Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life On Earth in the 21st Century By Farley Malorrus

A Day in the Life

Farley here, and hello to all. I finally finished my molar Root canal performed here in Easley, South Carolina by the honorable Dr. Bowers, and YES< Doctors do care MORE IN THE deep south and in small towns. Don't know why, but his manner was wonderful and I watched it all on TV with no pain. Fascinating, and glad that is over.
Lesson here: Take care of your teeth or risk losing them, and having a heart attack or stroke, because lots of blood clots come from bacteria infections and abscesses from the teeth, so don't be a chicken, TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH and your health!

I've been chillin by Lake Keeowee and how addictive it is. I saw some Canadian Geese yesterday, and some ducks today, and a bunch of high flying birds with large wings, Eagles or Vultures. The air is cool, the wind is breezy, and the air is fresh. (No Smog in Western South Carolina, zero, zilch, nada!)

My buddy Tiny (Justin) and his wife Jaime are expecting their first in a week or so (a little girl), and I am quite excited about this new born on approach! I'm also a bit exhausted from my recent bout with tooth pain and abscess so waiting 2 weeks to get a permanent filling put in where the root canal was.

My social life is very quiet here, as I have a few friends that are SUPER, and a few adoring females, but mostly they don't come around much, and I don't mind, as I'm not as interested, lately.

Good news is my dad, Fred doesn't diaylsis anymore and he got his tubes removed today. His kidney failure was the result of an Arthritis medication called "Celebrex." SO beware if you take Celebrex or any meds with severe side effects.
I am enjoying watching the World Champs (Cardinals) play ball on the road, as they win on the road and lose as home. I've also been working on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, which is what I'm good at. My mind has been drifting into many different areas of adventure and mystery, and some of the sounds I hear around the house when I'm at home let's me know I'm not totally alone, as the wind spirits keep me company.
I love the Thunderstorms and Lightning that accompanies it, and wait earnestly for the next to role in.
It's hard to explain, but it feels that I've always been in this quiet little cottage by the lake, with an easy life, and with nature at it's best. I likeit when life is simplified, and I can think and process my complicated set of emotions. I find the lake quite meditative and relaxing, and gives me a way to reflect on what has happened in my life, and plan for what is next.
God is good to me, I feel very blessed and thank God for my blessings.
Nothing else to report, just that I'm feeling better, and that life is good.
I hope things are good for you...

Farley Malorrus,

One sad note, is that we have gotten tons of response to our web site and lots of folks listening, but not a single donation in 3 months or so.....Well, no one ever said I was beyond Community Service, so I guess it's all part of it. It would be nice if a few made a donation or so, to help finance the broadband for the shows.