Saturday, April 28, 2007

Late Night THoughts BY Farley Malorrus

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Apr 29 2007 2:49A

"The Lake is calm in the pale moonlight. The call of geese in the distance...a slow rain falls onto the lake, and I notice the sky is still clear. The wind is still and the night quiet as the sound of cackling geese fades into the night. The crickets wish to cackle but hold their toil. The night fliers wish to fly but sustain, as the air is still with the chilling feeling that a presence has approached. I have no fear for I am Heimdall, guardian of the Rainbow bridge that connects Midguard to Asgard, but still, I am intent as to what may approach. I walk beyond the cottage in the piercing darkness with my senses heightened, and my mind awake and alert, hoping to discover the essence that ascends. I look across the lake and see the Moon's reflection now, the lake as glass and the Moon as a Mother watching over her child while he sleeps. I am safe in the presence of this entity that I sense all around me now seemingly protecting me, guiding me, teaching me, and helping me become more aware of what exactly is going on. I look up now and see a lone Raven flying towards the Moon with it's all encompassing call embracing the night. It has been as such all my life. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whatever I try, no matter where I am, The Raven remains close by......A prominence of affection exists between the creature and myself alerting me to any interference, changes, transitions, or occurrences in my life. Since I was a child, I sensed this bond with the bird, and all birds, as to me they are an extremely high form of life, perhaps from another realm, planet, or dimension....This I share with you, Raven"...Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat?



This Link is a fascinating TAKE on 911 and what happened that day.
No offense to anyone, just food for thought. IF you have time to listen, check out this myspace profile on 911....I think we ALL should pass this on...Farley Malorrus



Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix By Farley Malorrus presents the TRAILER for the new Harry Potter Film: THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, enjoy!