Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Astrology, Fun With Horoscopes, Forecast for 2007 By Farley Malorrus

(Please Pass this forecast on to anyone and everyone, so they know how their year will be!! Thank you! FM)

Astrological Forecast for December 2006
and for the Calendar year 2007
By Farley Malorrus,
310-415-9222 for readings.

Aries: Aries has had a fine run the last two years with Saturn in friendly Leo. Hopefully career has soared and some goals realized including improvements in family and children. December is a pivotal month for the Ram concerning completion's and making final on many projects. Hopefully, they will be confident and optimistic able to overcome any problem or road block. I love Aries with Jupiter in friendly fire Sagittarius for much of 2007, which brings travel, luck, prosperity, and happiness to most Rams. This is a warm friendly, loving sign that loves physical contact.

Taurus: Taurus has been through a challenging two year period, and frankly would like to forget about a lot that happened this year which has been a major test. They are shown relief in December with focus on love, romance, and getting finances recovered in case their has been a loss or challenge. Taurus needs to be very careful in any real estate deals, or stock deals, as the markets may be stabilizing and could drop further in 2007. Taurus loves to hug and needs a lot of affection. They are also a very physical sign.

Gemini: The Twins would have to be one of the strongest of the 12 signs of the Zodiac having survived quite the roller coaster the past 3 to 6 years. Although they have been shown major gains, many may have taken advantage of their love, trust, or naivety in certain situations. Thankfully Gemini is open minded and forgiving in order to resolve any issues, and is shown continued growth and fulfillment of many life long dreams. If you are Gemini you should not smoke, or abuse your lungs at all, as that is sensitive part of your body. December is a month of major change for you and you should adjust and be able to adapt as the days go without resisting the tide. The year 2007 is a major year of letting go of the past and reinventing much of your life. Gemini thrives on communication and information.

Cancer: The Crab should have had an overall decent year in most areas, and is shown the greatest financial gains, so hopefully you have made some money in real estate, the stock market, or the bond market. Romantically, you have been on fire this year, and being close with those you love has been an important part of your life. December means a time for you to think about taking a break from a potential hectic schedule and tons of responsibility. Hawaii in the winter, or the Caribbean, Europe, or just some camping might be a great prescription. The year 2007 offers tremendous goal accomplishment and exciting new friendships. Cancer is an Emotional sign and needs lots of love.

Leo: The Lion has certainly been through the most challenge and ordeal with Saturn in Leo for the last 2 years, and if you are a Leo and you are in good shape, you should be proud, but if you are hurting as a Leo, I understand. The challenge here has been along the lines of organization, leadership, family, father, friends, and adaptation to transition. I know lots of Leo who have reinvented themselves at this time. With Jupiter in friendly fire the Leo should soar in 2007, overcome any challenge, accomplish any feat, and retain their confidence, power, and grounding. Leo is a proud sign and loves respect and honor.

Virgo: Virgo is a durable soldier, and dedicated to details and often times perfection. This last 5 to 6 years has offered much challenge to most all Virgo with planets in signs like Uranus in Pisces, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. The stress level for Virgo is high when planets are in Sagittarius or Pisces, as these signs stress Virgo. The areas of focus are personal freedom, independence, emotional issues, and overall confidence. I'm hoping Virgo can find some happiness this holiday season, as long as they are not too serious. IF you are Virgo try not to overindulge this holiday, and don't be surprised if you get some very nice gifts from loved ones. The coming year is a year of taking control of your life, designing your goals, and deciding what makes you happy and embracing it. This is an analytical sign and likes go figure things out.

Libra: The Balance Scales have had a nice run for many years, and should be the more content of all 12 signs this last 10 years or so. Many are jealous of the success many Libra has had, and wishes to have some also. Once again 2006 should have been a fine year for you with gains in almost all areas. If you are Libra and having problems, you must question your motive and check your obsessions to resolve your karma. The "good Libra's," have been blessed by the 7 years of Uranus in Aquarius, now the passage of Neptune in friendly Aquarius which can keep the good times rolling another 5 years. You need to drink lots of water in December and keep your urinary tract healthy, and if a man your prostate healthy.
Libra rules the kidneys, hence the need to keep them flushed and healthy. This may be the best sign for love and marriage in December and all of 2007. Libra is endearing, and appreciates loyalty and love.

Scorpio: This last year should have been the best year in 12 for the Scorpio, and although they have been forced into one change after another for many, many years almost 12 years, they should be strong and powerful enough to handle things from just the experience they have gained. December is a month for them to finish up a load of projects on hold or in the closet that needs to be attended to. Relationships could improve overall in December if you open your mind, open your heart, be more flexible, and adaptable and not be too intense. This sign is very emotional and needs lots of love.

Sagittarius: Most Sagittarius may be happy retired and traveling, or at least taking long vacations and relaxing. Sports is another way for Sagittarius to relax and lose stress. December may be a big month for this sign to break away from the rat race, or plan a huge getaway for 2007. This may be the biggest year for travel and prosperity for this sign in 12 years as Jupiter the Lord of Sagittarius is in your sign for quite some time this year. It's like having a genie now, make a wish, focus, visualize, and work to attain your dreams and you might just have it. The downfall maybe emotional issues in December and throughout the year, so don't run from your feelings. This is a fire sign and loves having a great time and being happy.

Capricorn: Why is Capricorn so hard on themselves? Why are they hard on people around them? The best part of this sign is their sense of humor, so as long as they keep it and share it, they are fine. When they get too political, they get in all kinds of trouble. IF they survived 2006 with money in the bank, not too much in debt, and still have a job, that is great. Otherwise, may need to erase the chalkboard and make some new plans for career, goals, and finances.  Some Capricorn's spend every penny they get, and they should learn to save some, as they might need it. December is an excellent time for love and romance for this sign, if we can get them out of the house, or away from the job. The year 2007 may be one of the best years for Capricorn as long as they are not negative, defeatist, and that they take care of their health. It is important they pay attention to symptoms, and get checked if necessary. This sign is very funny, and as long as they are happy, it is good.

Aquarius: This has been a challenging year for Aquarius. IN fact, the last 5 years has been rather challenging. If you are an Aquarius, I feel for what you have gone through and remember to keep people around you that love you, as support. December is a release for many Aquarius going through tons of Karma, more than any other sign. Making peace, resolving issues, expressing love, support, commitment, and team work have been critical to Aquarius, especially in December. The year 2007 will be like a 'new life,' for many Aquarius entering a whole new realm of experience. It may seem a little scary at first entering the unknown for some, but the end result should be success and happiness. Being able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off is important at this time. This sign needs a lot of information and craves it.

Pisces: The Fish should have had a good year in 2006 and if they did not, then something is wrong. They need a break and may want to plan an extended vacation if they can afford it. What they cannot afford to do is get deeper in debt, in case they are already in debt. Music, dancing, theater, movies, and concerts are a great release for Pisces as long as they avoid over indulgence in December. December is not a good month for a Pisces should he be an addict or alcoholic, as 2007 may be a tough year for them. IF they are sober and in control, they should soar in 2007, with great ideas, innovations, ideas for positive change, and new love affairs or stronger love relationships. This is a very emotional sign and enjoy expressions of love and affection.

That's the Astrological Forecast for December, 2006, and for the year 2007 for all 12 Signs.
Farley Malorrus, Astrologer and Channel for The 'X' Zone Radio Show
310-415-9222, for readings.