Thursday, May 3, 2007

Venus Opp Pluto, Sat Opp Neptune By Farley Malorrus

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Venus Opposed Pluto

Saturn Opposed Neptune
By Farley Malorrus

This is a very nervous time for this planet, all week long. As long as Venus in the sky is exactly opposite Pluto (still a planet in my book), and 2 of the largest planets Saturn is opposite Neptune for quite some time, confusion may reign.

These aspects are like a terminal "Moon Wobble," where details, trivia, taxes, changes, setbacks reversals, switches, bubbles bursting, and all kinds of havoc are possible. The Venus/Pluto opposition puts Gemini and Sagittarius in stress mode, and makes it difficult for SO MANY people all over the world to make choices, and even if they do, by next week, things could be different. I don't much care for it, as my Planet URANUS (In my birth chart) is being set off by this aspect which means clarity could be difficult to find. Sleeping late, taking the day or week off, thinking before speaking, putting off major choices for about 10 days, and finishing up projects, and programs already started would be the best advise.

The War rages and as long as Saturn in Leo is opposite Neptune in Aquarius, I see no end to Congress settling with the President and no end to this war. It is all about egos, corruption, agenda's, and different points of view as far as where America is heading. Some believe if we pull out it would be fatal for those in Iraq, whereas others believe (as I do) that Iraq would stabilize much like Viet Nam did after we left there.

I pray for our World leaders as I could not imagine the stress they are all under and the decisions they face. This is a complicated time for many people now, and the best thing to do is keep it simple, stay low key, sleep late, take time off, and avoid conflict with anyone. (Tough to do in a war, so I expect more havoc this week)

That's the latest with the Planets. Bless you all!

Farley Malorrus

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