Monday, January 15, 2007

Are these the END TIMES? What the heck is going on? By Farley Malorrus

Are these the End Times? What the Hell is going on?
By Farley Malorrus

Weird weather in California, a billion in destroyed orange crops. Blizzards over North America, power outages everywhere, water main pipes freezing, more troops to Iraq, 200,000 children armed with Ak47's in Africa with no remorse in killing, AID's Epidemic, possible chicken flu Pandemic, colds and flu epidemics, Real Estate Market going down, Inflation, layoffs, people numbed by beer, wine, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, TV, Movies, and overall exhaustion of daily stress.

You might think this was biblical in proportion, since Katarina, and you know if you follow my journal that the Planets are in a bad way through April and beyond, and that this very well may mark a major transition in life on Earth, or even worse a World War no one really wants. All we need is a cowboy President who likes to shoot from the hip and has a strange way of looking at priorities. Denver gets buried in a historic blizzard far worse then Katarina, but they tough it out as Washington again turns a cheek to helping Americans while pouring troops and money into the Middle East. Is oil so important to avoid the needs of people and other far serious problems all over America and the World?
I pray this is no sign of doom, and gloom, but rather a valley instead of a peak of energy for the World. I, have personally had to suck it up in my life with many of my choices as I sense the trials people are going through and the challenges ahead.
If it were truly end times, or a sign of an apocalypse or something out of Tribulation, I would not be surprised. I heard so many people refer to President Bush as the "Anti Christ," these days, I'm not sure what to believe. First the fundamentalist Christians help put him in office, and return for 4 more years, then he refuses to assist them as promised, now they are turning against them, along with so many Republicans like they knew they made a bad choice, and still he makes poor choices with little agenda save his own secret plan, as no one understands anymore the direction this Presidency is taking our nation and the World. One thing is for sure, the ecology is at a fragile balance along with the weather, and sometimes we need to focus on things like that understanding the whole World could be at risk if it is ignored.

Once again, I remind my readers that trial of leadership Worldwide continues with Saturn still in Leo, and with the 4 largest planets in stress aspect, the chaos, and transition ensues.

Let's hope that some good news is on the horizon. I know it's never all about Astrology, but some of the signs that you see, are literally biblical in proportion, so I'm praying it is just a phase that will pass. AS a journalist, I need to mark this period in time, as the unknown that many of us have feared when things happen in the world that we are either not used to, that are damaging to us, or both.

More later.
Farley Malorrus,

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