Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Copy of a Myspace Bulletin I posted to my Friends, about Dad, and For you! BY Farley Malorrus

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My Dad, Fred Malorrus, My best Bud all my life (with my Mom also) and he is lingering.unconscious..semi comatose.(I don't wish your sympathy but appreciate your prayers at this time).....This is an amazing time of challenge and patience for me.
BY Farley Malorrus www.radioastrology.com 

Because SO MANY have died in our family over the years, I took it rather hard. Dad said the same Mantra each time, "LIFE GOES ON, FARLEY!"
I keep thinking of him saying that like he's out of his body helping me and the family, while he lay helpless, and perhaps dying...
Dad has been unconscious for a week now, and quite helpless.
He's mostly semi comatose or comatose. I prefer that, so he doesn't feel the pain.
If they don't sedate him, being 91 and having your body fall apart can hurt bad.
Like I said before, it's a tough time for me.
I don't need any sympathy, as I want my dad to be born into the light and leave this prison..
Earth can be heaven, but sometimes it can be pure HELL when you die.
My dad is such a great man, and he is such a riot.
He is where I got my bubbly personality and mettle.
Well, I'm in a zone, numb, and prepared for whatever happens.
My friend Mike has his father in law nearly dead the last 2 weeks, and he miraculously popped up and is ok now.
Very unusual...and the result of intense prayer by so many.
I love my dad, and want him to live, but not if his quality of life is less than zero.
I feel your prayers, and love for me.
The one thing I love about Myspace is that it's a family from your friends, if you choose correctly, and SO STRONG when in need.
My life is in another dimension and I feel like I'm on a hallucinogenic. Not sure what the week will bring, but the family is ready to dive to St. Louis, Mo., should dad pass, as that is where the family is laid to rest.
So many of you have been so loving towards me.
I do appreciate it.
I can't answer all the emails from so many wonderful people, hence why I BELIEVE we have the bulletin feature; to tell them all.
Well, I'll try to keep you posted, but should he pass, you may sense it, as the weight of the World falls on me.
Love you all for your prayers, and although I'm a bit drained, I know how to recharge.
Take Care all.