Monday, January 8, 2007

Florida Leads OHIO STATE 34-14 at 3rd Quarter By Farley Malorrus

PLANETS GO CRAZY, UNDER DOG WINS! FLORIDA BEATS OHIO STATE 41-14, as predicted a few days ago!

By Farley Malorrus

Florida beat Ohio State tonight in the BCS Championship 41-14, as predicted. Planets go crazy, under dog wins....

Florida led in the 3rd Quarter 34-14...I wasn't surprised of this score of the National Championship between Florida and Ohio State as the wacked out planets favor the under dog and sure enough FLORIDA LEads and should win.

Later Gators! GO Gators!

Farley Malorrus,

Stock Market Holds Steady as Planetary Stress runs High By Farley Malorrus

Stock Market remains Stable as Planets run Amok
By Farley Malorrus

Thankfully, the stock market didn't crash this morning, and there was no panic sell off. Still, we have at least 3 months to get through one of the tightest planetary shifts in a long time. The stress of Jupiter with Uranus, and Neptune opposite Saturn remains. A strange smell surfaced on the streets of Manhattan, New York this AM, and they still haven't figured out what it is. I'm not surprised at anything we may read in the news this week, or at the results of what they find out that smell to be. Hopefully, it will not be anything harmful. Leo still leads the pack as the sign under the most stress and February will be the biggest test of the year for them. Aquarius would be a close second of those people having the most responsibility at this time, and needed maintenance to certain areas of their lives. I was also hoping we could avoid a major flu epidemic, or worse a pandemic, hoping if people do get sick that they have enough sense to stay at home and not spread it.

One wonders what the agenda is, and what the plan is in President Bush wanting to send more troops to Iraq. What exactly is he trying to do? If he expects to calm the friction between the Shiites, and the Sunni's along with other rebel factions in Iraq, he must be smoking the funny stuff. Iraq is in it's birth pangs now of a new nation, and is struggling as far as exactly which group is going to run the show. For the United States along with our proud President to think we could impact this metamorphosis at the cost of more American lives and a tremendous amount of money, blows my mind. There are so many other things that need attention in this World, and yet our President is obsessed with the Iraq War thinking that if we somehow could create "Peace," in that country (Not going to happen unless and until we leave), that the rest of the World's problems will vanish. In retrospect, if he does not do the right thing and align with the will of Congress (and the American people), he may go down in history as the most illogical, and uninformed President in history who cannot see the forest through the trees.
I pray he do the right thing, because with the planets all out of whack, it may create a huge controversy in Washington, where his position as President may come into question.

Lucky, for the President that the markets are stable at this time, for if they do falter, I feel his Presidency will falter along with them.

On a personal level, with 90 million single folks in America, I find it increasingly difficult for those without love to find it, and even with all these Internet dating services, I find it odd that all these single folks can't find someone to match up to. What we have here is a huge generation of very independent people, most of whom have been burned in relationships, and either don't want to go back to that, or are a bit more standoffish than they used to be. With the Planets in stress aspect at this time, it is a lot more difficult to bond with someone new, or even hold together what you think you may have along the lines of love and romance. We like to think that we are not bias and prejudice of each other, but the truth is, we are very bias and prejudice of each other, hence the reason why so many millions of people are single and alone in this country.

I still think we are walking on 'thin ice,' in so many areas; the War, the Economy, the Ecology, human relationships, housing, the Stock Market, and I'm hoping we can get through this period without any incident.

The Planet Uranus is a planet that rules humanity, upheaval, changes, sudden changes, violent change, and unpredictable changes out of no where. With Jupiter in Sagittarius in a 90 degree stress aspect to Uranus (A square) for so long, anything is possible. The best thing we can do is brace for the change, or the 'World shaking incident' (Like 911), that may be upon us anytime during this period (at least until May 1), that would propel many of us into a totally different zone they are in now, to something very different.

My philosophy at this point, is 'one day at a time,' brace for change, and adapt when or if it happens on a personal level, or on a World wide level.

Be at Peace.
Farley Malorrus,