Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Years Resolutions By Farley Malorrus for 2007

New Years Resolutions for 2007

By Farley Malorrus

I figure there is no better way to do this then in public to give it 'weight,' and credence, so here goes!

I, Farley Malorrus do hereby resolve:

1.  That there be PEACE ON EARTH, World Peace in 2007!

2. That I stay healthy and get fit!

3. That my friends, family, and parents be healthy and happy.

4. That I have a consistent stable relationship with a magnificent woman, and avoid those who do not have time for me, or who go 180 on me.

5. That I figure out whether to live in Southern California or South Carolina or both!

6. That my web site take off!

7. That the World does more to help the homeless, starving, sick, and forgotten!

8. That people learn to love each other and stop killing each other!

9. That I get more wonderful friends, mentors, and associates!

10. That I am able to travel more, safely and have fun!

11. That I go to a tropical resort or two this year!

12. That I eat less sugar, chocolate, dairy, meat, and bakery products. That I eat more whole foods without additives.

13. That I learn to recognize wonderful people and keep them in my life.

14. That good, lucky, happy, fun things happen to me in my life.

15. That maybe I finish my 2nd or 3rd book!

16. That I look younger and feel better as the year goes on!

17. That I learn how to accept and embrace all love that comes my way!

18. That I spread as much love and happiness as I  can.

19. That God love me and protect me, and keep me safe!

20. That the World be safe from disaster, holocaust, genocide, or any kind of apocalyptic or doomsday event!

21. That terrorism subside!

22. That the Democrats choose someone for President who can beat Giuliani and/or McCain!

23. That further truth come out about what really happened on 911!

24. That people not be so gullible or naive to believe everything they see on TV or read in the papers.

25. That the richest people in the world try to solve the homeless problem, and do something to help cure AIDS instead of setting up these associations, (Gates), by  just doing SOMETHING!

26. That providence guide me to make the most proper, logical choices for a great year, good health, happiness, fun, and luck in 2007.

27. That everyone who reads my Journal and web site be blessed One Million times by God in whatever is it they want!

Farley Malorrus,  

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