Tuesday, December 5, 2006

ALIENS AMONG US, "These are the notes I took from the 'X' Zone Radio Show tonight by Farley Malorrus

This topic is the opinion of Farley Malorrus, channeled information, and not meant to create argument, discussion, or debate. It is for your information, and food for thought. Thanks! I will try to link the show archive when it is available so you can listen! Stay tuned!

Astrology Explained, and "Other Things" By Farley Malorrus

Aliens Among Us

To hear the show, go to this link, and you can fast forward your Windows Media Player to "hour #3," Or 120 minutes into the show to hear my hour. Here is the link for the show!

http://www.xzone-radio.com/december2006.htm   (Tuesday, 12/5/06)

Here are the notes that I scribbled from the show...
The 'X' Zone Radio Show Notes

1. Alien Souls 8 RACES(Reptilians, Insect Aliens,Greys,Demons,Humans,Minotaurs,Lion Race and Luminaries-PLEIDES, PLANET ATLANTIS, URANTIA, AND OTHER REALMS) (Easy to tell the difference) Both Parasites, Depicted in Parasites invade Earth 500,000,000 years ago, take animals over, (Reptilians) dominated Earth when Dinosaurs ..Minotaurs dominated during a magical period when Dragons also occupied Earth perhaps 250,000 years ago....1,000,000 years ago take Humans and Luminary (beings of light, Angels) take over (Cro Magnon Man, the Missing link) All souls have SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP with body. Pure human minus soul parasite is Down Syndrome Human..has a pure huma soul.....Body is not able to contain an Alien soul. That is why Down syndrome people are so loving and wonderful.  Our faces and body types reflect the Alien Parasite within us.

2. Earth a breeding ground for Alien intervention, seeding, cross breeding, hybrids, abductions, and experiments. Earth as a zoo. Earth as entertainment, for 500,000,000 years..(Since bacteria life)
The 100's of species involved with Earth History.

3. Aliens and the Gods. Mythology. Aliens and Religions.
Aliens and God, "The Elohim."

4. Aliens as an active part of our civilization, life, and the huge cover up

5. Humans as Guinea Pigs who are in denial.
Humans limited in their awareness of the Aliens existence. Humans 4 strand dna, vs 12 strand dna.........
6. Humans as clones

7. Our bodies being used by a race that wishes to imprison our souls...life as a game.

8. Virgin Birth, Jesus may be the result of an abduction of Mary & Joseph by the Luminaries (Angels of the Elohim, -Elohim means God in Hebrew) possible a result of a clone or hybrid with an Elohim.

Nothing is as it seems..
Everything is an illusion
The Aliens assume we are not smart enough to embrace their existence. HUMAN EGO prevents us from knowing the truth. The belief we are ALONE is a LIE.
Human beings too limited in their thinking, in their awareness. If you open your mind to the possibilities the possiblities are endless. In many ways, WE OURSELVES are the ALIENS...We thought they would invade from outside and what they did was invade from within. Our souls are in fact the implants, the symbiots...
Angels and snakes basic types......

Shedding Human ego, and getting out of denial, opening our minds, and raising our consciousness will open our eyes and make it obvious to what is happening to our planet all these years.

P.S. These are just my notes from the show taken while on the air and channeling (automatically typed when channeling)

Thanks for reading my journal!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


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