Sunday, December 3, 2006

Using Astrology to Coach Football By Farley Malorrus

(Footnote: Bret Favre and Mark Bulger did 'lose' today after having off days, and neither was benched, so as predicted, when the planets go bad for a Quarterback, they go bad...FYI)

The Quarterback is having a Bad day or Bad Horoscope, then BENCH HIM. By Farley Malorrus

One day football will be more like baseball in that the pitchers will be rotated or benched in favor of someone with the hot hand.....

I think Football will change in the future. I think teams will have up to 3 Quarterbacks, and according the 'their horoscope,' or if they are in the game and playing bad, they will be 'benched,' as a pitcher is in baseball, and another QB will come into the game. This situation with a 1st string Quarterback 'owning a team,' will not work in the future. A guy could be having an awful day, week, month, or year in the stars, and still the coach (in modern day, Bill Cowher last week with Ben Roethlesberger), leaves the guy in the game to get battered, when the guy on the bench, (Charlie Batch) is fine to be put into the game, and maybe give the team a chance to win. As egos become less important and Astrology Chart daily energy becomes more important, I feel championships will be designed in the sport of football depending on whether the guy throwing the ball is having good aspects or bad aspects, Astrologically speaking. How many times have we seen teams with Quarterbacks who appear 'stricken,' left in the game until they are injured or carted off helpless, when the coach can simply 'bench' him in favor of the 'other guy,' who may be having 'better aspects. For Example, the Moon in Taurus today, in stress to Mercury in Scorpio, and Neptune in Aquarius may not work well for Mark Bulger of the Rams for example who has Taurus energy in his chart, but the coach may not know that or care. If Bulger has a bad 1st quarter, you can put Gus Frerotte in the game for a quarter or two to see if he can do better, then bring Bulger back in the 2nd half with a lead instead of leaving Bulger in to get battered. This philosophy of leaving a guy like Bret Favre, Jake Plummer, or Kurt Warner in a game when they are playing bad, lazy, or stupid will not work in the future. Wise coaches will become more aware of Astrological aspects and the fact that people have bad days, including Quarterbacks, and instead of worrying so much about it being 'his team,' you just bench him in favor of the other guy, and tell him, it's no big deal, that he'll be back in the game later on, or another game.
Football should be a game about winning, not a game about babying a quarterback who is havinga bad aspect or a bad day. That is how you ruin a career, or have a terrible injury. To me, it's obvious when someone is playing badly, and no matter whom you have on the bench as back up, a 'relief QB,' should be sent in, just as they do in baseball. I think it would protect the QB who is having the bad day, and give the team as a whole a chance to win. The broadcasters and reporters debate over and over who should be QB on this team, and why he hasn't been benched, or why the rookie like Cutler on Denver, isn't playing yet (He is today), but still, I think the egos should be shed, and when coaches learn that some days the QB just isn't clicking, and try not to figure why, but just bench him in favor of the other guy, even if for a quarter or two, and give the team a chance to win. I used to coach 9 to 12 year old kids in football and won 8 championships, and I used this formula all the time. When one of the kids seemed rusty or wasn't playing to his potential, I had no problem switching the Quarterback to another kid, to give us a chance to win. In pro and college football you don't see that as much, but one day football teams with have many more Quarterbacks to choose from (same goes for receivers, if they can't catch, bench them in favor of someone having 'better aspects' that day as these things run in trends)

I believe one day football teams will get smart and have 3 to 5 pitchers (Quarterbacks) on the bench rotating them until they find the 'hot hand,' and win the game. Football is too boring an unpredictable when every week the coach leaves Bret Favre in the game, even though the Packers are getting killed, in favor of putting in the other guy and giving the team a chance.
Just my honest opinion.
Farley Malorrus,