Saturday, January 6, 2007

Unusual Stress Aspects of Planets affecting most People By Farley Malorrus

4 Largest Planets in STRESS ASPECT for 90 Days.....

 by Farley Malorrus

With Neptune now opposite Saturn, and Jupiter in 90 degree stress to Uranus, we now find the 4 biggest Planets in the system in Stress. These aspects will find a way to stress out your chart at this time, this week, this month, and perhaps a bit longer. Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus are mostly affected by the Neptune Saturn aspect, and Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius are affected mostly by the Jupiter Uranus aspect. With 8 Sun signs covered, that pretty much affects 98% of all the charts on the Planet meaning, this is a very important time to calm down, watch health, fasten seat belts, and exude caution overall. I am thinking prayer, meditation, resting when you need it, and relaxation therapy would be the prognosis for the Planet.

Interesting that we find Congress opening up it's activity for 2007 during this aspect, wars we don't need, other wars that may need our attention (Africa), domestic issues (The economy, homelessness, global warming, aid to cities and states), and personal issues are at an all time high, when January and February 2007 may lead all months at an all time high for break ups, and divorce filing. I won't be surprised at this point at some of the crazy, even horrible headlines that may appear Monday, hoping the Stock Market doesn't fall apart during this time, and that the leadership in our government remains consistent and solid.

Personally, when Neptune went 18 degrees of Aquarius opposed my  Leo 18 Sun, I felt it in my back the last few days, Leo and the Sun ruling back with an abnormal pain in my lower left side, now waning. I've also seen a flourish of colds and flu everywhere, not understanding EVER why sick people go outside when they are sick and to school to infect us all. Why not stay at home until you are better and not spread any diseases or bad karma.

Of course, the elderly will be hit hardest during this period, so we need to hang in there and support them all we can, praying that they survive this aspect.

When the 4 largest Planets in our system are opposite each other, or at a right angle, it affects EARTH in general, so I wouldn't be surprised to see weird weather changes, a few major Earthquakes, or even a Tsunami during this period that should last for 90 days approximately.

I'm being cautious in my planning, and knowing that many may be unstable at this time, as they couldn't handle their lives before this aspect, they would be having a hell of a time of it now. I don't ever like to be the bearer of bad tidings or tough aspects, so I tell you about it, with the hopes that as knowing it exists, you can chill out your life and try to avoid the havoc, or at least embrace the havoc when it hits.

Until then, it also makes for UNDER DOGS winning sports games, and with the exception of Ohio State winning the national title, (I wouldn't be surprised if Florida  beat them during this aspect), I think many or all the under dogs in NFL Football this weekend, the Chiefs +7, the Cowboys +3, the Jets+7, and the Giants +7 should all beat their odds if not win the game out right, and the Eagles should also win, being favorite but the Giants should cover the 7 points. Planetary aspects are all about gravity and magnetism, and considering we are 'electrical beings,' we are directly affected by this energy. That is why I'm never surprised like when the St. Louis Cardinals upset 3 teams to win the World Series. Let's watch and see what happens. Hang on to your hats everyone, and try to stay safe and happy!

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Anonymous said...

Follow up, The Giants and the Cowboys did cover the spread, but all the home teams won. Oh well....Next week the aspects continue, so we'll see if there are any more upsets.