Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mars In Capricorn, President Bush should Protect himself, By Farley Malorrus

Mars IN Capricorn, Bush needs to Beef up Security to himself....Assassination profiles...God Protect you!

By Farley Malorrus

Mars in Capricorn the next 45 days is very stressful for all Cancers, Libras, and Aries, but considering our President is a Cancer, I recommend he beef up his 'personal,' security. It was long ago in 1980 when I saw an assassination profile for Ronald Reagan, and had it hand delivered to him in a letter during his inauguration through a mutual friend. Perhaps that is what saved Ronald from being killed that day, that his Astrologers knew about it, and warned him. Still, Bush has tons more enemies then Reagan or maybe any president in history, so perhaps while Mars is in opposite sign Capricorn to Bush's Cancer energy, he should be aware of such danger. I don't ever like to make these kind of predictions, but ever since my beloved President Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963,(We share the same rising sign at 20 Libra) I have become aware of the danger factor for standing presidents. The Mars in Capricorn aspect lasts for about 45 more days or until around March 10, so perhaps the Secret Service could up his protection at least until then. With Saturn in Leo affecting Bush Horoscope for another year, the danger remains. I'm hoping he finish his term unscathed but would not be surprised if an attempt was made at his life. I don't like to frighten anyone with this information, as I support any American President, as I'm a Patriot. It is for this reason, I alert you the public to the possibilities. I'm also hoping someone pass my journal entry to the Security force around the President so they know that a 'wacko,' or organization may be 'out there,' with a plan.

For one, I don't cater to the thought of having Dick Cheney as President should something happen to Bush, as to me, that might make things from bad to worse, as far as the war is concerned. Could an assassin take out both?
I don't recall ever seeing them together much, unless it's a joint session of Congress when he would address them, and security is at it's tightest at that point. Still, I personally prefer Bush over Cheney, so I'm hoping some lunatic doesn't do to America what Lee Harvey Oswald (presumed) did.

One further point about planetary movements is that if  there is no attempt on the Presidents life, his stress levels are way up, which could show talk of "Impeachment," if he does not change his direction of the war which many are labeling an illegal war.

I don't wish any bad times on President Bush, but if we watch the headlines this year, I believe we will see his life change drastically.

Just my take on the planets.
Farley Malorrus,

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