Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Doesn't Kill us Only makes us Stronger By Farley Malorrus

Hope you are all having a nice weekend in this "Terrorist Elevated" time. Homeland security has decided to "up" the elevation to something I feel should be higher. Astrologically speaking the planets are not in a good space, and frankly, people are freaking out, getting the flu, breaking up, dealing with bad jobs, dying, losing pets, friends, moving, and not knowing what to do with the real estate they have, or when to sell or buy some new stuff.

A wise man once said, "This too shall pass," and I firmly agree with that. There is also a quote in the bible that says, "Be Still and know that I am God." I use that quite a bit when I'm freaking out and trying to make sense of the calamity and havoc around us. I don't think the terrorists need to do anything to freak us out, as from my point of view, people are pretty much losing it right now. There are so many single, lonely, frustrated, depressed people now, and how about all those in relationships and marriages who are also feeling lonely frustrated, and depressed. My goodness, it's Christmas and we should all be gathering together, hugging, and kissing each other laughing all the way, instead of playing 'bah hum bug,' and pretending we are clones of Ebonizer Scrooge!

I knew this was going to be a tough November, December and after the Cardinals won the World Series I battened down the hatches, paid my bills, took care of maintenance around the house, rig, car, with my pets, and tried like heck to do a fall cleaning. STILL, things started to hit the fan, one at a time, and the phone ringing off the hook. People who I thought were my friends disappeared and those who I didn't know were my friends showed up to bail me out. At this point, I'm happy to be healthy, happy, stable, content, and alone in  peace, and also, that my Dad is back to normal in his same old commander in chief mode!

All I want for Christmas is a few good friends, some laughs, some cheer, a few hugs, Peace on Earth, a visit from Santa, and that my friends, pets, and family be healthy for a while. I also pray that our troops be safe and returned home as soon as possible as there is no reason in my mind why we are over there, and I don't think our being there is going to change much at this time.

So, here's hoping you are surviving this wretched period of planetary tomfoolery, and that the ghost of Christmas past doesn't come knocking on your door for some advice. Here's also praying that people don't hugyou and love you to death, then kick you in your ass like some club from a Bi Polar Planet that forgot how to be loving and consistent. I'm not trying to be funny, but if you are chuckling it either means you've hit the Eggnog a bit too hard today, or that you relate to what it is like to live in a mental institution, even though you are not, right?

I've been feeling the need to be a hermit, but my neighbors and local friends feel the need to call and come over, which I do appreciate. I find when you try to hard to do things, some times they just don't work, and when you stop trying to do them, they just fall in to place, so I'm at the point where I've stopped trying to do things, and hoping they fall into place.
Let it be known that too many planets in one sign, Sagittarius, can be havoc for EVERYONE, and that we only have 5 days left for the current Moon Wobble, so if you experience setbacks, delays, disappointments, misfires, and balloons going 'pop,' you only have 5 more days to go, then Christmas and 2007 to deal with.

Have a great weekend for thought.
Farley Malorrus,

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