Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Doesn't Farley Talk MORE about ASTROLOGY? By Farley Malorrus

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Where's the Astrology?
By Farley Malorrus

I have worked SO HARD to make this journal and my website appropriate for ALL THOSE ASTROLOGY AFICIONADOS out there.
Frankly, there have only been about 10 people who have donated to OUR FREE ASTROLOGY SITE this last year....Only about 10....
Many of you know how many hours I have put into this journal discussing numerous Astrology topics, and gosh knows how many 1,000's of times it's been read, but still only 10 WONDERFUL PEOPLE have donated to our site...Not near enough to make it run for FREE.
I received an email wondering why I don't discuss Astrology topics MORE?
That is simple, it's because I am just not getting the support I need to run

I have a suggestion..


I mean we have offerred 220 Audio topics FREE, and tons of folks have been listening, but only 10 of those tons have donated...

Rather disappointing, and making me wonder if my teaching is doing anyone any good.

You all know my Father, Fred died this year in June, so it hasn't been a good time for me.
STILL, I would be more than happy to design MANY ASTROLOGY TOPICS for my journal and perhaps even some NEW CURRENT AUDIO TOPICS for the web site, IF WE COULD JUST GET MORE DONATIONS?

I don't wish to beg, so I won't, but many of you all know how much time and effort has been put into this journal, and our web site, with little public support.
Funny, because when I was on L.A. radio from 1983 to 1996, then ABC7 from 1997 to 1999, we got 100's of 1000's of people donating to Astrological Metaphysical radio which made it a phenomena...

Perhaps its time for some of you regular readers of the journal, and visitors to to make a toke to the 'dealer,' and break down with a donation to our server, to inspire my teachings, and create more Astrology information from the journal and the site.
No pressure, but that's the facts...
Love you all.

Genocide, It's what Humans DO, Over 1 Billion Killed by FARLEY MALORRUS

Genocide, It's what Humans do, for 10,000 years...1 Billion dead or more
By Farley Malorrus...(Just my take on Humans)
Here's something you don't read in the U.S. HIstory BOoks
(Pass it on)

(BEFORE AMERICA WAS DISCOVERED, there are NO RECORDS as to how many millions of Black Slaves and other Human Slaves were Killed, Raped, and impregnated throughout Earth History. I'm sure the numbers would be appalling. Here are some of my estimates on the establishment of the U.S. a "Free Country." At what Price Freedom? Is there really freedom in the U.S.A." Just food for thought, no offense to any Patriots. I am a true Patriot, hence this story.....)
in 350 Years of slavery, from 1492 to 1860, Blacks were treated worse than dogs or cattle. IF they didn't listen or just for sport, black men and women were slaughtered....Here are some ideas:

1. 12,000,000 Black Men & Women slaughtered by slave owners when no longer of use, or if they made a mistake...Price of buying a new slave $1 to $5...
Some Slaves were killed for "Sport."
That's Genocide, AMERICAN STYLE.
2. 50,000,000 black women raped and most impregnated with white men's babies when Black socializing was frowned upon. THe babies made slaves also, as a cheap way to generate the slaves....
3. 50,000,000 native American Indians exterminated to make room for white settlements moving West..

Some like to say the HOLOCAUST DIDN'T HAPPEN because it was Jews, Russians,Gays, Chinese, Filipinos, Gypsies, and Blacks (Over 50,000,000 Killed) (God Knows how many raped)
THE FACT IS HUMANS HAVE BEEN KILLING & RAPING  HUMANS, AS IN DARFUR, GENOCIDE as a common part of HISTORY all over the World, all during HUMAN HISTORY....What about the Inquisition? 40,000,000 exterminated. (How many Vietnamese women were impregnated with American Babies during the Viet Nam War? Ever think of that? 1,000's and 1'000's.....)

Human History is All about GENOCIDE and HOLOCAUST...IT's all about, War, fighting, killing, and raping each other....
IN breeding, mixed breeding, raping children, turning them into mercenaries.

IF you were an Alien from another planet, would you want to make 1st Contact with a species that exterminates & rapes it'sown? The fact is, War is all about KILLING and RAPING, innocents, and in breeding the cultures. When the Moors conquered Sicily, part of their 'conquering,' was to make sure that every single Sicilian woman was impregnated with a Moorish Baby.....and that is in the History books...

It's no wonder we have nuclear weapons. THE FINAL SOLUTION to wipe us all off the face of the Earth. OF course, a murderous species like MAN needs to have a DIETY, a SAVIOR, a GOD, that watches over the GOOD SIDE OF US, but the truth is we KILL and consume, and rape our own, always have, always will.
Welcome to Planet Earth. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN, and remember, When they say THE HOLOCAUST DIDN'T EXIST, THEY MEAN, BECAUSE IT'S BEEN GOING ON ALL OVER THE WORLD THROUGHOUT WORLD HISTORY, TO ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE. THE HOLOCAUST IS what's in the history books, but over 1 BILLION KILLED Through GENOCIDE Througout history is WHAT IT'S ABOUT TO BE HUMAN. People pray, and they pray, and they pray, but human beings are a murderous, blood thirsty, sexually aggressive, and self exterminating species....We are worse than fire ants, or Soldier Ants who will kill and consume almost anything in it's path.The female Praying Mantis, and the female Black widow typically kill the males after breeding with them.
Are we really that far away from the Black Widow and the Praying Mantis, the way we kill and rape our own? You wonder where God is in the mix of all this genocide....When will it stop? When will killing each other become a thing of the past? When we are all dead?
Why do any nations even have nuclear weapons at all? Why do we have the ability to self exterminate at the press of a button?
It makes no sense to me...None at all....Why? I have no idea.

OH, You can't handle the truth...I forgot.