Tuesday, May 1, 2007


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VIDEO OF ME 4:28 Long, DOING MY CHARACTERS, CLOWNING, and BEING MICKEY MOUSE, GOMER PYLE, JFK, CARTER, GOOFY, ELMER FUDD, and others. Also a 'scene' from Jurassic Park with the Raptor...LOL


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I waited in the Shadows
By Farley Malorrus, all rights reserved, Copyright, 2007

The Moon rose high in the sky, bright as a blue giant in a nova. My heart pounded with delight and diversion.
I grasp at words, but they could not come.
The wind felt good on my face and my hair, as the heat of the day began to chill, I got goosebumps.
The spiders weaved their webs, the Ravens cawed, the eagles and hawks soared to their nests, and the lake was calm as glass.
I felt I could walk on the water at this point but knew I was not Jesus; far from it. Still, the air was clear as was the sky and the Moon glanced at me as if grinning about something I did not know yet. The transformation is delayed and I know not why?
The night birds started to sing, and a lone boat slowly drifted out on the lake at dead slow, careful not to disturb the glass of the water, or me.....
In a distance I heard thunder and saw the skylights from the lightning. I knew the rain would not come here as we were not down wind. I felt the moisture upon my face from the dew of the night, and thought of how blessed I was to be here.
I waited in the shadows for you, but you did not come.
I knew you were safe in your cave, and well hidden from danger, but still I yearned for your presence. If only I could see you once more; if only I could talk to you; if only just to hold you.
The still of the night grew near as all became quiet and as the Moon set, pitch black came upon the lake. The shadows grew dim, and it was my time to howl and go on the prowl. The time of the Wolf was here, and with my heart pounding, and blood racing the transformation began, late but intense. My claws popped out, and my skin transformed, and nose pushed forward as my clothes dropped off, and fur covered me from head to foot. The beast is risen, and the time to feed is near. The smell of blood fills the air as my consciousness drifts from crystal clarity to primal seek. No trace of the human, as the Wolf remains, intact, intent, and hungry. The night is young and I must go. I waited in the shadows, but you did not appear.
Perhaps you did the right thing. I disappear into the night and only my sub conscious mind knows the rest. It's a long night and I must explode with my need to feed. Now, where was that cave?


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