Friday, July 27, 2007


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Thursday, July 26, 2007


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The day passed into night with little impact. The sky grew cold with darkness and my eyelids became heavy. I had to stay alert as alone in the woods at this time of night, it was best not to sleep. I heard the sound of baying wolves and coyotes in the distance, but it was not them I feared it was the long night, and the bitter cold. I could smell the scent of fresh pine from the trees around me, and the moisture in the air told me I was close to a lake or river. I could hear the sound of rushing water and was careful not to trip or fall off some cliff, or into some waterfall. The thought of badgers, wolverines, and wolves in the woods did not frighten me, as it was the bears. This was Bear country, and they had been known to hunt at night with excellent night vision. I could handle the critters, but bears I run from. I had a friend who studied bears for a living and he didn't survive that career. I heard the trees rustling, and knew I not make a sound, as with the new moon the blackness of the night was haunting and precise. The birds were all asleep save a lone meadowlark whose sound I chose to follow to find some recompense. One thing for sure, is that I didn't want to become a midnight snack for a rogue grizzly. The woods were damp from the thunderstorm that raged all day, and I hadn't time to rub sticks to make a fire. My matches were wet, supplies low, and now the food was gone. My heart drove me to find some berries a clearing, decide on what direction to take and pray for dry weather. The trees behind continued rustling baiting my worst fears that a grizzly might be on my trail. I found a large pointed stick and decided to use it as a walking stick or weapon in case of attack. The long, slow drawl and growl of a grizzly now became familiar, as I sensed he was within 30 or 40 yards of me tracking. The meadowlark suddenly was quiet, and my every move dictated my location. With no light source to judge and chaotic terrain in every direction, I decided to trust my senses and keep moving as quickly as possible seeking any high ground. The grizzlies pace quickened as did his slow hoarse growl and breathing. Fear was my only enemy right now, reminding myself I was still the top of the food chain, unless I die, which was not an option.... I dozed off from total exhaustion only to awake from the gaping shadow of a 1000 lb grizzly jumping from the ledge! It was only due to my adrenaline, and Spiderman type reflexes that allowed me to bolt barely escaping the rake of his razor sharp claws. The sun was rising now, and all I could think of was to make it to the river or wherever I had heard the water running. Making a pace that had to be of Olympic tenure, I could not look behind, as I heard the recent growl and deep drawl breathing of the Grizzly in pursuit. My life seemed to flash before my eyes as the water neared then I noticed I was on a cliff about 20 feet from the river which lied below.... Recalling a scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid movie, I had no choice but to jump, terrified as the grizzly closed within reach and no way to know how deep the river is, that I may plunge to my death or be eaten. With choices abound, I screamed and jumped, as the howl of an eagle could be heard on the way down. I hit the water and thank God it was deep enough and that I had taken a huge breath, believing the bear could not possibly follow. I was wrong as he must have lost footing and above me the water exploded from the over 1000 lb girth of the grizzly as he unwillingly plunged in the river after me. I swam like Johnny Weissmuller fleeing from a quorum of alligators in what may have seemed an eternity, but was really possibly the final chapter of my life. I felt the pull of the water as the bears claws came ever so close to my thorax which pummeled exceeding amounts of adrenaline into my bloodstream, enough so, that I didn't even feel the need to breathe. Had I turned fish I wondered, with gills popping, and a shark in pursuit? I swam and swam and swam which seemed like almost 10 minutes not knowing whether I was bear bait or going to drown. My thoughts raced as I pondered, what the hell was I thinking going camping alone in the middle of the night? I turned suddenly about 15 feet deep with trusty spear in hand, the stick I had found, and struck the bear deeply in theabdomen. Though both underwater I could hear the bemoaning groan, with gallons of redness from the blood gushing as the strike was precise, exact, and fatal. The weight of the bear started to fall on me due to his lack of buoyancy, and I knew I need escape quickly for my air had run out. I gasped deeply as I reached the surface, quickly looking around wondering what might happen next. The bald eagle sat perched on the cliff's edge as audience to an adventure film and seemingly surprised it was I and not the grizzly who survived. The grizzly was dead, the sun had risen, and here I was soaken wet, cold, starving, half naked, with my blood soaked stick that had eventually saved my life. My problem now, being without a compass which I lost in the chase was where exactly in the wilderness was I, and what do I do now? I turned away from the sun as midday approached to be greeted by a pack of wolves. An aged white alpha male, 2 grays, and 3 black wolves. I knew not to lose eye contact with the pack leader as my apache background told me that if I did, I might not last the next breath. I didn't blink for what seemed 5 minutes and the alpha must have sensed I was not going to back down from a fight. I still had my spear and the adrenaline had returned, so I would assume he did not wish to incur any losses. It's typical for a wolf pack to assault a weaker target, but most wise old wolves know not to sacrifice their own for a meal. I felt safe amongst the wolves even though they appeared hungry and ready for their next meal, but the white male sensed a camaraderie in me, so his fierce growl led into dead silence and a shrug as he led the pack off. I figured the fates were on my side, as I learned as a child to never fear an animal or animals smaller than I, but to always run like hell from a hungry bear in pursuit. On second thought, maybe it was more than my eye contact that drove the pack off. Maybe it was the scent of another bear in the woods. Reminding myself that this was bear country and pondering the age and gender of the one I had killed, I figured it might be a young male, with a mama bear possibly in close territory. I highly respected bear consciousness as way beyond anything man could imagine, as a mistake men often make is to underestimate their animal opponents. As the Sun set in the West over a mountain, I realized I was right. Slowly I turned to gaze into the sunset as I spied a large shadow in the Sun. It appeared to be a large female grizzly now upright at about 8 feet standing, and maybe 1200 pounds seemingly gathering direction with focus and intent I had never seen in a wild animal before. Whatever fear I had embraced from the prior encounter was dwarfed by the goose bumps and body tingles I felt now. Was this some kind of test by God, or was it verily my last day on Earth. I grasp at all the energy and stamina I could attain, and like a Zuni warrior I took off heading East in full stride through the brush with spear in hand. I did not have to look back, because I knew full well that mama Grizzly was after me now in a mission of revenge for her dead son. My biggest fear was to run head on into another grizzly while fleeing this one. The fact was that they were all over the place. I mean this was the undiscovered country in the depths of Montana Wilderness where few men had ever gone. Once again that little voice in my head said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Earth on the Verge of Karma Correction By Farley Malorrus

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Earth on the Verge of Karma Correction, "What goes around Comes Around!"

By Farley Malorrus,

President Bush making choices the Democracy is against along with most of the World; Congress being impotent, Darfur genocide, Catholic Church in catastrophe with child abuse from it's Priests, Abortion run wild, Health Care World Wide in a mess, relationships shattered, dreams shattered, heart disease, cancer, aids, SARS, Crib Death, kidnapping, people getting away with crime, tons imprisoned who are innocent, Girls Gone Wild, Porno dominating Internet, World gone Crazy....Media, Congress, President, and politics OWNED by Corporations and vested interests, and on and on.......

The Roman Empire Fell, The Napoleonic empire fell, the Ottoman empire fell, Ancient Greece fell, Ancient Egypt Fell, The empires of Genghis and Kublai Khan fell, and every single empire in the history of the World has fallen. Why not US? The World is in such a crazy and fragile state with lies, corruption, murder, manipulation, genocide, politics, and war dominating the world scene, and most people living from paycheck to paycheck, while others are on the street, and the rich get richer. The funny thing about Karma is, it always jumps up and BITES EVERYONE IN THE ASS. No one escapes KARMA, not Elvis, Not Kennedy, Not Jesus, Not Nixon, Not Clinton, Not Bush, Not Napoleon, not anyone! You must be so careful as to your choices in life as this dimension is so very sacred and fragile, and life on Earth is so very sacred and fragile, that will all the craziness, abuse, manipulation, lies, and delusions, not to mention WAR, I have a bad feeling that something terrible is about to happen to change it all by the end of this year. My dad always told me, "Farley, whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I believe that with all my heart, and I do believe that if something drastic and earth shaking does happen to the Planet, the President, Congress, Washington, New York, or L.A., that it will certainly be some kind of payback to a World gone mad. It drives me crazy all the death, dying, suffering, killing, genocide, and corruption that goes on every day on this planet for the sake of power, money, and control. It hasn't worked yet in World History, and Karma has a funny way of balancing things one way of the other. Real Estate did stop growing, the Market did go up but then it stopped, and lots of companies went bust; relationships are at an all time failure rate with so many single people and the divorce rate out of sight, and the value of the dollar has gone way down over the last 50 years, but the minimum wage has only gone up slightly.
This must be the way they force Fascism on us in a subtle and invisible way, so that most all people who have little or nothing become slaves to the system, while the rest of the World (The 2% that are wealthy), grovel in their mansions, high rise office buildings, beach houses, and limousines. Funny, how BIG BROTHER did take over with his homeland security, surveillance cameras, Fascist militias, and control without America flinching over being taken over by this Beast that now owns us all. Property tax, income tax, Estate tax (Death tax), sales tax, luxury tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, gas tax, and so on and so on. Wasn't this country founded on "taxation without representation, called a Tea Tax?" Funny how things change.
Well, the good news is, no worries, with all the other empires crumbling, eventually this game will end also, as God rears his head and karma corrects all the indulgences, lies, deceit, and betrayal that exists in the World today at every level. Some people will tell you it's 'Ok' and that everything will be just fine, because the Democrats or Republicans will save us. Don't believe it. The Democrats and Republicans are both owned by Big Oil and Big Health Care so none of them will budge an inch without 'permission' from the lobbyists. It saddens me what the world has become and how manipulated a species we are by the BIG WIGS that run the game.
To me, it's like a BIG HOUSE OF CARDS, fragile, huge, unstable, and about to crumble at any moment. It would not take much to bring it all down. Not much at all. I pray we all be safe and survive whatever it is to come, but I still feel that it's Karma Time and that those who have not kept a clean house of morals are about to pay the piper and deal with the Grim Reaper.

Sorry, I've been away awhile, as I've been dealing with family business, but I still send my LOVE to all of you, and as always pray for PEACE, TRUTH, LOVE, and HOPE. Something we find a shortage lately with those who run the game. No worries, they shall get just what's coming to them. Wasn't that a line in ALIEN?
Have a great week!


God Bless!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Saturn Cycle, Saturn Return, Turning 30, 60, and 90 By Farley Malorrus

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The Shock and Awe of a Saturn Return

By Farley Malorrus,

I suggest if you are turning 30, 60, or 90 you go to my website and listen to all the audio files you can find on the SATURN RETURN. This is a critical time in our lives when SATURN RETURNS TO WHERE IT WAS WHEN WE WERE BORN, some 30 years later. Astrologers believe Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the collector of debts, the payback Planet, the planet that makes us serve or suffer. I tend to agree to this. When I had my first Saturn Return, that last 2.5 years before you turn 30, 60, and/or 90 (that's right it's 2.5 year effect!), my best friend Michael Alcana died in a car wreck and it destroyed me. I am much older and wiser now, and seem to handle the death of loved ones better (My Dad died 6/13, and I'm chilled about it.)

Still, when Saturn returns to it's birth point (Mine being 25 Leo, and Saturn is at 22 Leo approx right now) then the Karma of your life is lit up.

It depends what Sign Saturn is in when you are born, what house, and how it is affected or aspected by the rest of the Planets in your birth horoscope, as to what you will go through. It never fails that most people have 'quite a story,' when they approach 30, 60, or 90 from this affect. My Mom is 89, so she is in one, and of course I am in my 2nd Saturn cycle along with my partner Kenneth.

So, Saturn in Leo for me, Leo meaning 'father, family, leadership,' has cast me in a role of dealing with the death of my dad, suddenly having to care for Mom (family), and a leadership role of dealing with his complicated estate. Saturn is in the 11th house with me (Goals and Friends) and onceagain my goals are put on hold (writing books, acting, producing, doing the web site, dating, finding love, relationship, marriage, and so on) and although I do have friends, I don't feel like there are as many close friends, everyday types that I used to have. When I woke up this morning I had Saturn on my mind, as it all makes sense now, while in a state of calm by the lake for 3 months, suddenly tossed into a World of Karma, responsibility, chaos, and adjustment. I am not alone, because everyone, including our dear President Bush, (who just turned 60), and all those born in 46, 47, and 1948, also, 1976, 1977, and 1978, or 1916, 1917, and 1918 are in the middle of a Saturn Cycle. Two close friends of mine, Phil Sosnoff, and Rich Fitzgerald whom I went to school with both suddenly just died and they were in the middle of a Saturn cycle, once again Leo ruling Heart and Heart Health, as theirs gave out. It helps a great deal to understand how the gravity and energy system of the planets work, and how they affect us at a cellular level, considering our cells are literally imprinted with the "Universe" at birth, giving us uniqueness, designing character, destiny, Karma, and our potential. This imprint is called the Natal or Birth Chart, which we cast at the instant the baby takes it's first breath. The rest of our lives, this 'cell circuit,' is set off by the Sun, Moon, and other planets moving through space creating mini dramas of which we learn and grow from. We are truelly magnetic beings, and those that embrace and understand Astrology are given an incredible 'edge,' in understanding how life works. Magnetic beings in a magnetic Universe is what it is all about.

SO, if you recall turning 30, or 60, and what happened the 2.5 years before that, then you will now understand that it was KARMA TIME for you, and if you went through a huge adjustment, then NOW you know what happened. You were having a Saturn Return. In case you need to read this over a few times to digest it, it might help, but I highly suggest to learn more on the subject to go to and 'click on,' THE SATURN RETURN, to get the full audio effect.

I believe that much in life is explainable and that understanding ourselves as energy beings, magnetic, in a magnetic Universe, and reaching 'beyond,' what normal science dictates, could help you understand this phenomena called life.

Thanks for dropping by.

Farley Malorrus

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Moving Dad's 1000 lb Pool Table By Farley Malorrus

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Moving Dad's 1000 lb Pool Table, and They paid me $200!

By Farley Malorrus,

The Pool table is gone, the shuffle board table is gone, and all for $245 total. These two genius/engineer type video arcade game (Air Hockey) movers from Colton, Ca., Vern and Evan came in here with  block and tackle, pulleys, ropes and strength, and commitment and moved a 1000 lb pool table down two flights of stairs out the door and into their truck. First they took it apart into 1000 pieces, and then they moved the 900 lb Marble top down the stairs. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
They got here at 3pm, and left at 5am, 15 hours later.
This was the most amazing engineering technique I had ever seen, and I'm certain NO TWO people in the World could have accomplished moving Dad's cherished Pool Table from the Game room out of the house as they did.
I'm sure God/Jesus sent these guys to me and my Mom.
Now, I'm living in the 'game room,' of Mom's house, and have comfort and a new Queen bed to sleep in. Next comes the Jacuzzi Tub. Life has changed since my Father died 6/13, but I am adjusting, and trying to take care of my Mom and her financials.
That's what happened to me on 7/7/7

See you all. Amazing thing to watch these guys balance 1000 lbs all the way out the door without destroying the house or killing themselves.
Farley (Whew) Just woke up at 12:30pm!

P.S. Craigslist DOES WORK!

Friday, July 6, 2007

7/7/7 and My Input to the Long Beach Press Telegram by Farley Malorrus

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The Long Beach Press Telegram called me about my input on to 7/7/07
Here's the link:
(Copy and Paste)
Or here's my quote:


The 7/7/07 alignment has strong spiritual significance as well.

Farley Malorrus, a Los Angeles astrologer who runs, says the number has deep significance.

"It's not an accident that 7-7-7 is the jackpot on a slot machine," Malorrus says. "Twenty-one is a very godly number."

Malorrus says 777 is often seen as a godly counterpart to 666, which is described in the Bible as the mark of the beast, or devil.

Astrologically, Saturn is opposing Neptune, according to Malorrus, which could signal powerful global events within the next 60 days.

"A lot of people feel some sort of retribution in the world could occur," Malorrus says.

On a more personal level, Malorrus also suggests that Saturday would be a good day for a person to make a list of goals, to sell a stock or buy a bond, to start a business or to invest.

It's also a good day to travel, maybe on a Boeing 777.

Malorrus also says any baby born on July 7 will have a leg up in the luck department.

Interestingly enough, a year, a month and a day from Saturday will be 8/8/08, which is also significant.

"In comparison, 8/8/08 represents prosperity," Malorrus says, "(July 7) is more spiritual."

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


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Hello All. IN my Analysis of all the Presidential Candidates, I have found that Bill Richardson, is THE ONLY CANDIDATE that is not "Owned" by vested interests and Corporations. If the United States is to go forward in the 21st Century without Pharmaceutical companies, Health insurance companies, lobbyists, and other vested interests directing us, BILL RICHARDSON would have to be elected President.

I have made an in depth study of this issue, and although Bill is a liberal, and quite open minded, I feel with all my heart at this time, that he would be the only choice to assure that the War would end, that there be National Health Care FREE, and that Democracy be prevailed in this Century. All other candidates are 'owned' by vested interests and corporations, which as you know is not good, considering our current administration owned by Halliburton and the 'greedy' Health Care industry.
This is just my take, but when it comes to President, I feel the next President is critical to our survival.

More later.
Farley Malorrus,

I had a dream this man would be President and save America. It was quite vivid.