Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Astrology Explained: Jupiter in Sagittarius Now, Praise Be, By Farley Malorrus

Astrology Explained: Jupiter in the 12 Signs and what it means to now be in Sagittarius

By Farley Malorrus

I've waited 12 long years for Jupiter to run the full circle and come back to the sign it OWNS, that would be Sagittarius! I was born with Jupiter in Sagittarius. They say that those who have Jupiter in that sign when they are born are the luckiest people in the world! I tend to agree with that. It gives you a cockeyed optimism, luck, freedom, philosophy, and open mindedness which is critical to a happy life.
First of all Jupiter means expansion. Where ever it may be in your birth chart, tells us where you are BIG. Meaning if you have Jupiter in Aries, plastic surgery or working out all the time would be big (Aries). IF you had Jupiter in Taurus, then money, work ethic, possessions and love would be big for you. IF you had Jupiter in Gemini, then communication, talking, brothers, sisters, and details would be critical to you. Jupiter in Cancer is the emotional one who bases most all things on feelings, nurturing, nourishing, and caring for others. Jupiter in Leo is the organizer, the leader, the family person, who should be closer to their dads. Jupiter in Virgo is the finicky, workaholic, detail oriented, critic, and health fanatic, who stocks plenty of fiber and eats a lot of it, always worried about digestion. Jupiter in Libra would be the flirt, charmer, relationship oriented, experimenter, hopefully happily married, but can they be trusted? Jupiter in Scorpio should have an enhanced sex drive or curiosity about sex, love, passion, intimacy and compassion. Jupiter in Capricorn would make a great clown, also ambitious, career oriented, party animal, who knows how to dress up when they want to. Jupiter in Aquarius is usually quite smart, scientifically oriented, a bit stubborn, focus on friends and goals, and someone who is subject to much diversity and change. Jupiter in Pisces is music oriented, sensitive, intuitive, dreamy, sometimes into the occult, and mystical in so many ways.

I am quite happy with Jupiter in the sign it rules, Sagittarius, which is sports oriented, loves horses, loves to travel, has a great sense of humor, confidence, open mindedness, a need for freedom, and a freedom fighter. We also have a need to be very philosophical in what we believe in.

When Jupiter comes back to it's 'birth point' in your birth chart also called a 'natal chart,' (which happens to be the cell circuit that is unique inside of each and every one of us, and which helps an Astrologer interpret character, destiny, and Karma) then things start to happen. It expands whatever area there is in your chart where it sets, and brings abundance, money, sometimes love, romance, travel, adventure, luck, and happiness where it is lacking. I'm in a particularly interesting part of my life as I am having a Saturn Return (In Leo), and a Jupiter Return (In Sagittarius), which means, babies being born at this time would have the same Jupiter and Saturn that I have, so they would be very much like me. I am glad that Jupiter is in Sagittarius now, for there is now hope for PEACE in the World, something to laugh about, something to cry about and vent, it opens up areas of discussion and negotiation when before there was none, and frankly it is lucky for all of us. The Sun signs who benefit the most from Jupiter in Sagittarius are The Fire Signs of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius; getting the most luck, prosperity, travel, and success from this placement.
The Sun signs that are most stressed out from this placement would be Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini who require decisions and changes be made in their lives this year in order to find happiness.
That's my take on Jupiter in the 12 signs with focus on where it is now; Sagittarius. Usually, Jupiter stays in one sign for about a year, but it varies.

Farley Malorrus,