Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Putin Has Missiles, TB run WIld, American Al Qaida By Farley Malorrus

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Putin has New Missiles, New Strain of TB loose, American Al Qaida Threatens U.S. It's 11pm, Do you know where your children are?

The headlines are depressing, as Putin boasts he has new Stealth Nukes that are undetectable and that could lay waste to the U.S. in minutes without warning. Some numbskull gets on a plane with contagious, incurable, 'air born,' TB, and may have infected 100's, then an American Al Qaida threatens the U.S. with something worse than 911.....Rosie has also left THE VIEW prematurely, and the voice of Liberal America is stifled. Sound familiar? Wheres Rush Limaugh when you need him, OY VEY!
As we approach the last week of the current Moon Wobble, ending June 8, it makes you wonder if you should have built an underground bunker, with food supplies to last a Nuclear winter, and enough water to drink. It also makes you wonder where the love has gone in a World gone mad.

AS the World inches toward what seemingly many fundamentalists on ALL SIDES want, an Apocalypse, Armageddon, Extinction of the human race, I sit here in my cottage thinking about whether the human race is basically 'good' or 'evil.' Even if an Extra Terrestrial race of beings found Earth, would they show themselves to this 'bloodthirsty,' species? The fact we even believe in a deity of any kind is amazing. Even Cindy Sheehan has surrendered and given in to "Fascist Corrupt, Corporate" America.

Is this what the founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Declaration and the Constitution?
I think not. It seems more like we live in a Monarchy, with George Bush as King, and with Congress and the Supreme Court following him blindly into oblivion.
Even if some lobbyist comes up to you the DAY AFTER you are elected and says, "Here's how it works, if you play you get 10 million, and if you don't, you get nothing." "If you say this to anyone your family dies, and you are shamed."
Welcome to America, and what happened to our freedom and Democracy?
Should the U.S. and Russia go to war with the world laid waste, I'm thinking it's just what the Corporate fascists deserve. Still, what about the billions of victims left in such a calamity? Is it really possible for us to have a nuclear War? You bet it is. Many people believe that most of our World Leaders are the epitome of Evil and that their agenda has nothing to do with the common good or World Peace. Many believe that the Presidency and all political office is Bought and sold, not voted for. Many believe that true democracy was destroyed after JFK was killed.

It makes you want to move to Amsterdam and spend your last days in some Marijuana Coffee shop smoking yourself into oblivion! Well, it is "Just" a Moon Wobble, and we know everyone goes crazy during this period, but I'm concerned about the TB patient who infected the plane, and whether that will turn out to be a plague, and whether our brave Leader will back down on putting nukes in Eastern Europe to further intimidate Putin and Russia? I'm also concerned Al Qaida do something foolish and that millions of Americans die for literally nothing.

America is a country numbed by TV, Game shows, soaps, Sitcoms, Beer, Wine, liquor, Pot, prescription Drugs, pain killers, sophisticated propaganda machine, and the threat of imprisonment if you don't follow the rules. In truth, we have become a Fascist Society, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were NO MORE PRESIDENTIAL elections, and if the Bush family formerly became a monarchy in this country. No, I wouldn't, because ever since the day Bush Sr. announced his 'new world order,' I knew Big Brother was watching, and that life would be very different.

As a former journalist  here in L.A. I did learn one thing. You can't believe ANYTHING you see on TV, you can't believe anything you read, and you can't believe anything you listen to on the radio, as the corporation own the media and they tell their employees how to report. No offense to the media, but Freedom of Speech is gone, as is Freedom of the Press, history.

Sadly, no revolution will changes things, and it seems the only choice we have is a Post Apocalyptic choice to 'pick up the pieces,' when the mad leaders are finished doing their deeds.

I know there are still those who are devout supporters of Bush, the War, the agenda (whatever the hell it is), and funding the troops, but I still can't figure out why we are over there in Iraq in the first place, and what the Mission is? Does anyone know?
I expect things to calm down after June 8, but still, we live on a Powder Keg, and we are sorely lacking leadership even with ALL THE NEW candidates on the horizon. Does everyone we elect for President have to be some yuppie rich freak with a nice smile, and a lot of charisma, or can't we find ONE PERSON with brains who can resolve all these issues?

I've had enough with the SKULL AND BONES, Pirate operation of the current administration and I think PUTIN has a good point. I also believe this war is a waste of time, money, and life, and that if people think they need an Apocalypse, maybe they should move to Darfur and see what it's like?

I love life, and I'm a Patriot, but it saddens me to see that vested interests, lobbyists, Halliburton, the Oil Companies, and big Corporations "OWN US," and that we are pawns in their game, whatever it may be.

I just need to vent once in a while so I can calm down and relax. I don't see any solution to all of this, save KARMA which I guarantee you will befall any World Leader who commits harm to the people and nations of this planet.

Karma, faith, hope, Love, and freedom are the only things I can depend on. Until then, hang on to June 8, when things should get more clear for all of us.
I'm out.

Farley Malorrus,

Monday, May 28, 2007


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He had just passed over this weekend...very sad...funny's a sample of his hilarity.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

12 More days left for Moon Wobble, quite unusual By Farley Malorrus

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By Farley Malorrus,

This has been an unusual Moon Wobble for me. Thank good ness it is over in 12 days, on June 8, 2007.

SO far, some very nice things have happened to me, with delays but positive results. AS usual, new relations with friends and connections during the Wobble fall through, cancel, or get changed. We had 2 deaths in our family, a step Grandpa named Harry, and My Cousin Jackie. My plans to make a movie were changed as I realized the people making the movie just weren't down on paper the way they should be. My drive to the West Coast is delayed, and overall my attitude could be better. I look at the World when the Sun, Moon, and Moon's nodes are in conflict 4 times a year, for 28 days each time. Each time I look at the Moon Wobble, it reminds me of an "exhale." The World Breathes normal during the rest of the time and "Exhales," during the Moon Wobble. I have learned to live my life without tremendous expectations as during this phase, I too have learned to exhale. Meanwhile, my ailing dad turns 92 in July, and he tires of the daily routine, which any 92 year old could. Living here by the lake in South Carolina allows me a freedom few people have. The freedom to reflect on all my thoughts, choices, repercussions of choices, plans, projects, activities, goals, and focus. I am content in my meditation about these things, and as I watch the World turn with the weather, and the war raging on with no end in sight, I wonder what Congress must be thinking, sending a 'no retreat war finance bill,' to the President, all during the exhale.

To me life is really a memory. When everything is done all you have left is the memory of what you did, and the memories of all that came before you if their stories be told. It is important that you remember the best of life, the love you gave, the love you received, the happiness you shared, the hugsyou got or gave, and the peace you made with yourself and the World. Some grow older and they are frightened to retire as they are afraid they will become 'bored.' What better thing to do when you grow old then retire and take the time to reflect on all you have done. If you live your life 60 years, it might take you 25 or 35 years to reflect on what you did in your life.

This last few years has given me a great opportunity to reflect on my choices. Overall, I feel I did okay, but in the end result, we all make mistakes and it is key to not have regret for the foolish choices we make or did not make in our ego driven quest for perfection. IN the end, it's only and all about love given and received, as that is all we bring into this World, and if lucky, it is all we take with us when we die.

You will have to excuse me for not posting as often into my journal, as I know I have my few loyal readers who are interested in my thoughts, words, teachings, and philosophy, and for that I thank you. This is been a time of great challenge for me to be strong in order to face what is ahead. There is an old saying that is passed on from generation to generation in our family, and that saying is 'you cannot be a sissy' to grow old.

As age approaches, I refuse to give up the illusion that I am an 18 year old college student on summer vacation, a vacation that never ends. That is what sustains me, the dreams and fantasies of my youth, and the reflection of my deeds. 12 more days left of this exhale and everything returns to normal. What really is normal? That the market goes up, that we appear to make progress in the war, that less people be homeless, starving, or thirsty, or that more of our choices and relationships work for the better without a smoke screen. I may sound sad, but even though I lost 2 wonderful friends and relatives in my family, I rejoice of the life that I live, that I must now live for them to; as it is all of our jobs to carry on as survivors to those who pass on from us.

June approaches with the threat of ungodly hurricanes, hot summers, weird weather, water shortages, and high gas prices. As long as we remember that we are all children of God, one big family, and try to bond with those around uswho get that, then everything will be okay. It is only when we feel apart from each other, separated, and disconnected that the machine seems to malfunction.

Have a great summer, and thanks for reading my journal...


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Current Moon Wobble Peaks June 2, Ends June 9, 2007 BY Farley Malorrus

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X-Hawk Flying Car
IF life and Death were only based on SENSELESS ACTS OF KINDNESS, meaning, your life was judged after death by whatever senseless acts you did in your life, helping others for whatever reason or no reason, how would you score?
How many senseless acts of kindness have you done this week? Today? This month? THis year?
I have a friend that is so amazing. I needed a ride to the airport and a pick up.
The airport is 2 hours south of here in Atlanta.
He says, "No problem Bishop," you got it.
IF that guy isn't blessed, I don't know what. A drop off and a pick up to Atlanta.
I truly believe that we judge ourselves at death.
It's not how much money you made, or how famous you are; it's not how many toys you own, or how many people you have sex with; it has nothing to do with what you have accomplished in your life, or your success.
It's only and ALL about Love.
This realm is Sacred. All life is Sacred. The God Force, however defined has marked it's creativity in our realm. You leave it as was when you entered, unencumbered, unabused, and maybe you left behind some love, kindness, assisstance, and compassion. That is what soul growth is all about.
If you want to be closer to God, my thinking is, if you treat his creation and him with love and respect, and in fact try to enhance his creativity, then love, luck, and happiness will shine on you, and when you die you will ascend to be at his side.
If you abuse this world and all in it, and leave behind victims in your wake of experience, you can expect nothing more or less than what you experienced.
DO something nice for someone today, and everyday, and tell them "Farley Sent you."
Love ya
Farls McMalorrus

Current Moon Wobble started May 12, will Peak on June 2, and End June 9, 2007

By Farley Malorrus

Somewhere along the 'path,' I neglected to notice that a Moon Wobble started a few days ago, and lasts for 28 days. There are 4 Moon Wobbles a year. This is the 2nd one as I recall. So much has happened to family and friends in the last 72 hours, I thought I would check it, and there it was. I can't tell you the particulars, but suffice it to say the current Wobble is a Nightmare.
Once again, a Moon Wobble occurs when the North Node of the Moon is eclipsing, opposite or at at 90 degree, Right Angle to the Sun, which happens 4 times a year, 21 days on approach, then peak, then 7 days passing.
Moon Wobbles are filled with misfires, like being accused of crimes that were not your fault, accidents that were not your fault, changes of mind, direction, emotions, feelings, attitude, and basically a 180 degree change from what you think to be the truth.

Why is it that so many strange things happen during the Moon Wobble. One thing is for sure, if the U.S. Congress or President try to get anything done about IRAQ before June 9, they might be very surprised that whatever they do decide now will change.
My most shocking experience of these Wobbles, that I've tracked for 30 years, is 'falling in love,' during one, which usually ends in a bust, or purchasing stock, investing, real estate, or any kind of business deals, contracts, or papers signed. Not surprised they released SPIDER MAN 3, a day or 2 before the current wobble started to boost the response of that movie.

The good news is, that there is not a 100% chance of failure at this time, not nearly, but there can be almost a 90% chance of change of plans, setbacks, people changing their minds, or making an about face. I remember one time, my Dad was going to sell the family business to my sister and I, years ago, for $1. That decision was made during a Moon Wobble Peak, (out of my hands as it was HIS choice), and eventually he changed his mind and on the last minute abort.

I have seen so much havoc from this Moon Wobble phenomena; point of information, being the first Iraq War (Kuwait) and the U.S. not completing taking out Sadam Hussein, and the current Iraq AND Afghanistan Wars were also ALL started during a Moon Wobble. It's no wonder to me, that these Wars are a mess, and seemingly to no end.

My key is all about completion. I try the best I can to complete major projects, business deals, writing books, signing contracts, making large purchases, (like car, boat, house, computer, horse, dog, cat,) or basically avoiding any type of 'new beginning' during this Astrologically unstable period, and finishing up projects, completing them, and doing maintenance on everything that needs it, from cars to computers.

Obviously, because this period is so unstable, that even making a peace with someone, or with a nation, can back fire in your face, either during the Moon Wobble, or after.
I find the overall success rate of any idea, project, purchase (to avoid a lemon), contract, or adventure to be increased at least 90% or more, when the Moon Wobble phenomena is not in effect.

Hope this helps you figure out your life more.

I have audio topics available, by donation at our web site about the Moon Wobble phenomena, if you wish to learn more, go to and click "Topics."

Take Care all.
Farley Malorrus

Monday, May 14, 2007

Christ Consciousness is a Good thing, right? By Farley Malorrus

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Christ Consciousness is a Good Thing, Right? By Farley Malorrus

On the path back to God, giving up all things material, meditating, being Vegan, avoiding killing animals or eating animal products, trying to do the right thing, the moral thing, absolving sin and karma, our Soul evolves, and our awareness explodes.

Rumor has it, that if you want to escape the 'pull' of reincarnation that drags you back to Earth, over and over, seemingly forever, that you must need absolve all your attachments to the material World, embrace God and Spirit as your #1 focus, and then 'go into the light,' when you die to ascend...

That all makes a lot of sense, and it is quite logical, seemingly what Jesus did himself when he was here, 'to let go of all things material,' and embrace God the father. Unfortunately, the World crucified Jesus while he was on this same very path, that millions of people are on today, 'to attain Christ like awareness, Messianic Consciousness, to embrace the "Jesus" within, and to ascend to the highest awareness of God while alive.

ON this path that is often referred to as Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or more appropriately, "Bodhisattva," meaning karma free, there is a HUGE PRICE you must pay.

That price being, and becoming aware of all things, all thoughts, all people, and simply put your Oneness Of God, your Oneness that you share with all beings and things in the Universe.

This leaves us in a precarious spot, as one wonders if it is truly beneficial to feel Oneness with God, and all beings in the Universe?
Considering how much pain there is on Earth; the Wars, the sick, the dying, the murdered, the drug addicted, those dying of Cancer, Aids, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and any number of problems, one would think that attaining such consciousness and awareness would be a HUGE responsibility dealing with the fact of all the suffering going on in the World. Now, maybe I can embrace why you don't see too many pictures of Jesus smiling, but more like showing a burden on his face that he carries around with him.

I find that truly sensitive beings, sentient beings, who are on the path of Christ Consciousness, or total awareness, are stumped along the way by the amount of compassion they take on, and also by the amount of empathy one feels for the World and the state of the World? It makes sense to me, why so many 'spiritual' beings need an occasional 'drink;' in Jesus case, wine, or the need to smoke marijuana (Indians, Gurus, Native Americans, Medicine Men, Flower children, Hippies, Shamans, and numerous others), due to the fact their Christ Consciousness is so finely attuned, that they have reached a level of empathy, awareness, oneness, and ascension, that the pain absorbed accompanying this evolution can be excruciating.

It reminds me of a time when Jesus spent time with the Lepers, and how they all sensed he was the light, and reached out to him for healing; followed by Jesus being in intense pain, and suffering while absorbing their pain, whether he wanted to or not.

Those with Christ Consciousness, if they survive (many evolve, ascend, and die when they reach this level, as Earth seems ludicrous at this point) may find a need to 'be human,' return to a place of normalcy, and avoid the absorption of so much pain from those around them. It's funny how so many Catholic Priests find it necessary to drink heavy, to a point of oblivion. I do not judge these people, because they have literally given up their lives for God. I mean who would be in a higher state of compassion and sacrifice then a Priest or a Nun? NO wonder they are so lonely, and depressed, picking up the fears, and pains of those around them that they love. I knew a Priest such as this, Father Michael in the 80's and was with him when he got 'drunk' a few times, listening to him, that  this was the only way for him to escape the pain of the world that he felt he absorbed 'too much,' so he escaped to the booze.

If you lived on an Island alone, and you attained Christ Consciousness, you might be better equipped to handle it, because you would not find yourself in the "Auras," of so many people around you lacking spirit, love, health, or confidence in their lives.
I find luminaries, or beings of love and light on Earth, who ascend to attaining this type of God Consciousness (Being One with God, the Universe, and literally feeling God's Love) are without knowing it like sponges when it comes to being around those in need, which often times makes up just about everyone.
When My dad was in the hospital, in March, making the daily trek to see him, walking the 2 or so miles at Cedars Sinai In Los Angeles, was good exercise for me, but after passing tons of rooms filled with sick and dying people, by the time I got to my Dad's room, I was exhausted, drained, and needed to sit down.

All my life, I have ascended to obtain this God Consciousness, because I PERSONALLY BELIEVE this is the return of Jesus Christ in which the bible speaks. This means that Jesus literally will return in the hearts and minds of millions of people at once, allowing them to feel what it was like to be so sensitive to everything. I believe that I took Jesus into my heart in 1976 while praying, when I became aware of this phenomena of heightened awareness, accompanied by faith, and feeling more ONE with everyone.

It also reminds us, that being Jesus was a huge responsibility, and a major drain on the man who is Son of God, and therefore, we as Children of God must bear the same responsibility, which can be HUGE.

Some wonder why I live out here in the Wilderness of South Carolina by Lake Keeowee, with few people around me at any given point? Well, I live in Los Angeles most of the time, and frankly, I get severely drained by it, and if I don't return to seclusion and solitude to recharge, I doubt I would survive. Just recently, I am finally feeling back up to 100%, considering all the people around me (including  Mom and Dad) who were sick or had health problems.

So, the question remains, is God Consciousness (Christ Consciousness) a Good Thing? I believe it is the only path, and I believe that any pilgrim on this path needs to embrace the HUGE responsibility of gaining such awareness, such sensitivity, such oneness with all things, and that you must have courage, bravado, and a certain kind of mettle to deal with such a state of mind.

One thing is for sure, if you are on this path, and you don't know how to handle the power that comes along with it, it can either make you crazy or kill you. Like flying a 747, it takes time, patience, study, practice, and commitment.

I'm sure that if these are the 'last days,' the Tribulation, as so many believe it is, that along the lines of the "return of Jesus," the "Rapture," and the rest of Revelation coming true, that millions of people, along with 144,000 Jewish people (Prophecy) will attain this God Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, and I pray they are able, and capable of handling this power when it happens.

I need to pace myself everyday. When I'm tired, I sleep; when I'm stressed, I meditate; when I'm drained, I avoid others; and when I find I am too sensitive, or too aware I do something that will reduce my awareness, even it if means having a 'few beers' with the boys, something normal to take the edge off.

I know that many ascended beings, beings of light, and those that have lived with this God Consciousness were all confronted with the responsibility of wielding such power, and controlling it, as if you do not, like I said you can go crazy, and/or just die.

IT is easy to identify those who have ascended to this level of awareness, because they are so pleasant to be around, not a drain, and they radiate so much love and light to those around them.

I hope this helps those of you on the path, and remember, there are no bottom lines, no final truth, only further truth along any path.

BE at Peace.
Farley Malorrus


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

George Lopez Finale w/Edward James Olmos By Farley Malorrus

George Lopez, and Edward James Olmos on Finale, Hysterical (Story of my life!)


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Monday, May 7, 2007

IF you are Feeing Weird, it's not YOU, By Farley Malorrus

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Feeling Funny lately? Weird? Out of sorts? It's not You....Venus, Mars, and Pluto....Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all in stress aspect! Fancy that!

By Farley Malorrus

I love this time of year...Ahh, Spring....all day long I've been reciting this Christian Childrens prayer:
"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to God my Soul to keep, and if I die before I wake, I pray to God my soul to take.."
Oh well, I'm thinking, what's up with you Farley? Why are you freaking out?
My charts on fire, that's why. My Uranus and Venus are being torn apart by Venus, Mars, and Pluto. That's like saying my Karma ran over my Dogma, and I'm having a heck of a CATastrophe.

Yeah, Venus in Cancer, was just exactly opposite Pluto in Gemini yesterday, not my best day, and Now, with Mars going into Aries, in Stress to Pluto AND Venus, most people are just scurrying around to make ends meet.
I got my bills forwarded to me 'late' yesterday by my trusted postal service, about 3 weeks late! I guess with Pluto opposite my Uranus (Pluto at 29 Sag, my Uranus at 29 Gemini), it could drive anyone crazy, but if you knew how much money I paid out in bills today you would faint, dead to rights.

I became an Astrologer to try and understand the chaos, havoc, break ups, emotions, ups & downs, cycles, people, life in general. Trust me, I wouldn't be here today without the knowledge of this gigantic magnetic system we live in. Even though you may be Farley Malorrus and have a HUGE edge on the World knowing what is going on, sometimes thinking you can FEEL Everyone in the World and their pain, it isn't always a blessing. Yesterday I was surrounded by Angels, and it wasn't a mistake, because they knew what kind of HELL Today was going to be.

So, in the last 40 days, I survive Dad almost dying (miracle recovery), Molar Root Canal, bills lost, then paid finally, ridiculous people trying to get into my life, that I have nothing in common with (a huge drain), and the politics of dancing to boot (what's that Farley?) Well, at least I have God to lean on, when dealing with the triviality and delusion of existence and existentialism on top of it. When you get right down with it, life is really over, we are in heaven, and this is a recording we need to watch to evolve and not get bored. The Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets, and Galaxies are like a huge hard drive, (Notice they all go in circular motion just like a record or a hard drive) that keeps spinning off ad infinitum trying to make sense of all of it for us.

So, who's idea was it to make us 8 strand DNA humans instead of 12 strand which is normal? Why is it our consciousness is limited as is our brain capacity? WHy must it be a huge game of us trying to figure everything out, make the right choices, hope we don't get cursed to eternal hell, or end up in a God awful job or marriage? Why does it sometimes seem like it is a huge game, and that we are just puppets.
Imagine, human beings with only an average of like 12% brain capacity. If we had 30%, we could call God up on our cell phones, but no, 12% maybe 16% if you are Einstein, and still you have people out there fighting and killing each other over who's version of God or Allah is correct. Yeah, right, God's over there in the corner on the floor laughing so hard, he can barely breathe and we are killing ourselves trying to figure it all out.
Then along comes a month like I've had where the maintenance of life and the mechanics of living and survival are at issue, and I find myself taking it personal.

Now, you understand that Prayer I made? Just trying to get some perspective. Well, if you are having a hard time this week, feeling lonely, depressed, out of sorts, out of synchronization, or just batty, trust me, a lot of people are like that now. A continuous dose of computers, Internet, TV, movies, books, newspaper, magazines and everything you are addicted to has it's way of making you feel like you are behind and missing something like some new technology that just came out that made everything else that came out last month, obsolete?
Who's in charge here anyways?

Well, I don't want to bore you with all this, but suffice it to say that Venus, Mars, and Pluto are going berserk, along with Jupiter and Uranus, and also Saturn and Neptune which makes this week a perfect week to go into suspended animation or hibernation for about 2 years, wake up to a new world (if it's still here) a new President, and very different planetary placements. I'm hoping you are getting a grin or two out of this post listening to me ramble in total clarity and sobriety about feeling disconnected from just about everything. I'll be fine! Don't worry about me! I'm ok! Just fine thanks.

Be at Peace.
Your bud.


The Truth About Angels By Farley Malorrus

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The Truth About Angels, or What I believe to be true.
By Farley Malorrus,

I can see my Angels; not like you see people, but I can feel their presence and love around me all day, every day, all my life...It is an amazing thing to sense such power and love from God and his Angels, because they are there.
They are all around me, everyday. Good people are surrounded by Angels. Even some people who are not that great, but who have hope, have Angels, no matter what religion if any. That's what I believe. Faith, hope, and Love attracts them...Negative energy repels them.
You can feel them, almost see them, maybe touch them, and feel their embrace.
God's Angels are here as our guardians to protect us and guide us, advise us, aid us, help heal us, give us sound advice, and serve as communion with the Lord.
If everyone was aware, that just by being a good person, you could have wonderful loving mythical type beings around you as support for trials and tribulations, then life on Earth would be a much more peaceful place.
When you pray, your Angels come to you, listen to you and transmit your prayers to God.
When you have problems are in danger, sick, or maybe even dying, I firmly believe that if you are good, decent person, and tried to live the best life you could, and help others as best as you could, then your Angels will be there for you, to lead you into the light.
We live in a multi verse that has many parrallel dimensions fully occupied by beings like us of a higher vibration, that we cannot see, really unless we accept the fact that "They are there."
I believe that we can evolve to an Angelic state by serving as Earth Angel while here.
Don't feel down, and don't be sad, or depressed. Just embrace the Lord with all your heart and soul, with a conviction that is by far and above the best you can give, and the Angels of God, whom are many, will be there for you.
Sometimes the Love you can get from God and His Angels can be so overwhelming, that it can bring you to tears, which is often my case.
I thank God that I am so very blessed...Only you know ifyou are blessed, and only you can see and feel your own Angels, or at least acknowledge them to protect and guide you.
There's more to life than meets the eye. In the infinite possilibities of this Universe, all things are possible, you just need to believe.
Be at peace, and have a great week.
Your Bud.
Farley Malorrus

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Venus Opp Pluto, Sat Opp Neptune By Farley Malorrus

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Venus Opposed Pluto

Saturn Opposed Neptune
By Farley Malorrus

This is a very nervous time for this planet, all week long. As long as Venus in the sky is exactly opposite Pluto (still a planet in my book), and 2 of the largest planets Saturn is opposite Neptune for quite some time, confusion may reign.

These aspects are like a terminal "Moon Wobble," where details, trivia, taxes, changes, setbacks reversals, switches, bubbles bursting, and all kinds of havoc are possible. The Venus/Pluto opposition puts Gemini and Sagittarius in stress mode, and makes it difficult for SO MANY people all over the world to make choices, and even if they do, by next week, things could be different. I don't much care for it, as my Planet URANUS (In my birth chart) is being set off by this aspect which means clarity could be difficult to find. Sleeping late, taking the day or week off, thinking before speaking, putting off major choices for about 10 days, and finishing up projects, and programs already started would be the best advise.

The War rages and as long as Saturn in Leo is opposite Neptune in Aquarius, I see no end to Congress settling with the President and no end to this war. It is all about egos, corruption, agenda's, and different points of view as far as where America is heading. Some believe if we pull out it would be fatal for those in Iraq, whereas others believe (as I do) that Iraq would stabilize much like Viet Nam did after we left there.

I pray for our World leaders as I could not imagine the stress they are all under and the decisions they face. This is a complicated time for many people now, and the best thing to do is keep it simple, stay low key, sleep late, take time off, and avoid conflict with anyone. (Tough to do in a war, so I expect more havoc this week)

That's the latest with the Planets. Bless you all!

Farley Malorrus

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


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VIDEO OF ME 4:28 Long, DOING MY CHARACTERS, CLOWNING, and BEING MICKEY MOUSE, GOMER PYLE, JFK, CARTER, GOOFY, ELMER FUDD, and others. Also a 'scene' from Jurassic Park with the Raptor...LOL


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I waited in the Shadows
By Farley Malorrus, all rights reserved, Copyright, 2007

The Moon rose high in the sky, bright as a blue giant in a nova. My heart pounded with delight and diversion.
I grasp at words, but they could not come.
The wind felt good on my face and my hair, as the heat of the day began to chill, I got goosebumps.
The spiders weaved their webs, the Ravens cawed, the eagles and hawks soared to their nests, and the lake was calm as glass.
I felt I could walk on the water at this point but knew I was not Jesus; far from it. Still, the air was clear as was the sky and the Moon glanced at me as if grinning about something I did not know yet. The transformation is delayed and I know not why?
The night birds started to sing, and a lone boat slowly drifted out on the lake at dead slow, careful not to disturb the glass of the water, or me.....
In a distance I heard thunder and saw the skylights from the lightning. I knew the rain would not come here as we were not down wind. I felt the moisture upon my face from the dew of the night, and thought of how blessed I was to be here.
I waited in the shadows for you, but you did not come.
I knew you were safe in your cave, and well hidden from danger, but still I yearned for your presence. If only I could see you once more; if only I could talk to you; if only just to hold you.
The still of the night grew near as all became quiet and as the Moon set, pitch black came upon the lake. The shadows grew dim, and it was my time to howl and go on the prowl. The time of the Wolf was here, and with my heart pounding, and blood racing the transformation began, late but intense. My claws popped out, and my skin transformed, and nose pushed forward as my clothes dropped off, and fur covered me from head to foot. The beast is risen, and the time to feed is near. The smell of blood fills the air as my consciousness drifts from crystal clarity to primal seek. No trace of the human, as the Wolf remains, intact, intent, and hungry. The night is young and I must go. I waited in the shadows, but you did not appear.
Perhaps you did the right thing. I disappear into the night and only my sub conscious mind knows the rest. It's a long night and I must explode with my need to feed. Now, where was that cave?


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