Thursday, July 12, 2007

Saturn Cycle, Saturn Return, Turning 30, 60, and 90 By Farley Malorrus

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The Shock and Awe of a Saturn Return

By Farley Malorrus,

I suggest if you are turning 30, 60, or 90 you go to my website and listen to all the audio files you can find on the SATURN RETURN. This is a critical time in our lives when SATURN RETURNS TO WHERE IT WAS WHEN WE WERE BORN, some 30 years later. Astrologers believe Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the collector of debts, the payback Planet, the planet that makes us serve or suffer. I tend to agree to this. When I had my first Saturn Return, that last 2.5 years before you turn 30, 60, and/or 90 (that's right it's 2.5 year effect!), my best friend Michael Alcana died in a car wreck and it destroyed me. I am much older and wiser now, and seem to handle the death of loved ones better (My Dad died 6/13, and I'm chilled about it.)

Still, when Saturn returns to it's birth point (Mine being 25 Leo, and Saturn is at 22 Leo approx right now) then the Karma of your life is lit up.

It depends what Sign Saturn is in when you are born, what house, and how it is affected or aspected by the rest of the Planets in your birth horoscope, as to what you will go through. It never fails that most people have 'quite a story,' when they approach 30, 60, or 90 from this affect. My Mom is 89, so she is in one, and of course I am in my 2nd Saturn cycle along with my partner Kenneth.

So, Saturn in Leo for me, Leo meaning 'father, family, leadership,' has cast me in a role of dealing with the death of my dad, suddenly having to care for Mom (family), and a leadership role of dealing with his complicated estate. Saturn is in the 11th house with me (Goals and Friends) and onceagain my goals are put on hold (writing books, acting, producing, doing the web site, dating, finding love, relationship, marriage, and so on) and although I do have friends, I don't feel like there are as many close friends, everyday types that I used to have. When I woke up this morning I had Saturn on my mind, as it all makes sense now, while in a state of calm by the lake for 3 months, suddenly tossed into a World of Karma, responsibility, chaos, and adjustment. I am not alone, because everyone, including our dear President Bush, (who just turned 60), and all those born in 46, 47, and 1948, also, 1976, 1977, and 1978, or 1916, 1917, and 1918 are in the middle of a Saturn Cycle. Two close friends of mine, Phil Sosnoff, and Rich Fitzgerald whom I went to school with both suddenly just died and they were in the middle of a Saturn cycle, once again Leo ruling Heart and Heart Health, as theirs gave out. It helps a great deal to understand how the gravity and energy system of the planets work, and how they affect us at a cellular level, considering our cells are literally imprinted with the "Universe" at birth, giving us uniqueness, designing character, destiny, Karma, and our potential. This imprint is called the Natal or Birth Chart, which we cast at the instant the baby takes it's first breath. The rest of our lives, this 'cell circuit,' is set off by the Sun, Moon, and other planets moving through space creating mini dramas of which we learn and grow from. We are truelly magnetic beings, and those that embrace and understand Astrology are given an incredible 'edge,' in understanding how life works. Magnetic beings in a magnetic Universe is what it is all about.

SO, if you recall turning 30, or 60, and what happened the 2.5 years before that, then you will now understand that it was KARMA TIME for you, and if you went through a huge adjustment, then NOW you know what happened. You were having a Saturn Return. In case you need to read this over a few times to digest it, it might help, but I highly suggest to learn more on the subject to go to and 'click on,' THE SATURN RETURN, to get the full audio effect.

I believe that much in life is explainable and that understanding ourselves as energy beings, magnetic, in a magnetic Universe, and reaching 'beyond,' what normal science dictates, could help you understand this phenomena called life.

Thanks for dropping by.

Farley Malorrus