Wednesday, January 31, 2007


President Bush could begin World War III, without an Act of War from Congress.
By Farley Malorrus

As Odd as it may seem, George Bush could order an Invasion of Iran 'tomorrow,' and begin World War III. An invasion of Iran could involve Russian,China, India, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and scores of other nations that could rip the Middle East apart as the Germans tore Europe apart in World War II. I'm being realistic here, as most people are blind at the opportunities, agenda, and ambition of this current administration. It my mind, it's all about money, and I don't put any thing past this administration, as they don't seem to fear Congress or repercussions from Congress or the American people, because they have the Supreme Court behind them to back their actions. Congress needs to pass a resolution 'preventing War with Iran,' immediately to prevent George Bush from taking us into World War III with a simple executive order.

Just my take.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WAR, my Opinion, By Farley Malorrus

The Truth About the War, My opinion

by Farley Malorrus

This war has nothing to do with Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, or Bin Laden. There has been a civil conflict in Iraq between the different factions of Muslim for many, many years. The fact that the United States/Great Britain have an invasion force there does not help matters and would not cure the problem even if we had 2 million troops there. This is an internal religious issue that needs to be resolved by the people of Iraq, not George Bush, Dick Cheney, or the American military. The fact is that Halliburton is making billions on this war, people, American citizens are dying, and Halliburton still gets billions and billions of no bid contracts. Why doesn't Congress do something about it? You tell me? Maybe they all work for Halliburton and we don't know it! Does everything on this planet have to be about blood and money with religion as the reason why we must kill each other? Who knows who the insurgents are, who they are funded by, and whether or not ANYTHING you read in the papers or see on TV is true? It is ridiculous to assume, or think that we can create an American type Democracy in a war torn, confused nation like Iraq. There are no WMD'S, and Saddam Hussein is Dead. If I'm President, the troops are on the boat, and Halliburton can protect itself.
Here's some facts, if the U.S. Military pulls out, Halliburton loses billions and has NO ONE to protect it while trying to rebuild Iraq, supposedly rebuild Iraq. IF Iran gets involved the Iraqis will go berserk, as they hate Iranians!

I say we've done enough damage to that poor country and wasted billions of taxpayers dollars when there is strife and slavery all over Africa and the World and we ignore it. It's like Iraq is the last line of defense against terrorism. Excuse me if I haven't noticed, but there hasn't been a single terrorist act to my recollection since 911?
Does war have to be based on fear and delusion?
Does anyone base anything in this country on Logic and what is right?
Rent a copy of Platoon to see what is happening in Iraq and you will know that American Politics, big business and conflicts of interest (Dick Cheney as former CEO of Halliburton) are all over this War.
If another Republican is elected President, the war can go on for 8 more years.

Haven't the people of the United States gotten enough propaganda and BS about this stupid war?
Trust me, I feel for the Iraqi people, but I say, if George Bush or any leader in this world wants war, let them go out THEM SELF for battle against the LEADER OF THE INSURGENCY (Bin Laden?) and may the best man win. Why do we have to sacrifice innocent people in a political agenda? I don't get it. Has everyone lost their mind?
The war has nothing to do with terrorism. It is all about MONEY.
Just my take and so sad this war continues, and that people swallow what they hear.

Farley Malorrus