Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Who's Full Moon Is it Anyway?
By Farley Malorrus
The Planets are running hot the Full Moon is full, and people are edgy and nervous.
Where is the Love? While the World and people scramble for resources, money, power, land, success, acquisition, and balance, so many are going without even a place to sleep or a hot meal.
Are we so blind as to be so worried about "Homeland Security," And terrorism with so many of our brothers and sisters homeless, starving, and diseased.
IF I were an Alien from another planet visiting Earth (Am I?) and observed how we treated our own, (Much like a praying Mantis or Black widow killing and digesting their mates after sex), I fear that I might not be in a hurry to announce my arrival.
The truth, sadly, is that humans typically are egotistical, selfish, narrow minded, lacking compassion, love, dedication, and commitment to the rest of humanity, including Global Warming...
Our civilization sits on a fragile balance that could be tipped at any time, giving the homeless and starving the edge on survival. IS it that we have lost the lust for life, compassion, and family of man, with our insane paranoia of fighting terrorism, and protecting our government?
As the victims of Katrina still wait support, financing, food, and shelter, even after a year later, the leaders in our government (whom somehow, we as morons elected), deem fit to once again vote on funding for the Iraq war. Excuse me, but the several hundred thousand troops we have deployed are very, very important, but what about the millions and millions of hungry, starving, thirsty, and homeless Americans, not including the rest of the helpless all over the World.
Where is the Love? When did we lose our focus? Why do we claim to be a Christian nation, when in truth, we do Nothing that Jesus would ever do?
Who does George Bush think he is, the know it all answer to the World's problems, while he ignores millions of people dying every day from starvation, homelessness, and thirst, not including disease?
Does our insane quest for money precluded by the overwhelming renditions of TV Adds for pharmaceuticals with their side effects, leading to the fact that the drug companies and health care industries may very well control this planet and it's future; Does all of that over see the need to take care of those who have naught, and who need just a place to stay and a bite to eat?
Who do these people in our government think they are, owned by the lobbyists, and directed on an insane course with no agenda, when the planet is dying, along with it's people?
I, for one, would not be shocked to see the game end, and the system all come down, as just desserts to a leadership that has no clue what the true course of Earth history is, and the dire need for compassion to redirect it's course.
Instead of focusing on one country (IRAQ), one agenda (BUSH), and one focus (WAR), maybe we should look around and consider the rest of our fellow humans, who are dying for some attention.
I am saddened by the fact, that our American public is numb (As a Christian Nation) TO the needs of it's women and children all over America and all over the world, who deserve some attention and support.
Sad, once again, we are controlled by the media and told what to do, where to go, what to buy, what drugs to take, and how to live, when in truth, the World and it's people are dying...
Farley Malorrus


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best rants which I have read in a long time. I wish that this would get picked up and distributed to a wide audience.
I expect ( while energizing somthing better via my own energetic contribution I hope) that Pluto in Capricorn will fill in the blanks on several of the scenarios which you offer, Farley. My innate tells me that the author of love agnonizes over
the supremity of our collective appetite and ego - we have forsaken each other and in some ways- our own hearts and have not made good choices as a peeples-and I do believe that the game will be dismantled; bit by bit. I believe that the game is highly interactive also...if we raise our vibrations and choose better ....our education and restructuring will be more graceful. On pragmatic levels...if you just look at the world or the US as an organism it is clear that the cell itself is *NOT* healthy...Ocams razor must apply. ( the logical conclusion is usually the simplest way to the truth ) We are at the absolute cusp, seems to me, of how a society may function ....wobbling like a drunk crashes down a dark alley trying to make the next corner.
As I grieve for the suffering of those who have no advocates ( SHAME ON YOU ALL , LEADERS EVERYWHERE) I take comfort in the knowledge that somthing better this way comes. Even if we deconstruct before we get there.
Can't wait to read your upcoming analysis this year, Farley, On plutos move into Cap.
Great rant, brother. Superb.

Anonymous said...

Thank you