Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ode To God, Life on Earth

Ode to God, Life on Earth 2007

"I was assigned life on Earth to pay the price for my time away from God. I was assigned a mission to accomplish among many and a certain life span to be here to endure the pain. Although I found life worth living, and thrilling in parts, the pain, agony, and misery I had to endure at times was unbearable. The whole time I was alive I served this debt to God and praised his essence and glory. My life was blessed and I was content mostly except for some of the unruly, abusive, negative, and demeaning people I encountered. I did my best to be the best person I could be always acknowledging God and his existence and guidance. No one said Life on Earth was going to be easy, but it was something I had to do, I had to endure, I had to complete in order to serve my sentence for what I had done wrong away from God. I loved every breath I took, and with every beat of my heart I faced life with a love and compassion that few ever had. When my life was great, I bask in the glow of God's love, and when it was hard I did my best to overcome my fear and agony to evolve back to a state of grace. Although I was tempted by many things and people during my Earthly existence, I did all I could to hold God and his glory above all and as my top priority. It was this choice that carried me, and allowed me the freedom and calm that I created. Unlike many who were in a hurry to do things, make things, create things, and go places, I allowed my life to unfold as it did, and followed the course of least resistance, exuding caution, skill, and contemplation on my every move so as not to unbalance the Universe. I understood that life was sacred, and that everything in this dimension is sacred, so I was very careful to respect, and acknowledge all there was as God's creation, with my temporary use of it all. I thank God for the life I lived, with the great experiences I had, and the courage to face the hard times, the down times, the sad times, and the changes I needed to make in order to survive. With this testimony, I leap forward into another year, hoping and praying it be better than the last,and with the grace of God that I, my friends, and family be protected, safe and happy in whatever is to come. I have deep faith that he will watch over me and guide me as long as I give him this priority....Happy New Year. 2007"

Farley Malorrus,