Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Putin Has Missiles, TB run WIld, American Al Qaida By Farley Malorrus

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Putin has New Missiles, New Strain of TB loose, American Al Qaida Threatens U.S. It's 11pm, Do you know where your children are?

The headlines are depressing, as Putin boasts he has new Stealth Nukes that are undetectable and that could lay waste to the U.S. in minutes without warning. Some numbskull gets on a plane with contagious, incurable, 'air born,' TB, and may have infected 100's, then an American Al Qaida threatens the U.S. with something worse than 911.....Rosie has also left THE VIEW prematurely, and the voice of Liberal America is stifled. Sound familiar? Wheres Rush Limaugh when you need him, OY VEY!
As we approach the last week of the current Moon Wobble, ending June 8, it makes you wonder if you should have built an underground bunker, with food supplies to last a Nuclear winter, and enough water to drink. It also makes you wonder where the love has gone in a World gone mad.

AS the World inches toward what seemingly many fundamentalists on ALL SIDES want, an Apocalypse, Armageddon, Extinction of the human race, I sit here in my cottage thinking about whether the human race is basically 'good' or 'evil.' Even if an Extra Terrestrial race of beings found Earth, would they show themselves to this 'bloodthirsty,' species? The fact we even believe in a deity of any kind is amazing. Even Cindy Sheehan has surrendered and given in to "Fascist Corrupt, Corporate" America.

Is this what the founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Declaration and the Constitution?
I think not. It seems more like we live in a Monarchy, with George Bush as King, and with Congress and the Supreme Court following him blindly into oblivion.
Even if some lobbyist comes up to you the DAY AFTER you are elected and says, "Here's how it works, if you play you get 10 million, and if you don't, you get nothing." "If you say this to anyone your family dies, and you are shamed."
Welcome to America, and what happened to our freedom and Democracy?
Should the U.S. and Russia go to war with the world laid waste, I'm thinking it's just what the Corporate fascists deserve. Still, what about the billions of victims left in such a calamity? Is it really possible for us to have a nuclear War? You bet it is. Many people believe that most of our World Leaders are the epitome of Evil and that their agenda has nothing to do with the common good or World Peace. Many believe that the Presidency and all political office is Bought and sold, not voted for. Many believe that true democracy was destroyed after JFK was killed.

It makes you want to move to Amsterdam and spend your last days in some Marijuana Coffee shop smoking yourself into oblivion! Well, it is "Just" a Moon Wobble, and we know everyone goes crazy during this period, but I'm concerned about the TB patient who infected the plane, and whether that will turn out to be a plague, and whether our brave Leader will back down on putting nukes in Eastern Europe to further intimidate Putin and Russia? I'm also concerned Al Qaida do something foolish and that millions of Americans die for literally nothing.

America is a country numbed by TV, Game shows, soaps, Sitcoms, Beer, Wine, liquor, Pot, prescription Drugs, pain killers, sophisticated propaganda machine, and the threat of imprisonment if you don't follow the rules. In truth, we have become a Fascist Society, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were NO MORE PRESIDENTIAL elections, and if the Bush family formerly became a monarchy in this country. No, I wouldn't, because ever since the day Bush Sr. announced his 'new world order,' I knew Big Brother was watching, and that life would be very different.

As a former journalist  here in L.A. I did learn one thing. You can't believe ANYTHING you see on TV, you can't believe anything you read, and you can't believe anything you listen to on the radio, as the corporation own the media and they tell their employees how to report. No offense to the media, but Freedom of Speech is gone, as is Freedom of the Press, history.

Sadly, no revolution will changes things, and it seems the only choice we have is a Post Apocalyptic choice to 'pick up the pieces,' when the mad leaders are finished doing their deeds.

I know there are still those who are devout supporters of Bush, the War, the agenda (whatever the hell it is), and funding the troops, but I still can't figure out why we are over there in Iraq in the first place, and what the Mission is? Does anyone know?
I expect things to calm down after June 8, but still, we live on a Powder Keg, and we are sorely lacking leadership even with ALL THE NEW candidates on the horizon. Does everyone we elect for President have to be some yuppie rich freak with a nice smile, and a lot of charisma, or can't we find ONE PERSON with brains who can resolve all these issues?

I've had enough with the SKULL AND BONES, Pirate operation of the current administration and I think PUTIN has a good point. I also believe this war is a waste of time, money, and life, and that if people think they need an Apocalypse, maybe they should move to Darfur and see what it's like?

I love life, and I'm a Patriot, but it saddens me to see that vested interests, lobbyists, Halliburton, the Oil Companies, and big Corporations "OWN US," and that we are pawns in their game, whatever it may be.

I just need to vent once in a while so I can calm down and relax. I don't see any solution to all of this, save KARMA which I guarantee you will befall any World Leader who commits harm to the people and nations of this planet.

Karma, faith, hope, Love, and freedom are the only things I can depend on. Until then, hang on to June 8, when things should get more clear for all of us.
I'm out.

Farley Malorrus,