Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fresh Air In Flagstaff, Elks on Highway 40!!! By Farley Malorrus

Glad to be in Flagstaff, Arizona, Indian land finally. Fresh air, 27 degrees, snowing, animals all over the place, watch out for the elk when you drive!!!

By Farley Malorrus, In Arizona!

What kind of Elk will wander in front of a speeding SUV or Semi, to be Squashed and due plenty of damage to the vehicle?

1. A retarded Elk

2. An Elk who is trying to 'beat' you.

3. An Elk who is blind.

4. An Elk who is Lost.

5. An Elk who made a wrong turn.

6. An Elk who is suicidal.

7. An Elk who is old and wants to die.

8. A man in an elks outfit, (or 2 men)

9. An Elk who digested a psychedelic plant or mushroom.

10. A sick Elk, who is nauseated and dizzy.

11. An elk who's sick friends coaxed him to 'go towards the light!'

12. An Elk from another planet who never saw a Semi.

13. An Elk who didn't listen to his Mom and Dad when they told him, "stay away from the Road!"(The Rebel Elk)

14. An Elk who thinks he's tough enough and cool enough to outrun the light.

15. An Elk with Insomnia

16. An Elk who just woke up to Pee and couldn't see much, so went toward the light.

17. An Elk looking at the Sun during daylight, doesn't see the car.

18. A very young Elk who never saw the road or a car, or truck.

19. All of the above, some of the above.

20. An Elk who has had it with his wife.

21. An Elk who is frustrated and just quit his job.

22. An Elk who went on a quest like me, in the Southwest, and I believe he found it!

YES, There is Elk all over the country and on the roads, and it can be very dangerous, so drive safe when you see ALL the Elk Signs. We are not talking little deer here, we are talking HUGE 300 lb. Elk...It's almost like killiing a baby Moose. A MOOSE, now there's another story, in Vermont perhaps. LOL.

Oh, If you should happen to hit a Moose at high speed, you may not walk away from that accident, as they are HUGE and some weigh more than a horse! Much More. BOOM!

Just to let you know what I think when I drive/travel.
Funny eh?

Regards from the Road.

Flying Farley Malorrus (In my V8)

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