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Everything I feel (& My Astrological Enclave) tells me GIANTS to WIN SUPER BOWL, or at least BEAT 14 Point Spread...Go Eli.....Also, Giants Defense, Creams Brady's Ankle, Film at 11. By Farley Malorrus
Moon Wobble all of February equals Moon Wobble Super Bowl or Disappointment for Patriots Nation...
DURING THE CURRENT FEBRUARY MOON WOBBLE, I have to FAVOR TAKING THE 14 POINTS (BUY 1/2 if you need to), and the fact TOM BRADY HAS A BAD ANKLE and the GIANTS DEFENSE Will be keying on that.....ALSO, NEPTUNE IN AQUARIUS GOES AGAINST LEOS during AQUARIUS TIME, when LEOS NORMALLY have tons of stress, BRADY being the Resident LEO...14 Points is Way too much in my opinion, but Don't let me sway you on whom to bet...
Here's more from Greg Coselle from the SPORTING NEWS on why the GIANTS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL, or at least beat the spread. "You know, I don't care WHOM you are, it's tough to win 18 or 19 games in the NFL...and The GIANTS Almost beat these guys in New England..
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Defense will make the Giants champions

By Greg Cosell - SportingNews

Greg Cosell

On the final weekend of December, with an undefeated regular season on the line, New England came from behind in the fourth quarter to beat the Giants, 38-35. But don't let the Patriots' perfect season blind you to the fact it was a hard-fought, tightly contested game featuring two evenly matched teams.

The Giants almost saddled the Patriots with their first loss and are quite capable of doing so in Super Bowl 42. It says here, they will.

It was the Giants' defense that was mostly responsible for the three-point loss. One glaring statistic, and a very important one, was the number of plays run by New England: 69 to the Giants' 52. Discounting four kneeldowns by Tom Brady, the Patriots had 43 called passes and 22 called runs. That's 66 percent pass, which has been the Patriots' M.O. in almost every game this season.

Brady completed 32 passes against the Giants, 11 to Wes Welker and eight to Kevin Faulk. Welker and Faulk are the two most critical components of the Patriots' offense. When you throw the ball as much as New England does, the sustaining elements of the passing gameare much more important than the big-play feature. It's Welker and Faulk who generate the week-to-week consistency of this predominantly one-dimensional offense, not Randy Moss.

Moss, however, was a key factor against the Giants. He caught six passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns, including a 65-yarder in the fourth quarter that gave New England the lead. It came on a third-and-10 in which the Giants blew the coverage and Moss ran free down the sideline. Brady, well protected against a blitz, calmly hit Moss in stride. That's the brilliance of Brady and the Patriots' offense. You make a mistake, they exploit it.

It was not surprising the play came against a blitz. Under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Giants are an attacking defense that has blitzed on more than 35 percent of all called passes this season, including the three playoff wins. In that December 29 matchup against New England, Brady scorched the Giants' blitz, completing 14 of 18 for 174 yards and two touchdowns. His QB rating against the blitz was 144.0.

Let's spin this forward to February 3 in Arizona. The Giants' aggressive approach is the right one against Brady and the Patriots' passing game, regardless of what happened a month ago. They must challenge New England's offensive line both mentally and physically. It's a smart, cohesive group that understands pressures and adjustments, but it lacks premier athleticism and movement.

Spagnuolo will make the linemen think and react on the move. Even though the result did not reflect it, the Giants did an excellent job mixing fronts, pressures and coverages in that first game. They at times broke down the Patriots' protections both by winning individual matchups and with scheme and design. There is a lot to build on for Spagnuolo, and he will not be passive.

The counterargument, of course, is that Brady is so good in the pocket sensing and feeling pressure that he more often than not compensates for the limitations of his line. That was critical in the first matchup, given the number of times the Giants' pressure was a factor.

The outcome of Super Bowl 42 will hinge most directly on the ability of the Giants to consistently pressure Brady. There is no doubt in my mind that Bill Belichick is focusing first and foremost on pass protection in his preparation.

He knows that the Giants' two safeties, James Butler and Gibril Wilson, lack range in coverage and can be attacked and beaten at the intermediate and deeper levels. Butler, in particular, is a weak link as a coverage safety. He simply can't run very well, and he will be targeted by the Patriots through the use of personnel and formations.

One other point about Brady. He is the best there is at manipulating and moving defenders to create passing lanes to deliver the football. The Giants' secondary at times struggled with that, allowing Brady to move them with shoulder rolls and pump fakes. Those mistakes are correctable, and Spagnuolo will instruct his backs to maintain their coverage responsibilities until Brady releases the ball. It's about discipline.

Expect the Giants to match up with six defensive backs when the Patriots go with their three- and four-wide receiver packages. Safety Michael Johnson has become a significant contributor as the dime player, aligning primarily as a linebacker, but clearly bringing more speed and quickness to the defense.

Don't be misled by the Patriots' running game out of two- and three-tight end personnel in the AFC championship game; they don't want to play that way. They took that approach only because they were not having success throwing the ball, and because Brady tweaked his ankle late in the first quarter. They are a passing team, and in the controlled climate of Glendale, Ariz., they will align with Brady in the shotgun and toss the ball around. Don't be surprised if the no-huddle is a significant part of their approach.

It's a prolific passing game, but the Giants can handle it. It will come down to two things: pressure and coverage discipline. I think they'll have both things covered and will make enough plays to raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the desert.

GEORGE W. BUSH RESUME (Makes Interesting Reading)

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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20520 
Law Enforcement: 
I was arrested in Kennebunkport,Maine, in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol. I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my driver's license suspended for 30 days. My Texasdriving record has been "lost" and is not available. 
I joined the Texas Air National Guard and went AWOL. I refused to take a drug test or answer any questions about my drug use. By joining the Texas Air National Guard, I was able to avoid combat duty in Vietnam. 
I graduated from Yale University with a low C average. I was a cheerleader.
I ran for U.S. Congress and lost.
I began my career in the oil business in Midland,Texas in 1975. I bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas. The company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock. 
I bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money. 
With the help of my father and our friends in the oil industry (including Enron CEO Ken Lay), I was elected governor of Texas.
I changed Texas pollution laws to favor power and oil companies, making Texas the most polluted state in theUnion. During my tenure,Houston replaced Los Angelesas the most smog-ridden city in America. 
I cut taxes and bankrupted theTexas treasury to the tune of billions in borrowed money. 
Iset the record for the most executions by any governor in American history. 
With the help of my brother, the governor of Florida , and my father's appointments to the Supreme Court, I became President of the United States, after losing by over 500,000 votes.
I am the first President in U.S.history to enter office with a criminal record. 
I invaded and occupied two countries at a continuing cost of over one billion dollars per week. 
I spent the U.S. surplus and effectively bankrupted the U.S. Treasury. 
I shattered the record for the largest annual deficit in U.S.history. 
I set an economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12-month period. 
I set the all-time record for most foreclosures in a 12-month period. 
I set the all-time record for the biggest drop in the history of the U.S. stock market. In my first year in office, over 2 million Americans lost their jobs and that trend continues. 
I'm proud that the members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in U.S.history. My "poorest millionaire," Condoleezza Rice, has a Chevron oil tanker named after her. 
I set the record for most campaign fund-raising trips by a U.S. President. 
I am the all- time U.S. and world record -holder for receiving the most corporate campaign donations. 
My largest lifetime campaign contributor, and one of my best friends, Kenneth Lay, presided over the largest corporate bankruptcy fraud inU.S. history, Enron. 
My political party used Enron private jets and corporate attorneys to assure my success with the U.S. Supreme Court during my election decision. 
I have protected my friends at Enron and Halliburton against investigation or prosecution. More time and money was spent investigating the Monica Lewinsky affair than has been spent investigating one of the biggest corporate rip-offs in history. I presided over the biggest energy crisis in U.S.history and refused to intervene when corruption involving the oil industry was revealed. 
I presided over the highest gasoline prices in U.S. history.
I changed the U.S. policy to allow convict ed criminals to be awarded government contracts. 
I appointed more convicted criminals to my administration than any President in U.S.history. 
I created the Ministry of Homeland Security, the largest bureaucracy in the history of the United States Government.
I've broken more international treaties than any President inU.S. history. 
I am the first President in U.S.history to have the United Nations remove the U.S. from the Human Rights Commission. 
I withdrew the U.S. from the World Court of Law. 
I refused to allow inspector's access to U.S. "prisoners of war" detainees and thereby have refused to abide by the Geneva Convention. 
I am the first President in history to refuse United Nations election inspectors (during the 2002 US election).
I set the record for fewest numbers of press conferences of any President since the advent of television. 
I set the all-time record for most days on vacation in any one-year period. After taking off the entire month of August, I presided over the worst security failure in U.S.history. 
I garnered the most sympathy ever for the U.S. after theWorld Trade Center attacks and less than a year later made the U.S. the most hated country in the world, the largest failure of diplomacy in world history. 
I have set the all-time record for most people worldwide to simultaneously protest me in public venues (15 million people), shattering the record for protests against any person in the history of mankind. 
I am the first President in U.S.history to order an unprovoked, pre-emptive attack and the military occupation of a sovereign nation. I did so against the will of the United Nations, the majority of U.S. Citizens and the world community. 
I have cut health care benefits for war veterans and support a cut in duty benefits for active duty troops and their families in wartime. 
In my State of the Union Address, I lied about our reasons for attacking Iraq and then blamed the l ies on our British friends. 
I am the first President in history to have a majority of Europeans (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and security. 
I am supporting development of a nuclear "Tactical Bunker Buster," a WMD. 
I have so far failed to fulfill my pledge to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.

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These Transits are a BITCH
By Farley Malorrus

I've always lived under the regime that there is nothing bad in an Astrology chart, that we must fail or lose in order to grow and gain, or to become aware. The latest entry of Mars in Gemini Opposition Pluto In Sagittarius, plus Uranus in Pisces Opposite Saturn in Virgo, not to mention all the oppositions when the Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn were opposite Mars this last couple weeks and Venus square Saturn, it's enough to even drive this Astrologer mad!

I just got over a 2 day bout with the stomach flu, talking to my tons of antibodies from having the flu about 20 times in my life (works better than a flu shot praying to your antibodies to fight on!), so I slept for 2 days and fasted, and happy to report the fever has broke. Still, the Planets are in some stress aspects, major stress aspects, meaning they are opposite each other and at right angles to each other. This spells stress, karma, maintenance, (MY RV has been in the shop for 2 months from being vandalized and it's taking forever to fix!), now taxes, and with the upcoming Presidential races, I would not be surprised to see someone different win in almost every state! I don't think that will happen, but let's just say with these aspects, I wouldn't be surprised to see a yo yo effect politically.

President Bush is hanging in there, and staying low, with his assassination profile in RED, I would suggest he not go to any 3rd World countries for awhile....His assassination aspect lasts at least 2 years, (Even when he's out of office).

Now, who would want to hurt poor old President Bush? What a guy, eh? He's only put the United States in debt by 3 trillion dollars, had over 3,000 American Soldiers killed, over a million Iraqis, and Afghanis killed, and maybe 30,000 U.S. Soldiersmaimed...

So, what has Bush done for us lately? Not a good time for Cancer people in general with Jupiter in Cancer and soon Mars going direct and opposed it once again.

The stock market is hanging in there, even though the recession is now in full tilt, and with the oncoming release of the latest car, the "TATA," which is only $2,500; it's as if someone knows people will be running out of money, so they are preparing by having a tiny little car that will be affordable even for the poor.

The Planets are in the strangest place I have seen in awhile, so I won't be surprised at any of the headlines, and I realized that even though we spent 3 trillion dollars, since 911, that we have NOT HAD ANOTHER terrorist act in the U.S. A steep price to pay to fend off paranoia, so one wonders if Bin Laden is really a terrorist or just involved in some kind of mind control conspiracy to reinforce 'the New World Order.'

I was wondering, ironic that Barack Obama won Iowa, considering rumor has it, he may even have a Muslim background. Can you imagine? The Republicans should have a field day with that should he be nominated, as it's a slam dunk the American people would not elect a Muslim President while we are still at war in Muslim countries, or not?

I'm just happy to be healthy and get my bills paid, and considering where all these planets are, if your life is going to hell, if you are in hell, or if you haven't been feeling too good lately, it may have something to do with the strange mix of energies out there in the Universe affecting us all. It reminds me of what Kanye West says in his song 'Stronger,' that whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

Happy also to report, my nephew Matt is coming back from IRAQ this month, and he tellsme, there was no evidence of War the whole year he was there. NO sound of fighting, gunfire, or insurgency... Maybe this IRAQ war is the perverted fantasy of some big wig arms dealer who gets off on selling trillions of dollars worth of armament at the American Peoples expense...Imagine being overseas in a war zone, with no war....What's wrong with this picture?
Someone told me once that the U.S. was taken over in a Coup in 1963 when JFK was killed, and that the New World Order had taken over at that point. That means we really don't have any freedoms any more, that all the elections are rigged, and in general, that someone out there must think the American people in general are retarded.

Depending on whom we elect as our next President, I think that answer should be clear. I mean we did elect Bush twice? Or was it the supreme court, or maybe those bogus voting machines? IN any event, hang in there through these aspects, and if you are turning 30, 60, or 90, best take things one day at a time, and take care of yourself, as Saturn has come back around to Virgo to do it's deed.


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Thanks All, and Happy 2008!