Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love Abounds and Knights Do win, A Poem By Farley Malorrus

By Farley Malorrus, Copyright 2007, Farley Malorrus

The early morning myst crept slowly pon the lake.
The sun will rise against the night I know it won't be fake.
And there I'll sit upon my horse, a guardian of the night.
To see the sky blue everywhere and bathe within the light.
For challenge is my envy, and quest my very soul,
TO see another day like this upon the grassy knoll.
My mind begins to wander and drift against the sky.
I feel dreary and confused and then I wonder why?
It's cause I'm only half of what I know that I could be.
There is but one amongst the mass who has the very key.
The starlet of my dreamscape, the dancer of the night.
The character I know so well even just out of sight.
I wallow through my stupor, and ponder more again.
That I would seek this very heart be her one best friend.
The Dragon lies ahead just now, the black heart I must best.
TO beat this beast and go beyond is the current test.
For I know that in the kingdom, just beyond the lake.
The lady that I dream of is waiting for the take.
Of what may ride into her heart should my mission win.
Of what may happen to her life and sue the Dragon's sin.
So, this be my very day, that I empower light.
The light of hope and God this day, to give me all my might.
TO slay the great Black Dragon, and win the heart of You.
TO be your knight forever more and that you have the clue.
That I have wandered near and far to seek this kingdom out.
That my sword and shield with me to bear the utmost clout.
For love is what I use today to slay the Dragon Bold.
The Love of dreams is what I take and something to behold.
To win the ladies heart I think is what I do today.
Free the land from pestilence and let the people pray.
That freedom rings out in the air and love abounds us all.
That Champion ride into town and really have a ball.
So, take this hymn unto your heart and see if it doth fit.
For now I slayed the Dragon and want to know if this is it.
For only once a lifetime, does a knight come riding in.
It's up to you to embrace him as your new best friend.
Choose wisely Love and dance around like the fairy friends.
For Love abounds and Knights do win, and that's how the story ends.

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