Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PLAYING THE TOPICS, "What do you need to KNOW?"

The 127 topics I channeled are like Tarot Cards. You listen to the topic "you need to hear." There are no accidents! I am getting email where people are "blown away," that of all the 127 shows, they click on the one's they need to hear the most.

What happens is your Higher Self indulges in things you need to know (Or remember), sacred truths, and ancient knowledge that lies in your minds eye, waiting to be awakened! If you found this blog, or if someone sent you the link, don't wait, go to the topics page, and just browse through. If you stop on one topic, "that's the one you need to hear!" IF you listen to several topics a day, you are feeding your higher self, and gaining access to your higher mind, and soul! It's magic.

Here's the link to my topics Page!


I REALLY APPRECIATE the generous souls that TITHE to support the site, the server, and keep this knowledge on the Internet, and those who apologized because they can't afford it. PLEASE INDULGE IN THE TOPICS, and don't feel guilty, as you can tithe when you can afford to, or whatever! I just LOVE YOU all, and that you are all God's children, and you all need to expand your awareness and access your higher self through these magical topics I channeled on L.A. Radio. IT is a good dharma to turn people on to this blog, and to the www.radioastrology.com  server, or the topics: http://radioastrology.com/Mtopics.htm

So, go have some fun! Enjoy yourself on the TOPIC PAGE. Get your FREE READING From the topics, just by listening to what your mind wants to hear. There's plenty to choose from, and it's all FREE (by donation!).

Have a wonderful day and a better life.
I believe in PEACE. I believe we can choose mature leadership to guide us to Peace.
I believe we can overcome the brainwashing and mind control that exists on our radios,TV's, and media to get us to do what they want! I believe we can escape this mind control and choose for ourselves, leaders that represent us, and not vested interests, or their own greedy agendas!

Have a great day!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

127 Topics, The Tarot of Astrology and Spirituality! There are no accidents! Go listen. You will love it and absorb it! It will open your chakras and awaken you, as it has 1,000's of L.A. listeners!! It works...

Love & Light to The World

May Love & Light surround you in your everyday life, and may your friends and family be healthy and blessed. Be excellent to each other! Please receive this greeting with an open heart.  Today offers a huge opportunity to spread love to the World everywhere you can. Let it spread like wild fire!

Farley Malorrus





From Tori, Video on Galactic Trigger Event, 10/17/06

Fantastic! Tori, We love you. Thank you for the Youtube Video!



Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


Friend Teri from Orange County has placed one of my shows on the net! THanks Teri. Here is her link to the show I did called Power of God-Manifestations. Just click on the link then continue to listen, and it will download to your computer. Turn on your speakers!


TO hear the rest of my shows, all 127 of them, Free by Donation, go to www.radioastrology.com