Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If you were President, By Farley Malorrus (BUSH DRUNK)



Steve Bridges as President Bush, quite funny.

Craig Fergoson says George may be Drunk.....funny stuff.




If you were President

By Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

If you were President, does it mean you are a King? Does it mean you can rule your country anyway you want to? Does it give you a license to kill, steal, lie, cheat, manipulate, and redirect our thoughts and choices? Does it make you dictator? Are you immune to the needs and wants of the majority? Are you immune to people starving, homeless, dying, and being blown up every day? Does it mean you are above God?
If you were President of the United States of America does it give you a free ticket to do whatever you want to do, and cover up the bad stuff or make excuses so you do not have to embrace any responsibility for your actions? Does it make you above the law? Does it give you the right to have the power of life and death over so many who love, honor, respect, and trust you?
IF you were President, does it give you a blank check to declare War, and bomb whomever you see fit? Does it give you a right to invade a Sovereign Nation, and not leave until you feel like it?
IF you were President, does it mean that you must ignore the wishes of the American people? Does it mean you can take any ego, or selfish behavior youhad before you were President and enhance it even more now? IS there a reason behind why you believe things to be one way, and almost 70% believe otherwise? Does it make you smarter than the rest of us? Does it make you closer to God because you are President or King? Does it make you feel like God?

If you were President and had the opportunity to rule in a democracy, and do things that please the country, the people, and the World, or would you go run off like some child out of control and do whatever you wanted to do, no matter what anyone (your Mom) told you was right? IF you were President, and your Vice President was a bully, and people looked at you like you were a bully, would it make you right in everything you do? Just because you are President, does it make you feel powerful to ignore the will of the People and Congress, both at the same time? Does it make you laugh out loud in private, and make jokes about your constituents, those in Congress, or the 1,000's of families who have lost loved one's in the War or have had lovedone's maimed and disabled?
If you were President and you had a personal agenda, would it have priority over the will of the people and Congress? IF you were President, would you bend the truth every chance you got, just so people would allow you to do things the way you want, even though it's obvious to most all, what you do is wrong? If you were President wouldn't you want to show as much love, compassion, understanding, and cooperation to your fellow Americans in order to be remembered as a good man who cared for the common well being, and not someone on a dogmatic course of chaos, havoc, and destruction? IF you were President, would you listen to anyone other than all those in your staff who are being investigated, or who have already resigned, been fired, or left the White House because they did not agree with your policies?
The question remains, why is a man like this President?
Was he elected or appointed? Did he win fair and square or is there question as far as voting machines and glitches. Is this man really a true Democratic representation of the will of the people, or a puppet placed in power by the powers that be?
I mean WHAT IS GOING ON, and why is this man PRESIDENT?
What would you do if you were President? I hardly feel any of you would do anything similar at all to THIS PRESIDENT, because I don't believe he really has a clue as to what is going on.
I'm not saying he is delusional, but let's face it, he ignores the facts, and continues on his way.
It just doesn't seem fair.