Thursday, November 9, 2006

Scorpio Transits Hit Home, Farley loses a friend, By Farley Malorrus

Hi Everyone, I'm back from Canada and the Northeastern U.S. happy to arrive in the "New America." I got some sad news from my Mother when I arrived, that my oldest Finch, maybe the oldest African Green Singing Finch in the world, "Harpy Harpsichord," had died yesterday when I was en route. He was 15 years old and went through some of the biggest transitions of my life including 4 cross country trips across America. To me he was more than a bird, more than a friend, but almost like a little guardian angel who kept me company all these years and whose melodic singing carried me through some pretty tough times. Most of my friends would agree that it seemed like Harpy responded, and seemed to speak to what appeared to not be there. Was he speaking to the spirits, a ghost, animals on the other side, birds from another dimension? In many ways, Harpy was so magical, it never seemed to me that he was only a bird, but almost like a visitor from a different dimension. He follows a long line of birds I have kept as friends in my life, but he lived the longest. Someone told me that 15 years of life to a finch would be like 120 for a human being. Now, it is quiet, and my 3 remaining exotic finches are quiet seeming to mourn the loss of our friend. It never fails that when November roles around, Scorpio time, which rules death, rebirth, resurrection, closure, and finality; that someone I know, someone in my family or a friend like Harpy passes on. I know he was struggling of late, and I suspected he might not survive this last trip I just had taken. I am sad I was not there when he passed, as usually I am when my bird friends decide to leave. I guess he waited as long as he could then he waited no more. My Mom buried him in our 'bird cemetery,' in her back yard and showed me the grave. I am in a sullen mood tonight, but thought I would share this with you my readers, and friends, so you could have a closer more intimate look at my life. My Moon in Scorpio tends to bury my emotions and I have to dig them up to process them, which is what I intend to do tonight.
Until then, I will have to wait to see my friend Harpy one day in the life, and along with my dog Tiger Wiger, the Pomeranian who died 2 years ago, I hope that they take care of themselves in heaven, until and when if ever I decide to make the trip. He was a kind gentle soul, with a song of love and light, a wink in his eye, and at one time was even finger trained. Can you imagine having a finchthat is finger trained? It was quite remarkable. I often gazed in amazement when he would squawk as if in alarm at seemingly something when nothing was there. I called him my little "ghost buster," and always put my shields up when he acted like that. Now, he'll  just have to ghost bust on the other side. God Bless you my old friend Harpy Harpsichord II, join your Daddy, Harpy Senior in heaven, and know that you will be missed.