Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just in Case By Farley Malorrus

Just in Case..I hit the Road

By Farley Malorrus

Just In case I hit the road for my bi annual trek of these United States, it doesn't mean Los Angeles is going to be hit by a Tsunami, but nothing surprises me anymore. I mean look at that storm that just hit New Orleans. No, I'm not going to New Orleans. The truth is, the Apache in my soul needs to make a quest. It's always been that way, and sometimes I roam to the far corners of the World, like one year to South Africa, Mauritius, India, Shri Lanka, Panama, Rio de Janiero, and the Bermuda Triangle. It's just that I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Venus eclipsing Uranus in the 9th house of long distance travel, so I got this bug in me that says, GO, and when I feel it I go, so as of lately, as spirit drives me, which is typical, being a totally spirit driven man, that I'm kind of preparing for yet another quest, which may begin as soon as tomorrow. If there are no journal posts for a few days, then you know I flew the coup.

I need to travel the West and Southwest to suck up some Native American energies, so the Wind Spirit, the Earth Spirit and the Air spirit can aid the Water energy already abundant in me. Looks like Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas are obvious locations to pass, but we shall see.

In any event, when I'm on the road, I find a magnificent view once in awhile that is so breathtaking that I just need to stop for a while, set for a bit, and take it all in. I'd go to Sedona, as I'll be North of there in Flagstaff, but Sedona has gotten so commercial, I can't seem to breathe there anymore. I like virgin land untouched by man, and blessed by the Great Spirit. That's the kind of country that recharges me, gives me renewed vision, energy, and the will to move forward. This is actually the best way I can think of to begin the Moon Wobble, by jumping in the V8, SUV, and heading East, to the Apalachian Mountains where my spirit dwells.

The world may be headed for a crazy turn this next 30 days, so I figure I'll sit it out in the Apalachian Mountains for a while until whatever is happening blows over, and if nothing happens, then whatever?

California is a wonderful place with it's tons of people everywhere, but I like to live on the outskirts of things. I used to like to be in the middle of things, but I find that to be too static, too disruptive, and too confining. My spirit needs to fly, and be free of any distractions that may exist, so this is my chance to bust loose.

In any event, my bio rhythmns should be soaring in about a week, so I'm looking for some great new energy to enter my life, and I've been so full of energy lately, that it may be time to roam.
Thanks to everyone to takes the time to read my journal and if you found it by mistake or through a search, then that is very cool.

Keep the faith!

Farley Malorrus,



Anonymous said...

Go for Panama first....It's nicer there this time of year!

Anonymous said...

I would ONLY go to Panama if you went with me Grand Nephew. So say the word and we are GONE.
You are correct, it's gorgeous in Panama, and the Canal RoCKS> as always.