Thursday, January 4, 2007

Life After Death and Death....Jawin With Farley Malorrus

Life After Death, and Life as a Dimensional Portal

Jawing with Farley Malorrus

Hello to everyone who reads my journal...Admittedly, I'm been in a zone for a bit. Dad has been frail, and my sinuses are finally clear thanks to some grapefruit seed extract drops, (Good stuff!) For anyone who has sinus pressure that even hurts the head and teeth, or ears, I suggest these magical safe drops to open you up big time, no side effects.

I've also been very confused about everything. Lately trying to make choices seem impossible with Dad and Mom being 91 and 88 respectively. If you ever live long enough to have both parents that old, trust me, it's powerful stuff, and a great test of character for all included.

IN the midst of all this, the meaning of life seems to be a vital issue. A riotous Christmas with darling dear Di, and her buds, made for a chance for me to unwind and be a Leo with a first house Scorpio Moon for awhile. Truth be known, when I'm myself in public, everyone is laughing. The group I was with was evolved and accepting of my humor. I guess from about 9pm to beyond midnight, then after we left until 5am, the party rocked, and everyone had a safe and sane time. I was glad to ignite the energy in that party by dancing white light through everyone's chakras. IF you give everyone at a party LOVE, then the party will rock. You just need to be subtle and cool about it. I do wish everyone would be like that and just be naturally loving to their fellow humans, as it's easier to love strangers than your own family. Did you know that? Think about it. My aunt Bessie Malorrus died, James Brown died, Gerald Ford died, along with so many others, and my dad made a miracle recovery.

I don't like to see anyone die, but I prefer to pray it is a rebirth of some kind in another dimension. You see I think life is like a dimension portal. The body itself is like an interdimensional portal.  When you are BORN, you port in from the other side. YOU Port in when you wake up and port out when you sleep. You port out of this dimension completely when you die, and enter another dimension. It blows my mind when I meet some close minded folks that are atheist, because I am so open minded, I remember the basic principle (Einsteins Theory of Energy) that energy and  matter are indestructible and constantly changing. Considering people are made of matter and energy, the logic dictates that we also are indestructible and subject to change. In any event, I have come far from the atheistic views and fear of death I had when I was a child, because now I think I understand the process.

I have some vivid memory in my dreams of seeing the 'other side.' I actually recall entering a dimension similar to Earth, more like Heaven, very similar to life on Earth but no war, no hate, no prejudice, and no electricity needed to run everything. They have everything we have and much, much more but they don't have to worry about warranties or maintenance. It all seems to be on auto pilot. I even went to the house of my dead friend "Bruce," who passed a couple years ago, and was explained how calm, peaceful, beautiful, and loving this realm was and that he was happy to be 'home.' He told me life on Earth was a payment, a debt, a lesson, a boot camp to remind us all of the importance of love and Universal Consciousness (God). It was one of the most fascinating dreams I have ever had, about life after death, and the heavenly realm that may await us all. I know lots of people like to explain the reason why we are here is all about Karma, but frankly, I feel it is a lot more succinct in the choice between spirit (reality), and matter (illusion). The way it works in the heavenly realm is if you start getting obsessed with material things, then your vibration is lowered, and your soul 'portals,' to Earth in a baby or animal to relearn the importance of LOVE and SPIRIT, over MATTER and OBSESSION. The way the Universe works, they Port into this dimension (Becoming human or animal) to figure out the priorities again of spirit. They remain in this realm attached to a body until the lesson is learned, then they qualify for higher vibrations and are allowed to "Port," to higher heavenly levels of BEING. If they don't evolve, if they don't learn, if they don't qualify for a higher vibration, they keep coming back here until they 'get it!'

I mean spirit is eternal, and has a foundation of love, while most material things fade and have little foundation except obsession. (I do enjoy channeling some of these journal entries for you, so you can get the opinion of my higher self on such subjects) I'm also available for tutoring, counseling, and teaching at 310-415-9222..

IF I tried  to explain that to my Dad, I don't think he would listen, as he hates to discuss such things. Funny, how both parents avoid talking about passing over, and how frightening it would be, to be that old  and know the clock was ticking.

IN truth, many of us are in 'old age,' as our life spans are all so different. That is the reason why I think people should have a positive attitude on Death and life after Death.
I did a show on Silver Birch and Death and It is on the web site,  to listen to along with 180 other topics that ROCK YOUR MIND and remind you whom we all are. Talk about Consciousness evolution, if you are ready, it's not an accident to hear these shows.

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Well, that's my take on life on Earth in the 21st Century for today. Have a great week and God Love you, as do I.

Farley Malorrus,