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This is the Red Flame Mantra I memorized in 1976, when I went through the course (14 weeks), in order to learn to be Spiritual. I have found that this mantra has always put my life in balance. It is miraculous how it works. The power of the Mind, the Power of God coming together. The Mantra represents all 12 zodiacal energies in which we all share coming into perfect balance and synchronization.

I suggest you memorize it, and pray on it all the time to bring your life into balance. It has worked wonders, and miracles for me, for over 30 years. I have found it to be the MOST POWERFUL MANTRA I HAVE EVER SEEN.
It was channeled by Danna Marshall in 1976, coming from the essence of Ancient Astrological wisdom from Ancient Atlantis.



THE RED FLAME MANTRA from the Academy of Atlantis

(Aries) My mind is a clear blue lake, deep, calm and serene. I am at peace with myself and the world. I reflect the divine light. I am strong, I am loving, I am loved. I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality. (Taurus) Prosperity and comfort surround me.  (Gemini) I am aware of my mind and all of its aspects. My thoughts are peaceful, calm and confident. The glowing circle of God's love envelope's my mind. (Cancer) I am secure (Leo) I am creative. (Virgo) Health and vitality flow through my mind and my body. (Libra) I am blessed with the abundance of God's love.  With harmony and love, I share my blessings with all living things. (Scorpio) My Soul is immortal. (Sagittarius) I open myself to the light of truth and receive divine inspiration. (Capricorn) I am successful. (Aquarius) With faith in God and myself I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence. (Pisces) I enter into the fulfillment of my being and live forever in the light of God's love

Please use this Mantra to Synchronize your Life, your Chart, your soul, and your Karma. Thank you.
Farley Malorrus,

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Mark this day, October 7, 2006, as the Planet Uranus moves into "Positive Aspect," or geometrically, a 120 degree angle to JUPITER and MERCURY in Scorpio. This is called a TRINE in Astrology when similar Elements, in this case Uranus in PISCES (Water), and Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio (Also water), make for a nice blend of energy for the world. This would be the time to create ideas, artwork, sculptures, propose marriage, make committments, get married, buy a house, build a house, start a business, or write romantic poems, and prose. The Planet Uranus, Lord of Aquarius is the planet of ideas, awakening, Higher Consciousness, sudden occurences, surprises, shocks, and wisdom. Jupiter expands whatever it touches or whereever it goes with philosophy, sports, horses, travel, Higher Mind, and open mindedness. Mercury of course rules the mind, thinking, communication, brothers and sisters, concepts, ideas, writing, reading, and details. With all that to know, I'm feeling great about this aspect as it should last for at least a week to 10 days, and then Uranus will remain in Aspect to Jupiter for quite some time, adding excitment and gain for the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer including all those with Water Planets. This would be the aspect where I would say "YOU GO GIRL," OR you "GO GUY," do you thing, stop sitting around, get some logs in the fire, write it down, produce it, direct it, create it, and make some progress. Lots of money could be made here through specualtion now, because Uranus rules speculation and gain in this area.
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Bless you all. Have a great weekend, and GO URANUS!!!

Farley Malorrus,

Aries Moon sets up Grand Trines, Football Weekend

The Aries Moon Opposition to the Libra Stellium should set up some upsets in College football today (hopefully 25th ranked Missouri, My alma Mater will beat Texas Tech and not choke during this transit, but Missouri teams have a way of doing that as they always are loaded with Libra). The Aries Moon at 21 degrees sets up a gorgeous Grand trine, between itself, Saturn in Leo, and Pluto (Still a planet to Astrologers), in Sagittarius. This will make for a busy work out, get in shape weekend for many. I expect most of the favorites to dominate in Pro Football tomorrow, as there are no "Wobbles," and few retrogrades to makes things go awry. So, hopefully the Rams will pull out a win against young packers, and the Cardinals can avoid being Torched by Kansas City. The baseball Cardinals should be able to take out the Padres by tomorrow, and if not, too much LIBRA, on the Cards..
Have a great weekend all. Just a few sports tidbits concerning AStrology for those afficionados. Remember, all my RADIO TOPICS online (127) are FREE, by DONATION (as in generous folks, are there any left?) SO please go visit my site, . I can't offer much hope to the Dodgers at this point, unfortunately, but I'm thinking the TIGERS can squeek out an upset WIN Of the Series against the Yankees in Detroit, while the Mets should finish the Dodgers in L.A. A footnote here, if the Dodgers win today (ONe of the upsets that may occur with Greg Maddux pitching,) the DOdgers could pull off a miracle comeback, and I'm not saying that just because I'm from L.A. The Dodgers have some of the longest winning streaks in Baseball this year, so once they start winning, Look out!

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Farley Malorrus,