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AMAZING VIDEO OF GEORGE BUSH 10 YEARS AGO. THE SAME MAN? A Copy? What is wrong with this pictu

THIS IS AN AMAZING VIDEO OF PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH 10 years ago and NOW. Is this the same man? Or maybe a copy or a Clone? Tell me, What is going on?

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 This Video is presented 'for your information only.' Is this the kind of man we can count on to direct our nation and make logical choices for our future?
You decide.
Happy Holidays....Freedom of the Press Lives! God Bless the 1st Amendment!

Holiday Video, Jay Leno and GWB on Late Night presented by Farley Malorrus


YOU WILL ONLY APPRECIATE THE ABOVE VIDEO IF YOU ARE A "LOST FAN," AS I AM. I think it's very funny. Enjoy, from Saturday Night Live... Presented by Farley Malorrus, and Call 310-415-9222 for Astrology Consultations by Farley.


This is 6 minutes of pure entertainment from the David Letterman show, the end of the VENTRILOQUIST week. I laughed so hard, I cried. Also, Tod Oliver and Irving are showcased at the Showboat in Branson, Missouri

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HOLIDAY VIDEO, "I LOVE YOU," Talking Dog presented by Farley Malorrus &

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Astrology By Farley Malorrus Happy 2007

Astrology, Good Bye 2006, Hello 2007...

By Farley Malorrus

Well, 2006 is nearly over, and what a year that was.  Now, we are faced with a "9" year, 2007, (7 + 2 = 9). What does having a 9 year mean? 9 in Numerology is 'endings,' 'closure,' completion, and finality. Whatever the course, whatever the reason, whatever the mission, be it personal, national, International or political, 2007 will be "it" for several situations waiting for closure. I would love to see 2007 be a year of closure for diseases like AIDS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung disease, and staph infections. If only the AMA would let some of the cures come out, perhaps they wouldn't make so much money billing us and our insurance companies so much for what little they do other than over medicate us, and suggest unnecessary surgery. I'm hoping there is closure with the War, as what is going on in the World is so terrible, that it seems ludicrous that we believe we can solve the World's problems by bringing democracy to ONE nation, when 50 countries scream for democracy. I'm hoping that there will be closure for the American people in having peace with a President that was first appointed by the Supreme Court, then reelected in a storm of controversy over voting machines that just don't work. The good news is the Moon Wobble is over, and Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign it lives in and rules, along with tons of other planets in Sagittarius, including the Sun, so there is still some joy in mudville.
For me, I'm happy the St. Louis Cardinals, the team I predicted to win, underdog as they were, finally won another World Series the last one coming in 1982, so I have a smile on my face for that. Now, if only the San Diego Chargers can win the Super Bowl, as I predicted on the 'X' Zone Radio show last Tuesday, then I can be content for a whole year.

What about all these lonely people in the World? What about all these divorced, single, never been married nomads that wander aimlessly looking for their personal Tom Cruise (never happen), or Brittney Spears (Definitely never happen), and can't get along with each other because we are basically all too normal for each other? I think the media and movies lead us to believe that we can have Mr. Right/Perfect, or Ms. Right/Perfect, or else just be alone. How tragic it is for human relations when we live on a planet with so many who refuse to mate with each other. Just 100 years ago in 1907, it was unheard of to be single, as you usually got matched up with whomever was available and with the divorce rate literally non existent due to the lack of divorce attorneys, or the need for women's rights, people actually got married and stayed married. When women's liberation hit, and women decided they needed to be self sufficient, there was no longer a need to be married or have a man. With homo sexuality in epidemic proportion, one wonders if the whole World might be totally gay one day, spelling the end of breeding and the human race. For whatever reason, being single and alone in 2007, is what literally millions of people have to face, and it saddens me that there is no logical way to bring them together, (not even with E harmony!)

In time, brain capacity will increase along with our ability to know and trust each other better, live together longer in matrimony, embrace loyalty and commitment, and actually be together til 'death do us part.' Until then, I fear that millions of people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's will rationalize it's okay to be with their cat, dog, bird, or friends and that they don't need love, affection, sex, or intimacy in their lives, which is a joke. The free sex generation, had their fill, then women's liberation came along and did away with traditional marriage opting for equal partners instead of 'Papa' run families.

I know that one day I pray to meet someone nice, get married, and even try to have children, but the clock is ticking as they say, and I guess I was too spoiled by one or two who I was with in the past, when they showed me what true love and caring was all about. Still, so many people who are married are just as lonely as the single one's if not more so, due to the fact that there is just no more love left in their marriage but they have little choice, as why would anyone want to fend their way in the single jungle we have today?

So, this is heaven, right? Or not? There are happily married people in this world who are even loyal to each other. I believe that to be true with all my heart, as I do believe in true love. The problem is that people have been doing so much experimentation with love, sex, and relationships this last 60 years, and even with Jupiter in Scorpio last year, I did not sense any kind of sexual explosion, only mass frustration, and loneliness from tons of clients and friends who make up nomadic tribes of wandering singles.

Saturn's final journey through the tail end of Leo before it enters Virgo will be gone from Leo for another 27 years, but it did show us that we lack leadership on this planet. Leo, is the sign of leadership, and I'm not sure I would want to be President while Saturn is in Leo, this last 2 years. It's never easy to be in charge when the Planet of Karma (Saturn) is in the sign of leadership (Leo).

It could have been so easy if President Bush just pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, announced, "Game Over," and would have been remembered as a hero to the American people. Instead, we fight a war that cannot be won, only escalated, with no end in sight, and no one really remembers any more why we are fighting it. Syria, Iran, and all terrorist nations will keep flooding Iraq with plenty of insurgents to keep us busy, and try to take over a country in chaos, which we obviously cannot do. Will 2007 offer any change? Like I said from the beginning, 2007 is a '9' year, and closure is what it is about. I expect this new Congress to jump all over Bush with all the illegal actions he has taken, if he does not respond to 'leverage,' and pull the troops out. No one can talk to me about weapons of mass destruction or Sadam Hussein, as there never were any weapons, and Sadam is in custody, so why are we there? We are there to establish democracy in a country with an infinite flow of suicidal insurgents from every terrorist corner of the Globe. Sounds like a lose lose situation to me. IF they want democracy in Iraq, I say, let them fight for it, as we did during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

In any event, I'm optimistic about 2007, as I choose to be, as here I am safe in my motor home, and house by the lake secure in my environment and protected from the elements, and rowdy decisions made by cowboy Presidents with their own private agenda. I feel for those families who have son's and daughters in Iraq, as I have friends who sons are Marines and about to go over there. How is it we make a critical mistake in Viet Nam, and 35 years later we make the same exact mistake in Iraq. You think we would have learned from the Russian-  debacle in Afghanistan, but instead we go there too and end up spinning our wheels. Maybe one day people will realize that war is not the answer. They may also realize that when we go over there to find weapons of mass destruction, and there are none, then maybe we just pack up and go home.

Here are some of the things I visualize and pray happen in 2007:

1. World Peace, Pull out of Iraq.

2. More people fall in love, get married, and stay married.

3. Fewer people get divorced.

4. Hydrogenated Oils, and Mono Dygycerides become illegal.

5. More children have positive role models.

6. Higher Education comes down in price.

7. They come out with Electric Cars, (not hybrids).

8. They invent something that makes fat people thin with little or no effort and it's reasonable in price.

9. People gain more awareness and increased brain capacity.

10. People love their children more and make a point to spend time with them every single day.

11. People express their love to each other more every day.

12. People hug more.

13. We eat less meat, kill fewer animals.

14. We develop cosmetic lines that do not use animal products, same with household cleansers, perfumes, and detergents.

15. We are kinder to Horses and Greyhounds.

16. The U. S. Government and our leaders pay more attention to domestic problems and stop spending billions on foreign policies that don't work.

17. Income tax is abolished.

18. Property tax is abolished.

19. Families get along better and get closer.

20. People learn how to stay in touch with each other, and look up old friends from the past, just to tell them they love them.

21. We take care of ourselves and our loved one's better.

22. We recycle more, and try to preserve the environment.

23. We are alert and cognitive to obvious terrorist situations domestically, and do something about it, without removing the rights of Americans, and harassing them in the process.

24. We live everyday like it's Christmas.

25. We remember God as a daily part of our lives and love, and embrace the force of Light and Love to embellish our existence.

May God Bless you and Protect you and your family and the World in 2007

With Love

Farley Malorrus,