Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Astrology Moon Wobble starts 2/15, lasts 28 days to 3/15, approx... By Farley Malorrus

Astrology Moon Wobble

Starts Thursday,2/15/07, Lasts 28 days to 3/15/07..approx.

By Farley Malorrus

(Moon Wobble affects EVERYONE. It does not matter your sign, or your planets. If you live on Earth, you will be affected by it usually...if not, you are an Angel, thank God!)

It happens 4 times a year, 28 days each time, when the Sun gets into odds with the Moon's Nodes and creates havoc for investors, real estate, relationships, and all kinds of projects and new beginnings started this time.

It doesn't mean you will fail during this period at what you attempt, but it DOES mean the challenges you will face will be that much more intense, and sometimes you will have to do things twice, three times, or more to finish.

I have a code, that I follow, not to marry, fall in love, buy a house, a car, start a business, or depend on too many friends and family during the Moon Wobble because it is SO VERY Unstable.

Some Astrologers have proven that there is a failure rate of almost 90% concerning all projects that are birthed during this period, but the most telling part of a Moon Wobble is let down, disappointment, and the opportunity for us to move on from unstable situations.

I don't see anything in Astrology as bad, only as a situation to create structure. For example, during the Moon Wobble (when the Sun in the sky is eclipsing, at a 90 degree angle, or exactly opposite the North Node of the Moon, for 28 days) that this would be a great time for completion of projects already set forth. That would mean if you made a deal with someone before the wobble, then carry it out, or if someone made a deal with you, finish it.

The hardest part of the Moon Wobble is delays, setbacks, change of plans, about face, change of mind, delusions, illusions, and prospects that seem to be clear or real, but in truth they are not!

So, I like to let my readers know about this phenomena as it is like unto a very long "full Moon," and can be painful, if you let it. This is a time to take care of your health, fix your teeth, get a checkup, resolve issues, problems, projects, and plans you have, and take care of business. It's a great time to fix mechanical problems, your car, your computer, your house, or apartment, as repairs can get worse if you don't attend tothem!  I think you can meet people, date them, like them, but if you fall in love, make sure it is mutual, as everything will get more clear after 3/24/07 when this wobble is over.

The Moon Wobble is so Piscean and Cancerian in nature as it affects everyone's emotions and everyone seems more sensitive. Often times the stock market makes it's adjustment during the period, as consumer confidence often drops. Remember, it's not all bad during the wobble, just challenging. As my sister would say, "We can't LOSE!"

Take care all!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com



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