' and can be a bit obnoxious if it's a bit too much take charge. They can talk loud, be class clowns, yell loud, and may have a temper, so don't dishonor a Leo, lie to them, or cheat on them as they may bolt. Leo's typically are warm, loving, caring people and very much like the Lion who rules the sign.

I discussed Virgo in previous posts so please check below. Virgo rules the Intestines, and lower digestive tract, so fiber is essential, as well as yogurt or acidophilous. Virgo: Each Astrological sign is totally different than the next. It's like all Sun signs are from different areas of space, Really.  Virgo is unique as it is the glue that holds us all together. Without Virgo, there would be no order, no discipline, no work ethic, no analysis, no precision, no surgery, no details, no contemplation, and no medicine. Virgo is essential to making the entire engine work.  I have NO EARTH, and usually little patience for VIRGO with their need to take the LONG way instead of me jumping the short cut. The dissertations and extended path that a Virgo takes makes me somewhat impatient. I do not have a problem with the sign as some of my best friends are Virgo, but a bit laid back as they have some Libra/Cancer to counter. Virgo is the EARTH Sign (along with Taurus and Capricorn,) as the hardest working, often workaholics, the most critical, picky, detail oriented, perfectionist, and conservative when it comes to love and sex. Although Virgo can be passionate, they are often confused with romance and this is another sign that can experiment with sexual genders.


Libra folks are the pretty people of the zodiac and many beautiful men and women are graced with pretty faces, and nice sexy bodies. Not all Libra's are like this due to other things in their horoscope charts. I find Libra's to be charming to the border of manipulative, and often times conniving, or into a confidence game. Next to Leo, Libra's lie the most to get what they want. Unlike Leo who lies to protect honor and dignity, Libra will lie to get someone or something, or just for the fun of it. IF someone is into trying to sell you something you don't need, or con you into buying something, odds are they are full of BS and have Libra in their chart. Libra Rising, Libra Moon, Venus and Mars in Libra all have the Libran traits. We find many, many politicians (Bill Clinton, Leo with Libra Rising, JFK, Gemini with Libra Rising) are charming, manipulative and often times full of it. Libra energy is about BALANCE, harmony, love, partnership, relationships and marriage, hence their quest for balance and love. They are usually finicky about things being in order, so if you are a Libra with too much clutter, that may be a bit odd. Libra rules the kidneys and lower back. My Mom has Mars in Libra and always talks about her backache.

Scorpio is the intense sign of the Zodiac, as a water sign going a step beyond Cancer into the surreal and often times bizarre, emotionally. They wear their feelings on their sleeve so they either love you or will have nothing to do with you. Hot or cold, in or out, with you or against you, Scorpio typically does not play the middle, but usually takes sides. This sign rules SEX, Passion, and Deeper Love at a soul level hence their dedication and commitment to such things. Just because it rules sex, doesn't mean they are sexual or obsessed with it as most Scorpio can turn it on or off. This sign tends to be a bit political as they care about the World, People, and how things are run, so many revolutions are fueled by Scorpio energy. Is that why the election is in Scorpio time, November? It might be a logical time for us to show we care. Compassion is the by word for this water sign, and although somewhat sociable they can become a hermit quite quickly if things get sticky. They are also known to repress emotions and explode out sometimes in a rage when pushed. IF you have Scorpio energy in your horoscope, hopefully you have learned how to manage all that emotion.

Sagittarius is a fire sign that rules the hips and liver. It is the most open minded sign, and the most usually into sports, horses, travel, mobility, independence, freedom, comedy, laughter, and needing space when cornered. This energy is essential when it comes to freedom fighting and revolutions and is typical for those who lead them. I find Sagittarius to be warm, affectionate, passionate, compassionate, funny, caring, and sensible when it comes to buying things. Sagittarius is the philosopher; the Plato, Socrates, and Archimedes in us all. Their life is always about philosophy and philosophy of life and you better believe if you are around a Sagittarius long enough you will hear it. Usually, their philosophy is the result of trial and error, and the course of least resistance. If they like you and they are a success, they will usually share their secret of success to you, so you too might have an easier life.

Capricorn is all about work and career. Most Capricorn are focused on bringing home the bread and dividing up the resources. This is perhaps the funniest of the signs with the most dry sense of humor, and often the "Martyr," when it comes to be overworked, underpaid, and not receiving credit when credit is due to them. They oftentimes have cast iron stomachs, so many Caps tend to drink beer, wine, and hard liquor. Sadly, this sign may be in the lead for alcoholism and over indulgence. Cap rules the skin, bones, and knees, so if you play sports adjust accordingly. IT is an Earth sign, hard working and perhaps the most honest, as I believe they actually feel pain if they lie. Some Capricorns are a bit too serious and take life a bit hard. They are often angry if they have to work too hard to make money, when everyone else seems to get a break. A common fault of Capricorn is to make a lot of money and spend it as fast as they can. Capricorn Rising and Moon are also known for this. Capricorn may be obsessed with career because they think they are supposedto be like this.

Aquarius is an air sign and rules the ankles and circulation. This is another sign that is into communication, the mind, the brain, thinking, ideas, and a step beyond Libra, and Gemini the other air signs, as many Aquarius are quite smart, have high IQ's and are into publishing and writing. I find this sign to be quite friendly, and passionate when in the 'mood,' also quirky, funny, a prankster, trickster, and into making fun of people. This sign rules science, technology, Astrology, Ancient wisdom, Humanity, people, humanitarian causes, family of man, and changes that are often quick, unexpected, and sudden. Aquarius can be quite sudden and may disappear if offended, or feel they are not winning in a discussion. This sign rules divorce and the divorce rate and people who often do not have the patience to make commitment work. Some Aquarius will stand in there and fight to keep a commitment but they may be older and quite old fashioned.

Pisces is the last water sign (Cancer, Scorpio the other two), and may be the most sensitive of the lot. We are talking intuitive emotions here, and picking up on things emotionally that most signs would not get. This sign can be the most religious the most spiritual, the most connected to God, or on the dark side the most prone to drug and alcohol addictions if they don't have a handle on their sensitivity and emotions (They may run and escape) Pisces rules psychic behavior, dreams, trancing out, being your own worst enemy, music, singing, dancing, channeling, the feet, and fish or fishing. They say Pisces because it is the last sign of the Zodiac may be the most evolved or may contain theattributes of all the other signs. If you believe in reincarnation, many believe people with Pisces or Pisces energy aregiven an opportunity to bond with God, embrace karma, release it, and perhaps make this life your last life, so you can go into the light into a heavenly place.

Ok, that's my take on the 12 Zodiacal areas of space. .
God Bless you all.
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