Sunday, November 19, 2006

These are Indeed Strange Times we live in By Farley Malorrus

Thank You for all the Love you Give

I pray our President be safe today when he goes to Malaysia. Perhaps it was not such a good idea to go to such a hostile nation. Let us hope he is safe and returns without incident.

It feels like something big is going to happen. It feels like some kind of change is upon us. What would happen if suddenly we lost the Internet, water supplies, food supplies, shelter, and access to friends and family? Is it true that we all are spoiled and take almost everything for granted when so few in the World have it as easy or as technical as Americans do? I thank God everyday for the abundance I have, the health I and my family have, the food I eat, the shelter I live in, and the fun that I have. Still, sometimes, maybe because I have my Moon in Scorpio in the first house that I always suspect when something is up, some event, that may change us all from one day to the next.

Every day when I wake up, it is like a new life to me, and every night when I go to sleep, it is like that life is over. Each day is precious to me, as is each person. I pray that people one day respect each other like they should their own family, but around these times, the holidays, sometimes even families don't get along. People get together, and it seems all they can do is disagree, fight, argue, vent, and create bad feelings, when what we really need do is say hello to everyone we meet, give as many long, loving hugs as we can, and tell those we love that we do in fact LOVE THEM. That word is difficult for many to swallow, but still, I feel Love is all there is; Love is what keeps us together; Love is what keeps us sane; Love is what holds us together like glue during the worst of times.

It is a strange World we live in, when we live off of other people through profit, and the lives of animals just to eat. When I was a kid, my Dad, Fred, who is 91, used to tell me that life is "Dog Eat Dog." I used to laugh when he said that, but in the end, it is so true, as to how careful we must be in our homes at night to lock the doors, how careful we must be driving or walking in the streets of some of our cities at night, or even during the day, and how so many approach us with offers, deals, and projects that always look so great, but just end up being 'another scam,' that rips us off, betrays our trust, and leaves us bleeding.

Relationships are #1 when it comes to loving and trusting people, then having them literally stab us in the back, lie to us, cheat on us, betray us, reject us, rag on us, then leave us or throw us out. How did people get to be like this? What is it about our species that gets off on preying on the loss of others, or taking money from them as profit when what we give them isn't even worth what we ask them to pay us.

Then some of the greatest men and women in history are taken from us in their prime, long before they can tell us everything they know. Maybe one day we can teach our children about a family of men and women on this Earth that can live together, trust each other, love each other without the fear that anyone we meet might kill us, rape us, or use us for some unkind act.

On this Thanksgiving, once again I pray for Peace. I pray for Peace in the Family. I pray for Peace in the schools. I pray for Peace in the Government and between the nations. I pray for Peace within the entire human race. It was always my dream that all people love and respect each other, without reservation, and that if things not work out between them, that they have honesty between them and move on in peace without regret. I want all of you who are kind enough to read my journal to FEEL THE LOVE that I have for all of you and for all the World. I always said that I might not LIKE everyone, but at least, because I know Life is Sacred, this dimension is sacred, Earth is sacred and that we are all God's children, that I try my best to Love everyone with all my heart as long as I live.

It is so hard for many humans to say I love you to anyone, much less them self, but without ego, loving yourself and nurturing your body is also so important, because the love you can offer others starts in your heart and it can only be cultivated if you feel it. DO me a favor and tell all those people you love, that you love them, and give them a hug for you and me. My life is gentle and peaceful and I have reduced the maintenance in my life a great deal, but I will never stop trying to overcome the pull of materialistic things and embrace the priority of Love, Spirit, and God. You know what God is right? It's the glue that holds everything together. It's the magic that keeps the very molecules in this realm from drifting apart. It is conscious loving energy that has always existed and always will. I feel it flowing through my fingers on to this laptop as I type, and I tell you it feelsgood to acknowledge the God Force everywhere within you and beyond you. Just take a deep breath of those sacred molecules that make life function and feel the light of God's Love beam in your heart with every breath you take.

I just wasn't in the mood to type a topic, as I guess tonight was one of those nights that I just felt like expressing some of these feelings that I have bottled deep inside of me, so that others might see or feel them.

God Bless you all for reading my journal, and I hope it helps some of you and brings a smile to your face.

Farley Malorrus,

Happy ThanksGiving, and Thanks to all of you for being so kind.