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By Farley Malorrus

My name is Farley Malorrus. After my divorce in 1976, I was diagnosed with a perforated duodenal ulcer. My doctor told me I did not have long to live as it would burst and I would die. In Hong Kong of that year, I had a miracle I felt was from God.

 I had been fasting for 3 days, as I don't like Hong Kong food, and I felt like I was dying, as it felt like I had a knife in my gut. I was desperate, but I had faith in God. I meditated and prayed that Jesus help me. I chanted the phrase, "Come in to me Jesus, Come to me Christ for about 20 minutes. Lo and Behold, I saw a light (with my eyes closed), and the light got bigger, until I could see the shape of a man. To all my knowledge and experience, it appeared to be Jesus Christ himself. I was sure I was in the presence of the Lord.  He looked me in the eyes, and kissed my lips. (I was later told by a Catholic Priest that this was an authentic vision, as the Lord normally kisses you like he is your father) He then stood behind me, placed his hands on my head, and the resulting experience was electrifying. I felt the Holy Spirit run through my body like a million volts of electricity, healing my ulcer and any other problems I had. At that moment, he did something else that was shocking to me. He revealed my future to me, my life, and also delivered onto me the sacred knowledge of the Ancients about the Origin of the Universe and the destiny of the human race. I felt blessed by God at that point, and ever since, most people comment that they can see a "Light," in my eyes, that most do not have. I knew at this point, that I would do radio, TV, write a book, and have this web site to document this miracle of God and Jesus.

The result of this 30 minute "Burning Bush," experience is the story of how my life is blessed, and has been blessed since that day. In 1984, I started going into a trance, "on air," and channeling with a higher part of myself, a radio show that was on in Los Angeles, at 12 Noon every weekday called, "Astrological  Metaphysical Radio." 12 Years later, and over 3,000 channeled shows later, I had enlightened 1,000's of people in Los Angeles Market.

My lifehas been totally blessed in almost all areas since my miracle. My friend Kenneth Hirst had an idea to archive the shows I had channeled. We decided to construct   is an archive that features 3 of my best topics at no charge to our visitors, and offers 128 topics by donation to support our server. This show was based on the ancient information, I received from an Angelic Being, who healed me in 1976 in Hong Kong, in my room at the Hong Kong Hilton. My whole life was shown to me, along with channeling this program, and that will promote it.

I have an incredible perception of people, God, life on Earth, and the after life. I live in the past, present, and future all at once.

I am sad that there is so much conflict in the world, where people fight and kill over their belief systems. History has always been like this. The Greeks fought over their Gods, as did the Egyptians, the Romans, and the Norse men.

Now, we remember the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Roman Gods, and the Norse Gods as Myth, with few believing in them. It is HUMAN NATURE to embrace religion, that sadly eventually passes into myth. This is history. So many races, cultures, societies and tribes of human beings believed in Gods, or Gods of the Sun, the Moon, and even Animals as Gods. Most all of those beliefs these 1,000's of years later are embraced now as myth.

To me, God is inside us all, and sadly, I believe that one day, those religious differences we have will pass into oblivion as so many other religions have. I believe that an ascended like Consciousness, a Christ CONSCIOUSNESS will sweep the globe with the survivors from any of these wars; that humans will embrace more brain capacity (than the 16% we have now, if that;) that people will learn to love each other, that there will be a family of man, that no one willever be an infidel or judged for his beliefs or killed because he is different. I believe that all religion will one day pass as myth (As History has shown us), and that this Christ Consciousness will sweep the Earth, allowing us to embrace God at a molecular level if we wish, and feel our Oneness with the Universe and all in it.

Ironic, that a man like Jesus, is symbolic of this Messianic type consciousness that will sweep the Earth. The Astrologers call this the Age of Aquarius, or the Great year, that lasts 1,000's of years evolving our minds into a God Consciousness. I feel Jesus has this consciousness and tried to explain that to a primitive people, as his coming was predicted in so many ways, but his mission misinterpreted. I feel Jesus wanted to be recognized as Son of God, but that he wanted us all to embrace ourselves as God's Children, capable of having the same God, Christlike consciousness that he has. He died for his advanced evolution, and died for us, but he showed us the way and his return although expected as a single man, coming back, will occur like a 'thief in the night,' and sweep the planet like a Tidal Wave.

I do not like to feel that we need an Apocalypse, Armageddon, or that millions need die, in order for us to embrace this Consciousness. I believe the God Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness is there for all of us, any of us who have the time and faith to embrace it, and have that kind of intimacy with God, the loving driving force of all energy, light, and creation in the Universe. This is my mission in life, to give people the 'choice,' as to whether they wish to be tied to limitation, or released to unlimited awareness of the Universe and all that is in it.  is dedicated to expansion of this consciousness on the Planet Earth in order to embrace World Peace, Secure the Family of Men and Women, stop the murder and killing, avoid an Apocalypse, and ease as many who make the choice into Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness concepts. It was always there for me to see, and I accessed this energy when my life was given back to me in that Hotel Room in Hong Kong in 1976.

I hope you are able to come to our server, listen to me channel in the sample topics, and make a donation by ordering the CD that has all 128 topics on it, or just listen, by donation to Astrological Metaphysical Radio, the phenomena of the 80's and 90's on KFOX 93.5 at 12 Noon, in Los Angeles from April 11, 1984 toApril 1996, when the station was sold. Thank you for reading my blog on this NEW WEB SITE, born today September 29, 2006

(Reprint of My first Entry to my Journal Sept, 2006) FYI...

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